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All books, rows 5751 through 6000 of 7690 total books.

Oppenheim, E. PhillipsMr. Billingham, the Marquis and Madelon1927
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsMr. Grex of Monte Carlo1915
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsMr. Marx's Secret1899
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsMurder at Monte Carlo1933
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsMysterious Mr. Sabin1898
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsNicholas Goade, Detective1927
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsPeter Ruff and the Double-Four1912
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsProdigals of Monte Carlo1926
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsRecalled by the Double-Four1912
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsSinners Beware1932
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsSir Adam Disappeared1939
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsStolen Idols1925
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Adventures of Mr. Joseph P. Cray1925
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Amazing Partnership1914
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Battle of Basinghall Street1935
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Channay Syndicate1927
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Colossus of Arcadia1938
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Curious Happenings to the Rooke Legatees1935
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Dumb Gods Speak1936
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Ex-Detective1933
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Gallows of Chance1933
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Golden Beast1925
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Golden Web1911
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Grassleyes Mystery1940
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Hillman1917
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Inevitable Millionaires1919
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Interloper [The Ex-Duke]1927
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Light Beyond1928
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Magnificent Hoax [Judy of Bunter’s Buildings]1935
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Man From Sing Sing [Moran Chambers Smiled]1932
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Man Who Changed His Plea1942
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Man Without Nerves1934
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Million Pound Deposit1929
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Missioner1908
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Moving Finger [A Falling Star]1911
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Mystery of Mr Bernard Brown1896
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Ostrekoff Jewels1932
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Passionate Quest1923
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Seven Conundrums1923
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Spy Paramount1935
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Spymaster1938
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Strange Boarders of Palace Crescent1934
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Strangers' Gate1939
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Terrible Hobby of Sir Joseph Londe, Bart.1927
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Traitors1902
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Treasure House of Martin Hews1929
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Way of These Women1914
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Wicked Marquis1919
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Wrath to Come1924
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsThe Zeppelin's Passenger1918
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsUp the Ladder of Gold1931
Oppenheim, E. PhillipsWhat Happened to Forester1927
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaA Joyous Adventure1932
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaA Question of Temptation1925
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaBeau Brocade: A Romance1912
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaHis Majesty's Well-Beloved: An Episode in the Life of Mr. Thomas Betteron as told by His Friend John Honeywood1919
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaLa Capture du Mouron Rouge1933
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaLady Molly of Scotland Yard1910
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaLe Serment1934
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaLeatherface: A Tale of Old Flanders1916
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaMarivosa1930
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaNo Greater Love1938
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaSir Percy Hits Back (Scarlet Pimpernel #9)1927
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaSir Percy Leads the Band (Scarlet Pimpernel #2)1936
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaThe Celestial City1926
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaThe Honourable Jim1924
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaThe Triumph of the Scarlet Pimpernel (Scarlet Pimpernel #10)1922
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaThe Turbulent Duchess1935
Orczy, Baroness EmmuskaThe Uncrowned King1935
Orléans, Charlotte-Elisabeth, duchesse d'Die Briefe der Liselotte von der Pfalz, Herzogin von Orleans1923
Orzeszkowa, ElizaBabunia1907
Orzeszkowa, ElizaPanna Antonina1907
Orzeszkowa, ElizaPanna Róża1909
Ossip-LouriéLa philosophie russe contemporaine1902
Ossip-LouriéPensées de Tolstoï1898
Ostenso, MarthaA Far Land1924
Ostenso, MarthaA Man Had Tall Sons1958
Ostenso, MarthaAnd the Town Talked1938
Ostenso, MarthaEscape in Spring1939
Ostenso, MarthaGardenias in her hair1937
Ostenso, MarthaLittle Blue Hat1939
Ostenso, MarthaLove Passed This Way1942
Ostenso, MarthaMilk Route1948
Ostenso, MarthaO River, Remember!1943
Ostenso, MarthaPrologue to Love1932
Ostenso, MarthaThe Bridge1934
Ostenso, MarthaThe Dark Dawn1926
Ostenso, MarthaThe Doctor's Story1945
Ostenso, MarthaThe Dreamer1938
Ostenso, MarthaThe Last Mad Sky1935
Ostenso, MarthaThe Mad Carews1927
Ostenso, MarthaThe Mandrake Root1938
Ostenso, MarthaThe Stone Field1937
Ostenso, MarthaThe Storm1924
Ostenso, MarthaThe Sunset Tree1949
Ostenso, MarthaThe Waters Under the Earth1930
Ostenso, MarthaThe White Reef1934
Ostenso, MarthaThe Young May Moon1929
Ostenso, MarthaThere's Always Another Year1933
Ostenso, MarthaTumbleweed1940
Ostenso, MarthaWhite Tryst1928
Ostenso, MarthaWife In Law1939
Ostenso, MarthaWild Geese1925
Otway, ThomasThe Orphan, or, The Unhappy Marriage1680
Otway, ThomasVenice Preserv'd1682
Oursler, Charles FultonMurder of a Startled Lady [About the Murder of a Startled Lady]1936
Owen, WillOld London Town1922
Oxley, James MacdonaldArchie of Athabasca1893
Oxley, James MacdonaldDonalblane of Darien1902
Oxley, James MacdonaldIn Paths of Peril: A Boy's Adventures in Nova Scotia1903
Oxley, James MacdonaldMy Strange Rescue and other stories of Sport and Adventure in Canada1895
Oxley, James MacdonaldTerry's Trials and Triumphs1900
Oxley, James MacdonaldThe Boy Tramps, or Across Canada1896
Oxley, James MacdonaldThe Wreckers of Sable Island1897
Oxley, James MacdonaldThe Young Nor'-Wester1894
Oxley, James MacdonaldTi-Ti-Pu: A Boy of Red River1900
Paassen, Pierre vanThe Tower of Terzel1948
Pach, WalterAnanias or the False Artist1928
Packard, Frank LuciusBroken Waters1925
Packard, Frank LuciusJimmie Dale and the Blue Envelope Murder (Jimmie Dale #4)1930
Packard, Frank LuciusJimmie Dale and the Phantom Clue (Jimmie Dale #3)1922
Packard, Frank LuciusRunning Special1925
Packard, Frank LuciusThe Adventures of Jimmie Dale (Jimmie Dale #1)1917
Packard, Frank LuciusThe Dragon's Jaws1937
Packard, Frank LuciusThe Four Stragglers1923
Packard, Frank LuciusThe Hidden Door1933
Packard, Frank LuciusThe Little Super1908
Packard, Frank LuciusThe Locked Book1924
Packard, Frank LuciusThe Red Ledger1926
Packard, Frank LuciusTiger Claws1928
Page, Lorena M.Legendary Lore of Mackinac1901
Paget, VioletBelcaro: Being Essays on Sundry Æsthetical Questions1881
Paget, VioletHortus Vitae: Essays on the Gardening of Life1904
Paget, VioletRenaissance Fancies and Studies: Being a Sequel to Euphorion1895
Paget, VioletThe Countess of Albany1884
Paget, VioletThe Handling of Words and Other Studies in Literary Psychology1923
Paget, VioletThe Spirit of Rome & Laurus Nobilis1906
Paget, VioletVanitas: Polite Stories1892
Pain, Arthur WellesleyWater Wizardry1922
Paine, Ralph D.Four Bells: A Tale of the Caribbean1923
Painter, SidneyFrench Chivalry: Chivalric Ideas and Practices in Mediaeval France1940
Palmer, John LeslieThe Seven Sleepers1926
Panneton, PhilippeL'Héritage et autres contes1946
Panneton, PhilippeTrente Arpents1938
Panofsky, ErwinGothic Architecture and Scholasticism1951
Parker, DorothyBig Blonde1929
Parker, DorothyHere Lies: The Collected Stories of Dorothy Parker1939
Parker, GilbertOld Québec: The Fortress of New France1903
Parkinson, JohnParadisi in sole paradisus terrestris1629
Parkman, FrancisHistoric handbook of the northern tour. Lakes George and Champlain; Niagara; Montreal; Quebec1885
Parks, Edd WinfieldLong Hunter1942
Parrish, AnneThe Perennial Bachelor1925
Parrott, Sir (James) EdwardThe Children's Story of the War Volume 1 of 10. From the Beginning of the War to the Landing of the British Army in France1916
Parrott, Sir (James) EdwardThe Children's Story of the War Volume 2 of 10. From the Battle of Mons to the Fall of Antwerp1916
Parrott, Sir (James) EdwardThe Children's Story of the War Volume 3 of 10. From the First Battle of Ypres to the End of the Year 19141916
Parrott, Sir (James) EdwardThe Children's Story of the War Volume 4 of 10. The Story of the Year 19151916
Parrott, Sir (James) EdwardThe Children's Story of the War, Volume 5: The First Six Months of the Year 19161917
Parrott, Sir (James) EdwardThe Children’s Story of the War, Volume 6 of 101916
Parrott, Sir (James) EdwardThe Pageant of British History1908
Parrott, Sir (James) EdwardThe Pageant of English Literature1914
Parsons, ReubenSome Lies and Errors of History1893
Parsons, Samuel BrowneParsons on the Rose: A treatise on the propagation, culture, and history of the rose1888
Patterson, C. R.Tea From China1922
Patterson, C. R.The Sail-Dragger1922
Paul, ElliotThe Last Time I Saw Paris1942
Paul, ElliotThe Life and Death of a Spanish Town1937
Paxton, JosephPaxton's Magazine of Botany and Register of Flowering Plants Vol. 11834
Peake, MervynThe Glassblowers1950
Pedler, MargaretThe Guarded Halo1928
Péguy, CharlesLes œuvres complètes de Charles Péguy [tome 01]1917
Péguy, CharlesLes œuvres complètes de Charles Péguy [tome 02]1920
Pemberton, MaxThe Diamond Ship1912
Pennell, Joseph StanleyThe History of Rome Hanks and Kindred Matters1944
Perkins, J. R.The Emperor's Physician1944
Perkins, Kenneth TaylorWild Paradise1927
Pertwee, RolandInterference1927
Pertwee, RolandOur Wonderful Selves1919
Pertwee, RolandThe Old Card1919
Peterkin, JuliaScarlet Sister Mary1928
Philip, AlexThe Crimson West1925
Philip, AlexThe Painted Cliff1927
Philip, AlexWhispering Leaves1931
Phillpotts, EdenA Deal with The Devil1895
Phillpotts, EdenLycanthrope: The Mystery of Sir William Wolf1938
Phillpotts, EdenPixies' Plot1922
Phillpotts, EdenSaurus1938
Phillpotts, EdenSons of the Morning1900
Phillpotts, EdenThe Farmer's Wife: A Comedy in Three Acts1917
Phillpotts, EdenThe Human Boy Again1908
Phillpotts, EdenThe Human Boy and the War1916
Phillpotts, EdenThe Virgin in Judgment1908
Philp, Robert KempFacts for Everybody: An Encyclopædia of Useful Knowledge1863
Pickthall, Marjorie Lowry ChristieAngels’ Shoes and other stories1923
Pickthall, Marjorie Lowry ChristieLittle Hearts1926
Pickthall, Marjorie Lowry ChristieMatches1922
Pickthall, Marjorie Lowry ChristieWhat He Wanted1923
Pierce, Lorne AlbertNew History for Old. Discussions on Aims and Methods in Writing and Teaching History1931
Pierce, Lorne AlbertThe Selected Poems of Marjorie Pickthall1957
Pierce, Lorne AlbertThree Fredericton Poets. Writers of the University of New Brunswick and the New Dominion. Alumni Oration, Encania, May 19, 19331933
Pierce, Lorne AlbertUnexplored Fields of Canadian Literature1932
Pincock, Jenny O'HaraHidden Springs1949
Piper, H. BeamDearest1951
Piper, H. BeamDown Styphon!1965
Piper, H. BeamFuzzy Sapiens [The Other Human Race] (Fuzzy Sapiens #2)1964
Piper, H. BeamGunpowder God1964
Piper, H. BeamLord Kalvan of Otherwhen [Gunpowder God]1965
Piper, William SamuelThe Eagle of Thunder Cape1924
Pitkin, Walter B.How to Write Stories1921
Planck, MaxThe Universe in the Light of Modern Physics1931
Plath, SylviaThe Bell Jar1963
Plath, SylviaThe Colossus1960
PlatoSocratic Discourses1910
Pletsch, OscarBuds and flowers of childish life1875
Pletsch, OscarChild-land: picture-pages for the little ones1873
Pletsch, OscarHappy spring-time in pictures by Oscar Pletsch1869
Pletsch, OscarLittle Folks1868
Pletsch, OscarLittle Lily’s Alphabet1865
Pletsch, OscarSchnick schnack: trifles for the little-ones1867
Pletsch, OscarThe Holiday and Other Stories1870
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyA Night at an Inn. A Play in One Act1916
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyAtalanta in Wimbledon1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyGuerrilla1944
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyHis Sainted Grandmother1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyIn Holy Russia1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyJorkens Has a Large Whiskey1940
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyJorkens Remembers Africa1934
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyMisadventure1954
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyMy Talks with Dean Spanley1936
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyPlays for Earth and Air1937
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanySeven Modern Comedies1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Charwoman's Shadow1926
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Curse of the Wise Woman1933
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Hopeless Passion of Mr. Bunyon1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Jest of Hahalaba1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Journey of the Soul1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe King of Elfland's Daughter1927
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Raffle1928
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Slugly Beast1948
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Sword of Welleran and Other Stories1908
Plunkett, Edward 18th Baron of DunsanyThe Travel Tales of Mr. Joseph Jorkens1931
Pollard, A. O.The Murder Germ1937
Pollock, Frank LillieA Cell in Etruria1908
Pollock, Frank LillieAnthology of Poems1905
Pollock, Frank LillieFinis1940
Pollock, Frank LillieJupiter Eight1936
Poole, ErnestThe Harbor1915
Poole, Reginald HeberThe Wagoner's Halt Mystery1940
Poole, Reginald LaneWycliffe and Movements for Reform1903
Pope, Sir JosephThe Day of Sir John Macdonald: A Chronicle of The First prime minister of the Dominion (Chronicles of Canada #29)1920
Porter, RufusScientific American Vol. 2 Issue 3 Oct. 10, 18461846