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All books, rows 6501 through 6750 of 6995 total books.

Sitwell, EdithEnglish Eccentrics1933
Sitwell, EdithFanfare for Elizabeth1946
Sitwell, EdithThe Queens and the Hive1962
Sitwell, EdithVictoria of England1936
Sitwell, OsbertAlive--Alive Oh!1947
Skeat, Walter WilliamA Glossary of Stuart and Tudor Words especially from the dramatists1914
Skelton, Oscar DouglasLife and Letters of Sir Wilfrid Laurier Vol 11921
Skelton, Oscar DouglasLife and Letters of Sir Wilfrid Laurier Vol 21921
Skelton, Oscar DouglasThe Day of Sir Wilfrid Laurier: A Chronicle of Our Own Time (Chronicles of Canada #30)1916
Skelton, Oscar DouglasThe Railway Builders, A Chronicle of Overland Highways (Chronicles of Canada #32)1920
Slone, Ralph WilliamThe Head Hunters1952
Smalley, George W.Anglo-American Memories1911
Smith, Arthur Douglas HowdenThe Audacious Adventures of Miles McConaughy1918
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonAdmiral Hornblower in the West Indies [Hornblower Saga #11]1958
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonBeat to Quarters [Hornblower Saga #6]1937
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonBrown on Resolution1929
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonCommodore Hornblower [Hornblower Saga #9]1945
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonDeath to the French1933
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonFlying Colours [Hornblower Saga #8]1939
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonHornblower and His Majesty1940
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonHornblower and the Atropos [Hornblower Saga #5]1953
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonHornblower and the Crisis [Hornblower Saga #4]1967
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonHornblower and the Hotspur [Hornblower Saga #3]1962
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonHunting the Bismarck1959
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonLieutenant Hornblower [Hornblower Saga #2]1952
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonLong Before Forty1967
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonLord Hornblower [Hornblower Saga #10]1946
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonMarionettes at Home1936
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonMr. Midshipman Hornblower [Hornblower Saga #1]1950
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonNapoleon and His Court1924
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonNelson1929
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonPayment Deferred1926
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonPlain Murder1930
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonRendezvous1944
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonShip of the Line [Hornblower Saga #7]1939
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Adventures of John Wetherell1953
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe African Queen1935
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Barbary Pirates1953
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Captain from Connecticut1941
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Earthly Paradise1940
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe General1936
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Good Shepherd1955
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Hand of Destiny1940
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Man in the Yellow Raft1969
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Naval War of 18121957
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Nightmare1954
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Peacemaker1934
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Ship1943
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Sky and the Forest1948
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonU.S.S. Cornucopia1945
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonVictor Emmanuel II and the Union of Italy1927
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonWanton Fate1945
Smith, Clark AshtonA Prophecy of Monsters1954
Smith, Clark AshtonA Rendezvous in Averoigne1931
Smith, Clark AshtonFlight into Super-Time1932
Smith, Clark AshtonMother of Toads1938
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Beast of Averoigne1933
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Demon of the Flower1933
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Dimension of Chance1932
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Disinterment of Venus1934
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Enchantress of Sylaire1941
Smith, Clark AshtonThe End of the Story1930
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Eternal World1932
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Great God Awto1940
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Holiness of Azédarac1933
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Ice-Demon1933
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Invisible City1932
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Maker of Gargoyles1932
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Mandrakes1933
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Nameless Offspring1947
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Ninth Skeleton1928
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Powder of Hyperborea1958
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Treader of the Dust1935
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Children of the Lens (Lensman #6)1954
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')First Lensman (Lensman #2)1950
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Galactic Patrol (Lensman #3)1937
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Gray Lensman (Lensman #4)1951
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Masters of the Vortex (Lensman #7)1960
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Second Stage Lensmen (Lensman #5)1953
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Skylark DuQuesne (Skylark #4)1965
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Skylark of Valeron (Skylark #3)1934
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Skylark Three (Skylark #2)1930
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Spacehounds of IPC1931
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Subspace Explorers (Subspace #1)1965
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')The Galaxy Primes1965
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')The Imperial Stars1964
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')The Skylark of Space (Skylark #1)1928
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Triplanetary (Lensman #1)1948
Smith, F. HopkinsonCaleb West, Master Diver1897
Smith, GoldwinCanada and the Canadian Question1891
Smith, Harriet LummisA Debt of Gratitude1910
Smith, Harriet LummisA Golden Silence1920
Smith, Harriet LummisA Practical Joke1909
Smith, Harriet LummisA Previous Engagement1909
Smith, Harriet LummisA Random Shot1910
Smith, Harriet LummisA Rush Order1907
Smith, Harriet LummisCornelia’s Customer1911
Smith, Harriet LummisOther People's Business: The Romantic Career of the Practical Miss Dale1916
Smith, Harriet LummisPollyanna of the Orange Blossoms (Pollyanna #3)1924
Smith, Harriet LummisPollyanna's Debt of Honor (Pollyanna #5)1927
Smith, Harriet LummisPollyanna's Jewels (Pollyanna #4)1925
Smith, Harriet LummisThe Flowering of Vengeance1908
Smith, Harriet LummisThe Girls of Friendly Terrace or: Peggy Raymond's Success1912
Smith, Harriet LummisThe Maze1908
Smith, Harriet LummisThe Reputation of the Bella B.1909
Smith, Harriet LummisThe Uncertain Glory1926
Smith, Harriet LummisTwo Girls Who Changed Places1910
Smith, Logan PearsallA Treasury of English Prose1920
Smith, Logan PearsallAll Trivia1917
Smith, Logan PearsallThe English Language1912
Smith, Logan PearsallThe Life and Letters of Sir Henry Wotton Volume 11907
Smith, Logan PearsallThe Life and Letters of Sir Henry Wotton Volume 21907
Smith, Logan PearsallThe Youth of Parnassus and other stories1895
Smith, Logan PearsallUnforgotten Years1939
Smith, ThorneDid She Fall?1930
Smith, ThorneRain in the Doorway1933
Smith, ThorneSkin and Bones1933
Smith, ThorneThe Bishop's Jaegers1932
Smith, ThorneThe Night Life of the Gods1931
Smith, ThorneThe Stray Lamb1929
Smith, ThorneTopper1926
Smith, ThorneTopper Takes a Trip1931
Smith, ThorneTurnabout1931
Snaith, John CollisSurrender1928
Snell, Roy J.By Bursting Flash Bulbs (Jimmie Drury Mystery #4)1941
Snell, Roy J.Caught by the Camera (Jimmie Drury Mystery #3)1939
Snell, Roy J.Green Eyes (Mystery Stories for Girls #10)1930
Snell, Roy J.The Black Schooner1923
Snell, Roy J.The Desert Patrol (Radio-Phone Boys #3)1923
Snell, Roy J.The Gypsy Shawl (Mystery Stories for Girls #9)1929
Snell, Roy J.The Hidden Trail1924
Snell, Roy J.The Thirteenth Ring (Mystery Stories for Girls #7)1927
Snell, Roy J.What the Dark Room Revealed (Jimmie Drury Mystery #2)1939
Snell, Roy J.Wings over England1941
Snow, JackThe Magical Mimics in Oz1946
Snowden, PhilipSocialism and Syndicalism1914
Soddy, FrederickWealth, Virtual Wealth and Debt: The Solution of the Economic Paradox1933
Solberg, ThorvaldCopyright in Canada and Newfoundland1903
Sonneck, Oscar George TheodoreBeethoven: Impressions by his Contemporaries1926
Sorley, Charles HamiltonThe Letters of Charles Sorley1919
Sotiriades, GeorgeThe Acropolis and Its Museum: Part II—The Museum1927
Sotiriades, GeorgeThe Acropolis and Its Museum: Part I—The Acropolis1925
Souday, PaulAndré Gide1927
Souday, PaulLes Livres du temps (1/3)1929
Souday, PaulLes Livres du temps (2/3)1929
Souday, PaulLes Livres du temps (3/3)1930
Souday, PaulMarcel Proust1927
Souday, PaulPaul Valéry1927
Sousa, John PhilipMarching Along1928
Southworth, Mrs. E. D. E. N. (Emma Dorothy Eliza Nevitte)When Shadows Die. A Sequel to "Love's Bitterest Cup"1882
Souvestre, ÉmileBugail Geifr Lorraine1925
Spaight, James MolonyVolcano Island1943
Speare, DorothyDancers in the Dark1922
Spender, HaroldThe Prime Minister: Life and Times of David Lloyd George1920
Spoerl, HeinrichDie Feuerzangenbowle1933
Sprague, E. H.Geometry for Technical Students1904
Sprigg, Christopher St. JohnDeath of an Airman1934
Spring, HowardFame is the Spur1940
Spring, HowardHeaven Lies About Us1940
Spring, HowardTime and the Hour1957
Springs, Elliott WhiteNocturne Militaire1927
Squire, J. C. (Sir John Collings)A London Reverie. Fifty-six drawings by Joseph Pennell arranged with an introductory essay and notes by J. C. Squire1928
Stacpoole, Henry De VereGolden Ballast1924
Staden, HansViagem ao Brasil: versão do texto de Marpurgo, de 15571930
Standing Bear, LutherLand of the Spotted Eagle1933
Standing Bear, LutherThe Tragedy of the Sioux1931
Stanfield, James FieldThe Guinea Voyage1807
Stapledon, OlafInterplanetary Man?1948
Stapledon, OlafLast and First Men1930
Stapledon, OlafLast Men in London1932
Stapledon, OlafOdd John1936
Stapledon, OlafSirius: A Fantasy of Love and Discord1944
Stapledon, OlafStar Maker1937
Starke, Richard GriffinThe Lord of Lanoraie: A Canadian Legend1898
Starr, FrederickKorean Buddhism: History--Condition--Art1918
Starr, FrederickThe Truth About the Congo: The Chicago Tribune Articles1907
Stead, Robert James CampbellGrain1911
Stead, Robert James CampbellNeighbours1922
Stead, Robert James CampbellSongs of the Prairie1911
Stead, Robert James CampbellThe Bail Jumper1914
Stead, Robert James CampbellThe Smoking Flax1924
Stefansson, VilhjalmurUltima Thule: Further Mysteries of the Arctic1940
Steinbeck, JohnA Snake of One's Own1938
Steinbeck, JohnBombs Away, The Story of a Bomber Team1942
Steinbeck, JohnBurning Bright1950
Steinbeck, JohnCannery Row1945
Steinbeck, JohnCup of Gold1936
Steinbeck, JohnEast of Eden1952
Steinbeck, JohnHow Edith McGillcuddy Met R. L. Stephenson1941
Steinbeck, JohnHow Mr. Hogan Robbed a Bank1956
Steinbeck, JohnI Go Back to Ireland1953
Steinbeck, JohnIn Dubious Battle1936
Steinbeck, JohnOf Mice and Men1937
Steinbeck, JohnSweet Thursday1954
Steinbeck, JohnThe Chrysanthemums1937
Steinbeck, JohnThe Ears of Johnny Bear1937
Steinbeck, JohnThe Grapes of Wrath1939
Steinbeck, JohnThe Lonesome Vigilante1936
Steinbeck, JohnThe Long Valley1938
Steinbeck, JohnThe Moon is Down1942
Steinbeck, JohnThe Murder1934
Steinbeck, JohnThe Pastures of Heaven1932
Steinbeck, JohnThe Pearl1947
Steinbeck, JohnThe Raid1934
Steinbeck, JohnThe Red Pony1945
Steinbeck, JohnThe Secret Weapon We Were AFRAID to Use1953
Steinbeck, JohnThe Short Reign of Pippin IV, A Fabrication1957
Steinbeck, JohnThe Wayward Bus1947
Steinbeck, JohnThe White Quail1935
Steinbeck, JohnThe Winter of Our Discontent1961
Steinbeck, JohnTo a God Unknown1933
Steinbeck, JohnTortilla Flat1935
Steinbeck, JohnTravels with Charley1962
Stephen, Alexander MaitlandClass-Room Plays from Canadian History1929
Stephen, Alexander MaitlandThe Gleaming Archway1929
Stephen, Alexander MaitlandThe Kingdom of the Sun. A Romance of the Far West Coast.1927
Stephen, Alexander MaitlandThe Rosary of Pan1923
Stephen, Alexander MaitlandVerendrye; A Poem of the New World1935
Stevenson, O. J. (Orlando John)Narrative and Lyric Poems (Second Series)1914
Stevenson, Robert LouisA Lowden Sabbath Morn1898
Stilson, Charles BillingsMinos of Sardanes1949
Stilson, Charles BillingsPolaris and the Goddess Glorian1950
Stilson, Charles BillingsSword Play1926
Stilson, Charles BillingsThe Sky Woman1940
Stockton, Frank R.The Associate Hermits1898
Storrs, GeorgeMob, Under Pretence of Law, or, the Arrest and trial of Rev. George Storrs at Northfield, N.H. ...1835
Storrs, Sir RonaldLawrence of Arabia--Zionism and Palestine1937
Strachey, Giles LyttonElizabeth and Essex. A Tragic History.1928
Strachey, Giles LyttonPortraits in Miniature and Other Essays1931
Strachey, Giles LyttonQueen Victoria1921
Strachey, LyttonCharacters and Commentaries1933
Strachey, RayShaken by the Wind: A Story of Fanaticism1928
Stratemeyer, EdwardDave Porter in the Far North; Or, The Pluck of an American Schoolboy (Dave Porter #4)1908
Stratemeyer, EdwardDon Sturdy on the Desert of Mystery (Don Sturdy #1)1925
Stratemeyer, EdwardDon Sturdy on the Ocean Bottom or The Strange Cruise of the Phantom (Don Sturdy #11)1931
Stratemeyer, EdwardOutdoor Girls at New Moon Ranch (Outdoor Girls #18)1928
Stratemeyer, EdwardOver the Rockies with the Air Mail, or, Ted Scott Lost in the Wilderness (Ted Scott Flying Stories #3)1927
Stratemeyer, EdwardThe Bobbsey Twins in the Country (Bobbsey Twins #2)1955
Stratemeyer, EdwardThe Outdoor Girls at Foaming Falls (Outdoor Girls #15)1925
Stratemeyer, EdwardThe Outdoor Girls on a Hike (Outdoor Girls #19)1929
Stratemeyer, EdwardThe Secret at the Hermitage (The Dana Girls Mystery Stories #5)1936
Stratemeyer, EdwardThe Young Oarsmen of Lakeview; or The Mystery of Hermit Island.1897
Stratton, ClarenceIn Singapore: The Story of a Strange Search1932
Street, A. G. (Arthur George)Farmer's Glory1932
Street, A. G. (Arthur George)Strawberry Roan1932
Street, Cecil John CharlesDeath in the Tunnel1936
Street, Cecil John CharlesThe Secret of High Eldersham1930
Street, James HowellThe Velvet Doublet1953
Strickland, AgnesStories from History1878
Strickland, AgnesTales from English History. For Children.1889