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All books, rows 6751 through 7000 of 7592 total books.

Stratton, ClarenceIn Singapore: The Story of a Strange Search1932
Street, A. G. (Arthur George)Farmer's Glory1932
Street, A. G. (Arthur George)Strawberry Roan1932
Street, Cecil John CharlesDeath in the Tunnel1936
Street, Cecil John CharlesThe Secret of High Eldersham1930
Street, James HowellThe Velvet Doublet1953
Strickland, AgnesStories from History1878
Strickland, AgnesTales from English History. For Children.1889
Strickland, Jane MargaretA memoir of the life, writings, and mechanical inventions of Edmund Cartwright1843
Strickland, Jane MargaretAdonijah, A Tale of the Jewish Dispersion1856
Strickland, Jane MargaretChoice Library for Young People. Tales for Youth. Vol 3 of 51850
Strickland, Jane MargaretChristmas Holidays, or, a new way of spending them1864
Strickland, Jane MargaretLife of Agnes Strickland1887
Strickland, Jane MargaretRome, Regal and Republican: A Family History of Rome1854
Strickland, Jane MargaretThe Orphan Captive, or Christian Endurance1948
Strickland, Jane MargaretThe Planter's Daughter and her Slave1842
Strickland, Jane MargaretThe Spanish conscript and his family1846
Stringer, ArthurCristina and I1926
Stringer, ArthurDark Soil1914
Stringer, ArthurEmpty Hands1924
Stringer, ArthurHephaestus, Persephone at Enna and Sappho in Leucadia1903
Stringer, ArthurNew York Nocturnes1948
Stringer, ArthurRed Wine of Youth, A Life of Rupert Brooke1948
Stringer, ArthurShadowed Victory1943
Stringer, ArthurThe City of Peril1923
Stringer, ArthurThe Drip of the Honey1918
Stringer, ArthurThe Shadow1913
Stringer, ArthurThe Silver Poppy1903
Stringer, ArthurThe Wire Tappers1906
Stringer, ArthurThe Wolf Woman1928
Stringer, ArthurThe Woman Who Couldn't Die1929
Stringer, ArthurTwin Tales: Are All Men Alike and The Lost Titian1920
Studdert Kennedy, G. A.I Pronounce Them: A Story of Man and Wife1927
Sturmer, K. R. C.Por recenzo!1930
Sturmer, K. R. C.Se grenereto...1930
Suckow, RuthCountry People1924
Sullivan, AlanA Little Way Ahead1930
Sullivan, AlanHer Feet Were Crossed1922
Sullivan, AlanIn the Beginning1927
Sullivan, AlanQueer Partners1930
Sullivan, AlanSands of Fortune1927
Sullivan, AlanThe Golden Foundling1931
Sullivan, AlanThe Great Divide1935
Sullivan, AlanThe Jade God1925
Sullivan, AlanThe Ladies’ Chain1921
Sullivan, AlanThree Came to Ville Marie1941
Sullivan, AlanUnder the Northern Lights1926
Sullivan, AlanWetherell's Romance1922
Sullivan, AlanWhispering Lodge1927
Sunbeam CorporationSunbeam Controlled-Heat Frypan1953
Sunbeam CorporationSunbeam Cooker and Deep Fryer1952
Super, Ovando ByronHistoire de France - Tirée de Ducoudray1900
Sutcliffe, Henry James HalliwellStorm1925
Swenson, OlafNorthwest of the World--Forty Years Trading and Hunting in Northern Siberia1944
Symons, ArthurSpiritual Adventures1905
Szilard, LeoThe Voice of the Dolphins and Other Stories1961
Talbot, EthelThe Bravest Girl in the School1924
Tandy, Russell H.Nancy's Mysterious Letter (Nancy Drew Mystery #8)1932
Tandy, Russell H.The Message in the Hollow Oak (Nancy Drew Mystery #12)1935
Tandy, Russell H.The Password to Larkspur Lane (Nancy Drew Mystery #10)1933
Tandy, Russell H.The Sign of the Twisted Candles (Nancy Drew Mystery #9)1933
Tannehill, Ivan RayHurricanes: Their Nature and History, Particularly Those of the West Indies and the Southern Coasts of the United States1938
Tardivel, Jules-PaulL'anglicisme, voilà l'ennemi: causerie faite au Cercle catholique de Québec, le 17 décembre 18791880
Tarkington, BoothClaire Ambler1928
Tarkington, BoothImage of Josephine1945
Tarkington, BoothKate Fennigate1943
Tarkington, BoothMary's Neck1929
Tarkington, BoothMirthful Haven1930
Tarkington, BoothPenrod Jashber1929
Tarkington, BoothPresenting Lily Mars1932
Tarkington, BoothRumbin Galleries1936
Tarkington, BoothThe Fascinating Stranger and Other Stories1923
Tarkington, BoothThe Fighting Littles1937
Tarkington, BoothThe Heritage of Hatcher Ide1940
Tarkington, BoothThe Lorenzo Bunch1935
Tarkington, BoothThe Midlander1923
Tarkington, BoothThe Plutocrat1927
Tarkington, BoothThe Show Piece1946
Tarkington, BoothThe World Does Move1921
Tarkington, BoothWanton Mally1932
Tarkington, BoothWomen1925
Tarkington, BoothYoung Mrs. Greeley1929
Taylor, Bert LestonA Penny Whistle Together with the Babette Ballads1921
Taylor, FenningsAre Legislatures Parliament? A Study and Review1879
Taylor, FenningsPortraits of British Americans (1865-68) Volume 1 of 31865
Taylor, FenningsPortraits of British Americans (1865-68) Volume 2 of 31867
Taylor, FenningsPortraits of British Americans (1865-68) Volume 3 of 31868
Taylor, FenningsThe Last Three Bishops, appointed by the crown, for the Anglican Church of Canada1869
Taylor, FenningsThomas D'Arcy McGee, sketch of his life and death1868
Taylor, George Robert StirlingCromwell1928
Taylor, Katharine HavilandA Modern Trio in an Old Town1922
Taylor, Katharine HavilandNatalie Page1921
Taylor, Mabel CeciliaOn the Prairie1946
Taylor, MargaretThe New Galt Cook Book (Revised Edition)1898
Teleki, Pálengó (Paul)The Evolution of Hungary and its place In European History1923
Temple, Sir RichardA Bird's-Eye View of Picturesque India1898
Terhune, Albert PaysonA Dog Named Chips: The Life and Adventures of a Mongrel Scamp1931
Terhune, Albert PaysonLad of Sunnybank1929
Terhune, Albert PaysonThe Critter and Other Dogs1936
Terry, Charles SanfordThe Music of Bach: an Introduction1933
The Consolation ClubThe Misfit Christmas Puddings1906
Thirkell, Angela MargaretA Double Affair (Barsetshire #26)1957
Thirkell, Angela MargaretAnkle Deep1933
Thirkell, Angela MargaretAugust Folly (Barsetshire #4)1936
Thirkell, Angela MargaretBefore Lunch (Barsetshire #8)1940
Thirkell, Angela MargaretCheerfulness Breaks In: A Barsetshire War Survey (Barsetshire #9)1940
Thirkell, Angela MargaretClose Quarters (Barsetshire #27)1958
Thirkell, Angela MargaretCounty Chronicle (Barsetshire #19)1950
Thirkell, Angela MargaretEnter Sir Robert (Barsetshire #24)1955
Thirkell, Angela MargaretHappy Return (Barsetshire #21)1952
Thirkell, Angela MargaretHigh Rising (Barsetshire #1)1933
Thirkell, Angela MargaretJutland Cottage (Barsetshire #22)1953
Thirkell, Angela MargaretMarling Hall (Barsetshire #11)1942
Thirkell, Angela MargaretMiss Bunting (Barsetshire #14)1945
Thirkell, Angela MargaretNever Too Late (Barsetshire #25)1956
Thirkell, Angela MargaretNorthbridge Rectory (Barsetshire #10)1941
Thirkell, Angela MargaretPomfret Towers (Barsetshire #6)1938
Thirkell, Angela MargaretPrivate Enterprise (Barsetshire #16)1947
Thirkell, Angela MargaretThe Brandons (Barsetshire #7)1939
Thirkell, Angela MargaretThe Demon in the House (Barsetshire #3)1934
Thirkell, Angela MargaretThe Duke's Daughter (Barsetshire #20)1951
Thirkell, Angela MargaretThe Headmistress (Barsetshire #13)1944
Thirkell, Angela MargaretThree Houses1931
Thirkell, Angela MargaretWild Strawberries (Barsetshire #2)1932
Thomas, Benjamin P.Lincoln's New Salem1934
Thomas, DylanA Child's Christmas in Wales1950
Thomas, DylanPortrait of the Artist as a Young Dog1940
Thompson, EdwardAtonement. A Play of Modern India, in Four Acts1924
Thompson, Flora JaneStill Glides the Stream1948
Thompson, GeorgeVenus in Boston1849
Thompson, J. M. (James Matthew)Leaders of the French Revolution1929
Thompson, MortonNot As A Stranger1954
Thompson, MortonThe Cry and the Covenant1949
Thompson, SamuelReminiscences of a Canadian Pioneer for The Last Fifty Years: An Autobiography1884
Thompson, SylviaA Silver Rattle1935
Thompson, SylviaThe Hounds of Spring1926
Thoreau, Henry D.A Yankee in Canada with Anti-Slavery and Reform Papers1866
Thorpe, JamesPhil May, Master-draughtsman & Humorist1932
Thurber, JamesAlarms and Diversions1957
Thurber, JamesFurther Fables for Our Time1956
Thurber, JamesLanterns & Lances1954
Thurber, JamesLet Your Mind Alone! And Other More or Less Inspirational Pieces1935
Thurber, JamesMy Life and Hard Times1933
Thurber, JamesThe Middle Aged Man on the Flying Trapeze1935
Thurber, JamesThe Thurber Carnival1957
Thurber, JamesThe Years with Ross1959
Thwaites, Reuben GoldThe Jesuit Relations--volume 65 (Readers edition)1900
Thwaites, Reuben GoldThe Jesuit Relations--volume 65 (Scholars edition)1900
Tieck, LudwigDer blonde Eckbert1797
Tieck, LudwigDer Sturm1796
Tilley, ArthurSelections from Saint-Simon1920
Toller, ErnstEine Jugend in Deutschland1933
Tomlinson, H. M. (Henry Major)Gallions Reach1927
Towle, Katherine UrsulaStrangers May Kiss1930
Traill, Catharine Parr (née Strickland)Afar in the Forest; or, Pictures of life and scenery in the wilds of Canada1869
Traill, Catharine Parr (née Strickland)Canadian Wild Flowers1868
Traill, Catharine Parr (née Strickland)Cot and Cradle Stories1895
Traill, Catharine Parr (née Strickland)Fables for the Nursery: Original and Select1825
Traill, Catharine Parr (née Strickland)Little Downy; or, The History of a Field-Mouse1822
Traill, Catharine Parr (née Strickland)North American Wild Flowers1870
Traill, Catharine Parr (née Strickland)Pearls and Pebbles; or, Notes of an Old Naturalist1894
Traill, Catharine Parr (née Strickland)Studies of Plant Life in Canada: Wild Flowers, Flowering Shrubs, and Grasses1906
Traill, Catharine Parr (née Strickland)The Canadian Settler's Guide [The Female Emigrant’s Guide, and Hints on Canadian Housekeeping]1857
Traill, Catharine Parr (née Strickland)The Step-Brothers. A Tale.1828
Traill, Catharine Parr (née Strickland)The Tell-Tale: An original collection of moral and amusing stories1823
Train, ArthurOld Man Tutt1938
Train, ArthurThe Blind Goddess1925
Train, ArthurTut, Tut! Mr. Tutt1923
Train, ArthurTutt and Mr. Tutt1920
Train, ArthurYankee Lawyer: the Autobiography of Ephraim Tutt1943
Traven, B.The Treasure of the Sierra Madre1935
Treece, Henry38 Poems1940
Treece, HenryDon't Expect Any Mercy!1958
Treece, HenryElectra (Mycenaean Greek Trilogy #2)1963
Treece, HenryHorned Helmet1963
Treece, HenryInvitation and Warning1942
Treece, HenryJason (Mycenaean Greek Trilogy #1)1961
Treece, HenryLegions of the Eagle1954
Treece, HenryMen of the Hills1958
Treece, HenryOedipus1964
Treece, HenryRed Queen, White Queen (Celtic #3)1958
Treece, HenrySplintered Sword1965
Treece, HenryThe Burning of Njal1964
Treece, HenryThe Children's Crusade1958
Treece, HenryThe Dark Island (Celtic #2)1952
Treece, HenryThe Golden Strangers (Celtic #1)1956
Treece, HenryThe Great Captains (Celtic #4)1956
Treece, HenryThe Green Man1966
Treece, HenryThe Haunted Garden1947
Treece, HenryThe Last of the Vikings1964
Treece, HenryThe Queen's Brooch1966
Treece, HenryThe Rebels (Celtic #5)1953
Treece, HenryThe Windswept City: A Novel of the Trojan War1967
Treece, HenryViking's Dawn1956
Treece, HenryViking's Sunset1960
Treece, HenryVinland the Good1967
Treece, HenryWar Dog1962
Tregarthen, John CoulsonThe Life Story of an Otter1909
Tregarthen, John CoulsonThe Story of a Hare1912
Tregarthen, John CoulsonWild Life at the Land's End1904
Treneer, AnneCornish Years1949
Treves, Sir FrederickThe Elephant Man and Other Reminiscences1923
Treves, Sir FrederickThe Riviera of the Corniche Road1921
Trotsky, LeonWhither England?1925
Tucker, Charlotte MariaThe Robbers' Cave: A Tale of Italy1881
Tucker, James RosenbergThe Adventures of Ralph Rashleigh1929
Tuckerman, ArthurGalloping Dawns1924
Turnbull, MargaretThe Left Lady1926
Tuttle, Wilbur C.Sun-Dog Loot1926
Tyndale, WalterSomerset Water-Colours1936
Tyrrell, Joseph BurrDavid Thompson, Canada's Greatest Geographer1922
Unamuno, Miguel deRosario de sonetos líricos1911
Upfield, Arthur W.Bony and the Black Virgin1959
Upfield, Arthur W.Bony and the Mouse1959
Upfield, Arthur W.Bony and the White Savage1961
Upfield, Arthur W.Bony Buys a Woman1957
Upfield, Arthur W.Murder Down Under1937
Upright, BlancheThe Valley of Content1922
Ussher, ThomasNapoleon Banished1955
Vachell, Horace AnnesleyFishpingle: A Romance of the Countryside1917
Vachell, Horace AnnesleyWhitewash1920
Valois, LéoniseFleurs sauvages1910
Van de Water, Frederic F.Plunder1933
van Druten, JohnAfter All1929
van Druten, JohnLondon Wall1931
van Druten, JohnThere’s Always Juliet1931
van Gulik, Robert HansJudge Dee at Work (Judge Dee #16)1967
van Gulik, Robert HansMurder in Canton (Judge Dee #14)1966
van Gulik, Robert HansNecklace and Calabash (Judge Dee #17)1967
van Gulik, Robert HansPoets and Murder (Judge Dee #18)1968
van Gulik, Robert HansThe Chinese Bell Murders (Judge Dee #3)1958
van Gulik, Robert HansThe Chinese Gold Murders (Judge Dee #5)1959
van Gulik, Robert HansThe Chinese Lake Murders (Judge Dee #4)1960
van Gulik, Robert HansThe Chinese Maze Murders (Judge Dee #2)1962
van Gulik, Robert HansThe Chinese Nail Murders (Judge Dee #6)1961
van Gulik, Robert HansThe Emperor's Pearl (Judge Dee #10)1963
van Gulik, Robert HansThe Haunted Monastery (Judge Dee #8)1961
van Gulik, Robert HansThe Lacquer Screen (Judge Dee #9)1962
van Gulik, Robert HansThe Monkey and The Tiger (Judge Dee #11)1965
van Gulik, Robert HansThe Phantom of the Temple (Judge Dee #15)1966
van Gulik, Robert HansThe Red Pavilion (Judge Dee #7)1964
van Gulik, Robert HansThe Willow Pattern (Judge Dee #13)1965
van Gulik, Robert HansThree Murder Cases Solved (Dee Goong An) (Judge Dee #1)1949
Van Vechten, CarlNigger Heaven1926
Vance, Louis JosephThe Lone Wolf Returns1923
Vancouver, GeorgeA Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and Round the World, Vol. 31801
Vancouver, GeorgeA Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and Round the World, Vol. 11801
Vancouver, GeorgeA Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and Round the World, Vol. 21801
Vancouver, GeorgeA Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean, and Round the World, Vol. 41801
Vandercook, John WomackGreat Sailor, a Life of the Discoverer Captain James Cook1951