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All books, rows 5751 through 6000 of 8149 total books.

Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)The Story of a Pumpkin Pie1905
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)The Use of Her Legs1936
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)The Watchman and Other Poems1916
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)The Woods in Autumn1911
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)The Woods in Summer1911
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)The Woods in Winter1911
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)The ’Teen-Age Girl1931
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)Tomorrow Comes1934
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)Una of the Garden1909
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)Uncle Chatterton’s Gingerbread1912
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)Uncle Dick's Little Girl1903
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)Wedding at Poplar Point1936
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)What Aunt Marcella Would Have Called It1935
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)What Came of a Dare1902
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)What Happened at Brixley’s1906
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)What twelve Canadian women hope to see as the outcome of the war1915
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)Where There is a Will There is a Way1934
Montgomery, L. M. (Lucy Maud)Why Mr. Cropper Changed His Mind1902
Moodie, Susanna (née Strickland)Flora Lyndsay; or, Passages in an Eventful Life Vol. I1854
Moodie, Susanna (née Strickland)Flora Lyndsay; or, Passages in an Eventful Life Vol. II1854
Moodie, Susanna (née Strickland)George Leatrim, or The Mother's Test1875
Moodie, Susanna (née Strickland)Roughing it in the Bush1871
Moodie, Susanna (née Strickland)The Little Quaker; or, The triumph of virtue. A tale for the instruction of youth. 1826
Moody, Irene Helen HawkinsDelphine of the 'Eighties1931
Moore, DorotheaBrenda of Beech House1941
Moore, DorotheaThe New Prefect1921
Moore, George AugustusA Story-teller's Holiday (Volume 1 of 2)1928
Moore, George AugustusA Story-teller's Holiday (Volume 2 of 2)1928
Moore, PamelaChocolates for Breakfast1956
Moore, William HenryThe Clash! A Study in Nationalities1918
Moore, William HenryThe Definite National Purpose1933
More, HannahBlack Giles, the Poacher; With Some Account of A Family who had rather live by their Wits than their Work. In Two Parts.1801
More, HannahPercy1822
More, HannahPreface to the Tragedies1830
More, HannahThe Fatal Falsehood, from "The Works of Hannah More"1830
More, HannahThe Inflexible Captive, from "The Works of Hannah More"1830
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaAnne Boleyn1932
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaDreams and Delights1926
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaFair Rosemonde1921
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaGlorious Apollo1926
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaRubies1927
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Bride of a God and other stories1924
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Chaste Diana1923
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Coming Queen1922
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Divine Lady1924
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Duel of the Queens1930
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Empress of Hearts1926
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Garden of Vision1929
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Golden Vanity1922
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Great Romantic (Being an Interpretation of Mr. Saml Pepys and Elizabeth His Wife)1928
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe House of Fulfilment; The Romance of a Soul1927
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Letter of Instructions1923
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Openers of the Gate1930
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Splendour of Asia1926
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Story of Oriental Philosophy1928
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Thunderer (A Romance of Napoleon and Josephine)1926
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Treasure of Ho--A Romance1924
Moresby, Elizabeth LouisaThe Way of Stars: A Romance of Reincarnation1925
Moresby, JohnTwo Admirals : Admiral of the fleet and his son, John Moresby1909
Morgan, Charles LangbridgeA Breeze of Morning1951
Morgan, Charles LangbridgeFirst Love1929
Morgan, Charles LangbridgeMy Name is Legion1925
Morgan, Charles LangbridgeThe Fountain1932
Morgan, Henry JamesAd Multos Annos: A Tribute to Sir Charles Tupper on His Political Birthday1900
Morice, Rev. A. G. (Adrian Gabriel)A Critical History of the Red River Insurrection1935
Morice, Rev. A. G. (Adrian Gabriel)L'Abbé Émile Petitot et les Découvertes Géographiques au Canada: étude géographico-historique1923
Morice, Rev. A. G. (Adrian Gabriel)Souvenirs d'un missionnaire en Colombie Britannique1933
Morice, Rev. A. G. (Adrian Gabriel)The History of the Northern Interior of British Columbia (formerly New Caledonia) [1660 to 1880]1904
Mörike, EduardMozart auf der Reise nach Prag1856
Morris, LewisSongs Unsung1883
Morris, WilliamA Selection from the Poems of William Morris0
Morse, Anne ChristensenCarrot Top1945
Mortimer, Favell LeeThe Widow and Her Son1848
Mortimer, Favell LeeThe Wild Man1848
Mortimer, Favell LeeThe Woman at the Well1848
Mortimer, Favell LeeThe Woman Weeping at the Tomb1848
Mortimer, Favell LeeThe Woman Who Washed the Saviour's Feet1849
Morton, Boyd RutherfordNative Trees of Canada1917
Mott, Edward SpencerCakes and Ale: A Dissertation on Banquets, Interspersed with Various Recipes, More or Less Original, and Anecdotes, Mainly Veracious1897
Moulton, Richard G.World Literature and its Place in General Culture1911
Mowat, Grace HelenBroken Barrier1951
Mowat, Grace HelenThe Diverting History of a Loyalist Town1932
Muir, EdwinAn Autobiography1954
Muir, EdwinFirst Poems1925
Muir, EdwinJourneys and Places1906
Muir, EdwinOne Foot in Eden1956
Muir, EdwinThe Narrow Place1943
Mukerji, Dhan GopalGay-Neck, The Story of a Pigeon1927
Mulford, Clarence E.Hopalong Cassidy and the Eagle's Brood (Hopalong Cassidy #22)1930
Mulford, Clarence E.Mesquite Jenkins (Hopalong Cassidy #19)1928
Mulford, Clarence E.The Bar 20 Rides Again (Hopalong Cassidy #17)1926
Mulford, Clarence E.Trail Dust: Hopalong Cassidy and the Bar 20 with the Trail Herd (Hopalong Cassidy #25)1934
Mundy, TalbotFull Moon1953
Mundy, TalbotOM--The Secret of Ahbor Valley1924
Mundy, TalbotThe Gray Mahatma1951
Mundy, TalbotThe Man from Poonch1933
Munn, Henry TokeTales of the Eskimo1925
Munro, NeilChildren of Tempest1903
Munro, NeilGilian the Dreamer1923
Munro, NeilThe New Road1914
Munro, William BennettCanada and its Provinces: A History of the Canadian People and their Institutions by One Hundred Associates. Vol. 2, Section 1, New France, Part 2. Vol 2 of 23 (Canada and its Provinces #2)1914
Munro, William BennettThe Seigneurs of Old Canada: A Chronicle of New-World Feudalism (Chronicles of Canada #5)1914
Munthe, AxelLetters from a Mourning City1884
Munthe, AxelRed Cross & Iron Cross1916
Munthe, AxelThe Story of San Michele1929
Munthe, AxelVagaries1898
Murphy, Emily F.A Woman On the Bench1919
Murphy, Emily F.Out of the North1921
Murphy, Emily F.Seeds of Pine1922
Murphy, Emily F.The Question of Who Shall Vote1919
Murphy, Emily F.The Woman's Court1920
Murphy, Emily F.Unchastity: Jealousy: Murder1916
Murphy, Emily F.What Janey Thinks of Nellie1921
Murray, George Gilbert AiméAmerica and England: X from "Faith, War and Policy"1916
Murray, George Gilbert AiméAmerica and the War: IX from "Faith, War and Policy"1916
Murray, George Gilbert AiméAndrew Lang the Poet1948
Murray, George Gilbert AiméAndromache1900
Murray, George Gilbert AiméBacchae1906
Murray, George Gilbert AiméCarlyon Sahib: A Drama in Four Acts.1900
Murray, George Gilbert AiméChoephoroe of Aeschylus1923
Murray, George Gilbert AiméEuripides and his Age1913
Murray, George Gilbert AiméFaith, War and Policy (1917): I. First Thoughts on the War1914
Murray, George Gilbert AiméFaith, War and Policy (1917): II. How Can War Ever be Right?1914
Murray, George Gilbert AiméFaith, War and Policy (1917): III. Herd Instinct and the War1915
Murray, George Gilbert AiméFaith, War and Policy (1917): IV. India and the War1915
Murray, George Gilbert AiméFaith, War and Policy (1917): V. The Evil and the Good of War1915
Murray, George Gilbert AiméFaith, War and Policy (1917): VI. Democratic Control of Foreign Policy1915
Murray, George Gilbert AiméFaith, War and Policy (1917): VII. How We Stand Now1916
Murray, George Gilbert AiméFaith, War and Policy (compendium)1917
Murray, George Gilbert AiméGreat Britain's Sea Policy: A Reply to an American Critic.1917
Murray, George Gilbert AiméIon1954
Murray, George Gilbert AiméIreland (1916-7): VIII from "Faith, War and Policy"1917
Murray, George Gilbert AiméMedea1906
Murray, George Gilbert AiméOedipus at Colonus1948
Murray, George Gilbert AiméOxford and the War: XII from "Faith, War and Policy"1916
Murray, George Gilbert AiméPrometheus Bound1931
Murray, George Gilbert AiméRhesus1913
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Antigone1941
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Arbitration (The Epitrepontes of Menander)1945
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Birds1950
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Eumenides (The Furies) of Aeschylus1925
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Knights1956
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Persians (Persae)1939
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Problem of Foreign Policy1921
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Rape of the Locks (Perikeiromenê)1942
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Sea Policy of Great Britain (1916): XI from "Faith, War and Policy"1916
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Seven Against Thebes1935
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Story of Nefrekepta from a Demotic Papyrus1911
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Suppliant Women (Supplices)1930
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Trojan Women1905
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Turmoil of War: XIII from "Faith, War and Policy"1917
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe United States and the War1916
Murray, George Gilbert AiméThe Wife of Heracles: The Trachinian Women1947
Murray, W. H. H. (William Henry Harrison)The Busted Ex-Texan1890
Murray, W. H. H. (William Henry Harrison)The Mystery of The Woods1891
Murray, W. H. H. (William Henry Harrison)The Story That the Keg Told Me, and The Story of the Man Who Didn't Know Much1889
Musil, Robert MathiasDie Verwirrungen des Zöglings Törless1959
Musil, Robert MathiasNachlass zu Lebzeiten1936
Musil, Robert MathiasSämtliche Erzählungen1957
Namier, L. B. (Lewis Bernstein)In the Margin of History1939
Naville, ErnestMaine de Biran: sa vie et ses pensées1857
Nevill, Lady DorothyLeaves from the Note-Books of Lady Dorothy Nevill1907
Newman, BernardSecrets of German Espionage1940
Newman, BernardSpy1935
Newman, BernardThe Mussolini Murder Plot1939
Nichols, Mary PickeringGudrun--A Mediaeval Epic1889
Nicholson, G. W. L.Marlborough and the War of the Spanish Succession1955
Niewiadomska, CecyliaBez przewodnika1908
Niewiadomska, CecyliaDziecię elfów: Polny kwiatek1908
Niewiadomska, CecyliaRopucha; Krasnoludek1908
Nisbet, HumeA Desert Bride--A Story of Adventure in India and Persia1894
Niven, FrederickA Wilderness of Monkeys1911
Niven, FrederickBooks in the Wilderness1921
Niven, FrederickCanada West1930
Niven, FrederickColoured Spectacles1938
Niven, FrederickHands Up!1913
Niven, FrederickMaple Leaf Songs1917
Niven, FrederickMine Inheritance1940
Niven, FrederickMrs. Barry1933
Niven, FrederickOld Soldier1936
Niven, FrederickThe Flying Years1942
Niven, FrederickThe Island Providence1910
Niven, FrederickThe Paisley Shawl1931
Niven, FrederickThe Staff at Simson's1937
Niven, FrederickThe Transplanted1944
Niven, FrederickThe Treasure Trail1923
Niven, FrederickWild Honey1927
Noble, Louis LegrandAfter Icebergs with a Painter1861
Nodier, CharlesEl pintor de Salzburgo; De los tipos en literatura; Las meditaciones del claustro; Adela1919
Nodier, CharlesTrésor des fèves et Fleur des pois1853
Nöldeke, TheodorSketches from Eastern History1892
Nordhoff, Charles BernardBotany Bay1941
Nordhoff, Charles BernardFaery Lands of the South Seas1921
Nordhoff, Charles BernardMen Against the Sea (The Bounty Trilogy #2)1934
Nordhoff, Charles BernardMen Without Country1942
Nordhoff, Charles BernardMutiny on the "Bounty" (The Bounty Trilogy #1)1932
Nordhoff, Charles BernardPícaro1924
Nordhoff, Charles BernardPitcairn's Island (The Bounty Trilogy #3)1934
Nordhoff, Charles BernardThe Dark River1938
Nordhoff, Charles BernardThe High Barbaree1945
Nordhoff, Charles BernardThe Hurricane1936
Nordhoff, Charles BernardThe Pearl Lagoon1924
Norris, Charles GilmanSeed1930
Norris, Kathleen ThompsonBarberry Bush1926
Norris, Kathleen ThompsonBread into Roses1936
Norris, Kathleen ThompsonButterfly1923
Norris, Kathleen ThompsonLittle Ships1925
Norris, Kathleen ThompsonLost Sunrise1939
Norris, Kathleen ThompsonSecond Hand Wife1931
Norris, Kathleen ThompsonStorm House1928
Norris, Kathleen ThompsonThe Lucky Lawrences1930
Norris, Kathleen ThompsonThe Sea Gull1925
Norris, Kathleen ThompsonYounger Sister1928
Norway, Nevil ShuteA Town Like Alice [The Legacy]1952
Norway, Nevil ShuteAn Old Captivity1940
Norway, Nevil ShuteBeyond the Black Stump1956
Norway, Nevil ShuteIn the Wet1953
Norway, Nevil ShuteLandfall1940
Norway, Nevil ShuteLonely Road1932
Norway, Nevil ShuteMarazan1926
Norway, Nevil ShuteMost Secret1945
Norway, Nevil ShuteNo Highway1948
Norway, Nevil ShuteOn the Beach1957
Norway, Nevil ShuteOrdeal [What Happened to the Corbetts]1939
Norway, Nevil ShutePastoral1944
Norway, Nevil ShutePied Piper1942
Norway, Nevil ShuteRound the Bend1951
Norway, Nevil ShuteRuined City [Kindling]1938
Norway, Nevil ShuteSo Disdained [The Mysterious Aviator]1928
Norway, Nevil ShuteStephen Morris & Pilotage1961
Norway, Nevil ShuteThe Breaking Wave [Requiem for a WREN]1955
Norway, Nevil ShuteThe Chequer Board1947
Norway, Nevil ShuteThe Far Country1952
Norway, Nevil ShuteThe Legacy [A Town Like Alice]1950
Norway, Nevil ShuteThe Rainbow and the Rose1958
Norway, Nevil ShuteTrustee from the Toolroom1960
Norway, Nevil ShuteVinland the Good1946
Notman, William McFarlaneThrough Mountains and Canyons - The Canadian Rockies1906
Noyce, ElishaThe Boy's Book of Industrial Information1858
Noyes, AlfredSongs of Shadow-of-a-Leaf and Other Poems1924
Noyes, AlfredThe Last Man1941
Noyes, AlfredThe Sun Cure [The Return of the Scare-Crow]1929
Noyes, AlfredThe Torch-Bearers1937
Nutt, Charles LeroyThe Man Who Made Himself1957
Nutting, Herbert ChesterAd Alpēs. A Tale of Roman Life1923
O'Brien, David WrightBill of Rights, 5000 AD1941
O'Brien, David WrightBlitzkrieg in the Past1942
O'Brien, David WrightRayhouse in Space1941
O'Brien, David WrightSquadron of the Damned1942
O'Connor, FlanneryThe violent bear it away1955