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All books, rows 6251 through 6500 of 7592 total books.

Parsons, ReubenSome Lies and Errors of History1893
Parsons, Samuel BrowneParsons on the Rose: A treatise on the propagation, culture, and history of the rose1888
Patterson, C. R.Tea From China1922
Patterson, C. R.The Sail-Dragger1922
Patterson, C. R.The Timber Stower1923
Paul, ElliotThe Last Time I Saw Paris1942
Paul, ElliotThe Life and Death of a Spanish Town1937
Paxton, JosephPaxton's Magazine of Botany and Register of Flowering Plants Vol. 11834
Peake, MervynThe Glassblowers1950
Peake, MervynTitus Groan (Gormenghast #1)1946
Pedler, MargaretThe Guarded Halo1928
Pedler, MargaretTo-morrow's Tangle1938
Péguy, CharlesLes œuvres complètes de Charles Péguy [tome 01]1917
Péguy, CharlesLes œuvres complètes de Charles Péguy [tome 02]1920
Pemberton, MaxThe Diamond Ship1912
Peña, Leopoldo Raul MoreyBeyond the Green Prism1930
Pennell, Joseph StanleyThe History of Rome Hanks and Kindred Matters1944
Perkins, J. R.The Emperor's Physician1944
Perkins, Kenneth TaylorWild Paradise1927
Perrin, AliceRough Passages1926
Pertwee, RolandInterference1927
Pertwee, RolandOur Wonderful Selves1919
Pertwee, RolandThe Old Card1919
Peterkin, JuliaScarlet Sister Mary1928
Philip, AlexThe Crimson West1925
Philip, AlexThe Painted Cliff1927
Philip, AlexWhispering Leaves1931
Phillpotts, EdenA Deal with The Devil1895
Phillpotts, EdenLycanthrope: The Mystery of Sir William Wolf1938
Phillpotts, EdenPixies' Plot1922
Phillpotts, EdenSaurus1938
Phillpotts, EdenSons of the Morning1900
Phillpotts, EdenThe Farmer's Wife: A Comedy in Three Acts1917
Phillpotts, EdenThe Human Boy Again1908
Phillpotts, EdenThe Human Boy and the War1916
Phillpotts, EdenThe Virgin in Judgment1908
Philp, Robert KempFacts for Everybody: An Encyclopædia of Useful Knowledge1863
Pickthall, Marjorie Lowry ChristieAngels’ Shoes and other stories1923
Pickthall, Marjorie Lowry ChristieLittle Hearts1926
Pickthall, Marjorie Lowry ChristieMatches1922
Pickthall, Marjorie Lowry ChristieThe Afterthought1921
Pickthall, Marjorie Lowry ChristieThe Worker in Sandal Wood1909
Pickthall, Marjorie Lowry ChristieWhat He Wanted1923
Pierce, Lorne AlbertNew History for Old. Discussions on Aims and Methods in Writing and Teaching History1931
Pierce, Lorne AlbertThe Selected Poems of Marjorie Pickthall1957
Pierce, Lorne AlbertThree Fredericton Poets. Writers of the University of New Brunswick and the New Dominion. Alumni Oration, Encania, May 19, 19331933
Pierce, Lorne AlbertUnexplored Fields of Canadian Literature1932
Pincock, Jenny O'HaraHidden Springs1949
Piper, H. BeamDearest1951
Piper, H. BeamDown Styphon!1965
Piper, H. BeamFuzzy Sapiens [The Other Human Race] (Fuzzy Sapiens #2)1964
Piper, H. BeamGunpowder God1964
Piper, H. BeamLord Kalvan of Otherwhen [Gunpowder God]1965
Piper, William SamuelThe Eagle of Thunder Cape1924
Pitkin, Walter B.How to Write Stories1921
Planck, MaxThe Universe in the Light of Modern Physics1931
Plath, SylviaThe Bell Jar1963
Plath, SylviaThe Colossus1960
PlatoSocratic Discourses1910
Pletsch, OscarBuds and flowers of childish life1875
Pletsch, OscarChild-land: picture-pages for the little ones1873
Pletsch, OscarHappy spring-time in pictures by Oscar Pletsch1869
Pletsch, OscarLittle Folks1868
Pletsch, OscarLittle Lily’s Alphabet1865
Pletsch, OscarSchnick schnack: trifles for the little-ones1867
Pletsch, OscarThe Holiday and Other Stories1870
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyA Night at an Inn. A Play in One Act1916
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyAtalanta in Wimbledon1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyGuerrilla1944
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyHis Sainted Grandmother1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyIn Holy Russia1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyJorkens Has a Large Whiskey1940
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyJorkens Remembers Africa1934
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyMisadventure1954
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyMy Talks with Dean Spanley1936
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyPlays for Earth and Air1937
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanySeven Modern Comedies1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Charwoman's Shadow1926
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Curse of the Wise Woman1933
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Hopeless Passion of Mr. Bunyon1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Jest of Hahalaba1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Journey of the Soul1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe King of Elfland's Daughter1927
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Raffle1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Slugly Beast1948
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Sword of Welleran and Other Stories1908
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Travel Tales of Mr. Joseph Jorkens1931
Pollard, A. O.The Murder Germ1937
Pollock, Frank LillieA Cell in Etruria1908
Pollock, Frank LillieAnthology of Poems1905
Pollock, Frank LillieBitter Honey1935
Pollock, Frank LillieFinis1940
Pollock, Frank LillieJupiter Eight1936
Poole, ErnestThe Harbor1915
Poole, Reginald HeberThe Wagoner's Halt Mystery1940
Poole, Reginald LaneWycliffe and Movements for Reform1903
Pope, Sir JosephThe Day of Sir John Macdonald: A Chronicle of The First prime minister of the Dominion (Chronicles of Canada #29)1920
Porter, RufusScientific American Vol. 2 Issue 3 Oct. 10, 18461846
Postl, Karl AntonDie Erzählung des Obersten Morse1841
Potter, Helen BeatrixFairy Caravan1929
Potter, Helen BeatrixThe Tale of Little Pig Robinson1930
Powys, T. F. (Theodore Francis)Black Bryony1923
Powys, T. F. (Theodore Francis)Mark Only1924
Powys, T. F. (Theodore Francis)Mr Weston's Good Wine1927
Powys, T. F. (Theodore Francis)Mr. Tasker's Gods1925
Powys, T. F. (Theodore Francis)Rosie Plum and Other Stories1966
Powys, T. F. (Theodore Francis)The Key of the Field1930
Powys, T. F. (Theodore Francis)The Left Leg1923
Powys, T. F. (Theodore Francis)The White Paternoster and Other Stories1931
Powys, T. F. (Theodore Francis)Unclay1931
Pratt, E. J. (Edwin John Dove)Behind the Log1947
Pratt, E. J. (Edwin John Dove)Brébeuf and His Brethren1940
Pratt, E. J. (Edwin John Dove)Collected Poems1944
Pratt, E. J. (Edwin John Dove)Many Moods1932
Pratt, E. J. (Edwin John Dove)Newfoundland Verse1923
Pratt, E. J. (Edwin John Dove)The Fable of the Goats and Other Poems1937
Pratt, E. J. (Edwin John Dove)The Iron Door (An Ode)1927
Pratt, E. J. (Edwin John Dove)The Roosevelt and the Antinoe1930
Pratt, E. J. (Edwin John Dove)The Witches' Brew1925
Pratt, E. J. (Edwin John Dove)They are Returning1945
Pratt, E. J. (Edwin John Dove)Titans1926
Pratt, E. J. (Edwin John Dove)Towards the Last Spike. A verse-panorama of the struggle to build the first Canadian transcontinental from the time of the proposed Terms of Union with British Columbia (1870) to the hammering of the Last Spike in the Eagle Pass (1885).1952
Pratt, FletcherAlien Planet1932
Pratt, FletcherDanger1929
Pratt, FletcherDouble Jeopardy1952
Pratt, FletcherDr. Grimshaw's Sanitarium1934
Pratt, FletcherOfficial Record1952
Pratt, FletcherThe Battles that Changed History 1956
Pratt, FletcherThe Blue Star1952
Pratt, FletcherThe Octopus Cycle1928
Pratt, FletcherThe Thing in the Woods1952
Pratt, FletcherThe Well of the Unicorn1948
Price-Brown, JohnHow Hartman Won. A Story of Old Ontario1903
Price-Brown, JohnIn the van: or, The Builders1906
Price-Brown, JohnLaura the Undaunted. A Canadian Historical Romance.1930
Price-Brown, JohnThe Mac's of '37 A Story of The Canadian Rebellion1910
Pritchard, John LaurenceThe Secret of Sheen1929
Proust, MarcelPastiches et Mélanges1919
Proust, MarcelWithin a Budding Grove1924
Putman, J. Harold (John Harold)Egerton Ryerson and Education in Upper Canada1912
Pyle, ErnieBrave Men1944
Pyle, ErnieHere is Your War1943
Pyle, ErnieIn England1941
Queen's HotelThe Queen's Hotel Traveller's Guide1918
Quiller-Couch, Arthur ThomasMy Christmas Burglary1920
Quiller-Couch, Arthur ThomasQ's Mystery Stories1937
Quiller-Couch, Arthur ThomasShorter Stories1944
Racine, JeanOeuvres, tome 11815
Racine, JeanOeuvres, tome 51815
Rackham, ArthurFeats on the Fiord1914
Rackham, ArthurThe Sleeping Beauty1920
Radcliffe, AnnA Journey made in the summer of 1794 (...) Vol. 11795
Radcliffe, AnnA Journey made in the summer of 1794 (...) Vol. 21795
Radcliffe, AnnThe Italian Vol. 1 of 31797
Raine, William MacLeodBonanza (A Story of the Gold Trail)1921
Raine, William MacLeodColorado 1927
Raine, William MacLeodFour in One Westerns1924
Raine, William MacLeodSquare-Shooter1934
Raine, William MacLeodTexas Man1928
Raine, William MacLeodThe Trail of Danger1934
Raine, William MacLeodTroubled Waters1918
Rainey, WilliamDaughters of the Dominion: A Story of the Canadian Frontier 1908
Rainey, WilliamThe Youngest Sister: A Tale of Manitoba1913
Ralph, JulianOn Canada's Frontier1892
Ramsay, Edward BannermanReminiscences of Scottish Life and Character1909
Rand, Silas TertiusThe Dying Indian's Dream: A Poem1881
Randolph, PeterSketches of Slave Life: or, Illustrations of the ‘Peculiar Institution’ (Second Edition)1855
Ransome, ArthurCoot Club [Swallows and Amazons #5]1934
Ransome, ArthurGreat Northern? [Swallows and Amazons #12]1947
Ransome, ArthurMissee Lee [Swallows and Amazons #10]1941
Ransome, ArthurPeter Duck [Swallows and Amazons #3]1932
Ransome, ArthurPigeon Post [Swallows and Amazons #6]1936
Ransome, ArthurSecret Water [Swallows and Amazons #8]1939
Ransome, ArthurSwallowdale [Swallows and Amazons #2]1931
Ransome, ArthurSwallows and Amazons [Swallows and Amazons #1]1930
Ransome, ArthurThe Big Six [Swallows and Amazons #9]1940
Ransome, ArthurThe Picts and The Martyrs: or, Not Welcome at All [Swallows and Amazons #11]1943
Ransome, ArthurWe Didn't Mean to Go to Sea [Swallows and Amazons #7]1937
Ransome, ArthurWinter Holiday [Swallows and Amazons #4]1933
Rasmussen, VilhelmChild Psychology I: Development in the First Four Years1923
Rasmussen, VilhelmChild Psychology II: The Kindergarten Child: Its Conception of Life and Its Mental Powers1923
Rasmussen, VilhelmChild Psychology III: The Kindergarten Child: Thought, Imagination and Feeling; Will and Morale1923
Raven-Hill, L. (Leonard)Our Battalion1902
Raverat, GwendolynMountains & Molehills1934
Raverat, GwendolynPeriod Piece1952
Raverat, GwendolynSpring Morning1923
Rawlings, Marjorie KinnanCross Creek1942
Rawlings, Marjorie KinnanSouth Moon Under1933
Rawlings, Marjorie KinnanThe Sojourner1953
Rawlings, Marjorie KinnanThe Yearling1938
Rawlings, Marjorie KinnanWhen the Whipoorwill—1931
Ray, Anna ChapinBy the Good Sainte Anne1904
Ray, Anna ChapinThe Dominant Strain1903
Ray, George RaymondKasba (White Partridge), A Story of Hudson Bay1915
Ray, Milton S.Poems1934
Ray, RalphGandhi--Fighter without a Sword1950
Raymond, Ethel T.Tecumseh: A Chronicle of the last Great Leader of his People (Chronicles of Canada #17)1920
Rayner, Denys ArthurThe Enemy Below1956
Raytech IndustriesThe Story of Fluorescence1965
Read, D. B. (David Breakenridge)The Lieutenant-Governors of Upper Canada and Ontario, 1792-18991900
Read, D. B. (David Breakenridge)The Life and Times of Gen. John Graves Simcoe1890
Redpath, BeatriceBeautiful Mamma1925
Redpath, BeatriceMatches1922
Redpath, BeatriceOther Men's Luck1919
Redpath, BeatriceOut of Reach1919
Redpath, BeatriceThe Flaw1919
Redpath, BeatriceThe Hands of Esau1920
Redpath, BeatriceThe Jungle1925
Redpath, BeatriceThe Last Trick in the Bag1918
Redpath, BeatriceThe More That They Have1925
Redpath, BeatriceThe Tentacles of Evil1926
Redpath, BeatriceThe Thirteenth Sonnet1921
Redpath, BeatriceWalnuts1922
Reed, Charles BertMasters of the Wilderness1914
Reed, Chester A. (Chester Albert)Bird Guide: Land Birds East of the Rockies from Parrots to Bluebirds1906
Reed, Chester A. (Chester Albert)Flower Guide--Wild Flowers East of the Rockies1907
Reed, Chester A. (Chester Albert)The Bird Book: Illustrating in natural colors more than seven hundred north american birds; also several hundred photographs of 1915
Reed, Talbot BainesThe Master of the Shell1925
Reed, Talbot BainesThe School Ghost and Boycotted with Other Stories1930
Reeves, Jeremiah BascomThe Hymn as Literature1924
Regan, John WilliamFirst Things in Acadia, "The Birthplace of a Continent"1936
Regan, John WilliamSketches and Traditions of the Northwest Arm1908
Reid, ForrestDemophon, a Traveller's Tale1927
Reid, ForrestThe Retreat, or The Machinations of Henry (Tom Barber #2)1936
Reid, ForrestUncle Stephen (Tom Barber #3)1931
Reid, ForrestYoung Tom, or Very Mixed Company (Tom Barber #1)1944
Rémusat, Madame deMemoirs of the Empress Josephine Vol. 1 of 21879
Rémusat, Madame deMemoirs of the Empress Josephine Vol. 2 of 21879
Renner, PaulTypografie als Kunst1922
Repplier, AgnesMère Marie of the Ursulines: A Study in Adventure1931
Repplier, AgnesPère Marquette. Priest, Pioneer and Adventurer.1929
Reynolds, JoshuaCanada and its Provinces: A History of the Canadian People and their Institutions by One Hundred Associates. Vol. 1, Section 1, New France, Part 1. Vol 1 of 23 (Canada and its Provinces #1)1914
Reynolds, JoshuaSir Joshua Reynolds' Discourses1887
Reynolds, JoshuaThe Great Fortress: A Chronicle of Louisbourg 1720-1760 (Chronicles of Canada #8)1915
Reynolds, JoshuaThe Winning of Canada: A Chronicle of Wolfe (Chronicles of Canada #11)1914
Rhead, George WoolliscroftThe Treatment of Drapery in Art1904
Ribot, Théodule-ArmandL'Imagination Créatrice1905
Ricci (Ritchie), Lewis Anselm da CostaUnder Sealed Orders1958
Rice, Alice HeganLovey Mary1903
Rice, Alice HeganOur Ernie1939
Rice, Mary BlairCondemned to Devil's Island1928
Richards, Eva AlveyArctic Mood1949
Richards, FrankOld Soldiers Never Die1933
Richards, FrankOld-Soldier Sahib1936
Richards, FrankRub-a-Dub-Dub1953
Richardson, Dorothy M.About Punctuation1924
Richardson, Dorothy M.Clear Horizon (Pilgrimage series #11)1935
Richardson, Dorothy M.Dawn's Left Hand (Pilgrimage series #10)1931
Richardson, Dorothy M.Dimple Hill (Pilgrimage series #12)1938
Richardson, Dorothy M.John Austen and the Inseparables1930