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All books, rows 1001 through 1250 of 7134 total books.

Blyton, EnidThe Second Form at St. Clare's (St. Clare's #4)1944
Blyton, EnidThe Secret Island (Secret Series #1)1938
Blyton, EnidThe Secret Mountain (Secret Series #3)1941
Blyton, EnidThe Secret of Cliff Castle1943
Blyton, EnidThe Secret of Killimooin (Secret Series #4)1943
Blyton, EnidThe Secret of Moon Castle (Secret Series #5)1953
Blyton, EnidThe Secret of Spiggy Holes (Secret Series #2)1940
Blyton, EnidThe Secret Seven (Secret Seven #1)1949
Blyton, EnidThe Ship of Adventure (Adventure series #6)1950
Blyton, EnidThe Three Gollies1968
Blyton, EnidThe Treasure Hunters1940
Blyton, EnidThe Twins at St. Clare's (St. Clare's #1)1941
Blyton, EnidThe Valley of Adventure (Adventure series #3)1947
Blyton, EnidThe Wishing-Chair Again (Wishing-Chair #2)1950
Blyton, EnidThird Year at Malory Towers (Malory Towers #3)1948
Blyton, EnidThose Dreadful Children1949
Blyton, EnidThree Boys and a Circus1940
Blyton, EnidThree Cheers Secret Seven (Secret Seven #8)1956
Blyton, EnidUpper Fourth at Malory Towers (Malory Towers #4)1949
Blyton, EnidWell Done Secret Seven (Secret Seven #3)1951
Blyton, EnidWell, Really, Mr. Twiddle (Mr. Twiddle #3)1953
Boas, FranzRace, Language and Culture1940
Boccaccio, Giovannile Décaméron1884
Boex, Joseph Henri HonoréContes I1911
Boex, Joseph Henri HonoréContes II1912
Boex, Joseph Henri HonoréLa Mort de la Terre1912
Boex, Joseph Henri HonoréLes Xipéhuz1896
Borden, Sir Robert LairdCanada at War1915
Boreham, Frank WilliamRubble and Roseleaves and Things of That Kind1923
Borenius, TancredRembrandt Selected Paintings1944
Bosse, Sara (née Eaton)Chinese-Japanese Cook Book1914
Bottome, PhyllisMademoiselle l'Anglais1916
Bottome, PhyllisMan and Beast1953
Bottome, PhyllisOld Wine1925
Bottome, PhyllisThe Liqueur Glass1915
Bottome, PhyllisThe Pace1915
Bottome, PhyllisThe Victim and The Worm1923
Bottome, PhyllisWindlestraws1929
Boucher-Belleville, Jean-Philippe (Jean-Baptiste)Dictionnaire des barbarismes et des solécismes les plus ordinaires en ce pays, avec le mot propre ou leur signification1855
Bourinot, ArthurPoems1921
Bourinot, John (Sir John George)The Anglo-American Magazine: Literature and Art in Canada1900
Boyd, JohnSir George Étienne Cartier, Bart.--His Life and Times1914
Brainerd, Eleanor HoytPegeen1915
Branch, Mary Lydia (Bolles)A Visit to Newfoundland1910
Brandon, John G.A Scream in Soho1940
Brandon, John G.Nighthawks!1929
Brazil, AngelaA Pair of Schoolgirls1912
Brazil, AngelaAn Exciting Term1936
Brazil, AngelaQueen of the Dormitory and Other Stories1926
Brazil, AngelaThe Luckiest Girl in the School1919
Brent-Dyer, Elinor MaryChalet School in the Oberland (Chalet School #26)1952
Brent-Dyer, Elinor MaryEustacia Goes to the Chalet School (Chalet School #6)1930
Brent-Dyer, Elinor MaryJanie Steps In (La Rochelle #7)1953
Brent-Dyer, Elinor MaryThe Chalet Girls in Camp (Chalet School #8)1930
Brent-Dyer, Elinor MaryThe Chalet School and Jo (Chalet School #7)1930
Brent-Dyer, Elinor MaryThe Chalet School and the Lintons (Chalet School #10)1934
Brent-Dyer, Elinor MaryThe Exploits of the Chalet Girls (Chalet School #9)1933
Brent-Dyer, Elinor MaryThe New House Mistress1928
Brent-Dyer, Elinor MaryThe Rivals of the Chalet School (Chalet School #5)1929
Brentano, ClemensGeschichte vom braven Kasperl und dem schönen Annerl1817
Brereton, Frederick SadleirTrapped in the Jungle!1945
Bridge, FrederickShakespearean Music in the Plays and Early Operas1923
Bridges, Thomas CharlesA Fight for Fortune1939
Bridges, Thomas CharlesThe River Riders: An Exciting Lumberjack Story1925
Bridle, AugustusHansen – A Novel of Canadianization1924
Brightwell, Cecilia LucyMemorials of the Life of Amelia Opie1854
Brinkerhoff, R. M. (Robert Moore)Myra1922
Brinton, Reginald S.Carpets1919
Bromfield, LouisAunt Flora1938
Bromfield, LouisAwake and Rehearse1925
Bromfield, LouisColorado1947
Bromfield, LouisEarly Autumn1926
Bromfield, LouisGood Time Bessie1935
Bromfield, LouisKenny1944
Bromfield, LouisMr. Smith1951
Bromfield, LouisMrs. Parkington1942
Bromfield, LouisNew York Legend1931
Bromfield, LouisNight in Bombay1939
Bromfield, LouisThat Which Never Returns1936
Bromfield, LouisThe Girl Who Knew Everybody1932
Bromfield, LouisThe Hand of God1932
Bromfield, LouisThe Man Who Had Everything1935
Bromfield, LouisThe Work of Robert Nathan1927
Bromfield, LouisThe World We Live In1940
Bromfield, LouisUntil the Day Break1942
Bromfield, LouisWhat Became of Anna Bolton1943
Bromfield, LouisWild is the River1942
Brontë, CharlotteShirley1849
Brooke, Leonard LeslieNursery Rhymes I: Songs and Ditties1916
Brooke, Leonard LeslieNursery Rhymes: Rhymes and Lullabies1916
Brooke, Leonard LeslieThe Golden Goose1905
Brooker, BertramThe Robber--A Tale of the Time of the Herods1949
Brooker, BertramThink of the Earth1936
Brooks, Walter RollinBird in the Bush (Mr. Ed #13)1942
Brooks, Walter RollinDo Ye Ken Wilbur Pope? (Mr. Ed #15)1943
Brooks, Walter RollinDr. Atwood and Mr. Ed (Mr. Ed #14)1943
Brooks, Walter RollinEd Gets a Mother Complex (Mr. Ed #11)1941
Brooks, Walter RollinEd Has His Mind Improved (Mr. Ed #4)1939
Brooks, Walter RollinEd Holds a Seance (Mr. Ed #8)1941
Brooks, Walter RollinEd Likes to be Beside the Seaside (Mr. Ed #9)1941
Brooks, Walter RollinEd Shoots it Out (Mr. Ed #5)1940
Brooks, Walter RollinEd Takes the Cockeyed Initiative (Mr. Ed #10)1941
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and Mr. Camphor (Freddy the Pig #11)1944
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Baseball Team from Mars (Freddy the Pig #23)1955
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Bean Home News (Freddy the Pig #10)1943
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Dragon (Freddy the Pig #26)1958
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Flying Saucer Plans (Freddy the Pig #25)1957
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Ignormus (Freddy the Pig #8)1941
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Men From Mars (Freddy the Pig #22)1954
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Perilous Adventure (Freddy the Pig #9)1942
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Popinjay (Freddy the Pig #12)1945
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Space Ship (Freddy the Pig #20)1953
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy Goes to Florida [To and Again] (Freddy the Pig #1)1927
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy Goes to the North Pole [More To and Again] (Freddy the Pig #2)1930
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy Rides Again (Freddy the Pig #18)1951
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy the Cowboy (Freddy the Pig #17)1950
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy the Detective (Freddy the Pig #3)1932
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy the Magician (Freddy the Pig #14)1947
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy the Pied Piper (Freddy the Pig #13)1946
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy the Pilot (Freddy the Pig #19)1952
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy the Politician [Wiggins for President] (Freddy the Pig #6)1939
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy's Cousin Weedly (Freddy the Pig #7)1940
Brooks, Walter RollinJust a Song at Twilight (Mr. Ed #7)1940
Brooks, Walter RollinMonster in Horse’s Clothing (Mr. Ed #20)1945
Brooks, Walter RollinMr. Pope Rides Again (Mr. Ed #12)1942
Brooks, Walter RollinMr. Pope's Thoroughbred (Mr. Ed #3)1939
Brooks, Walter RollinPlain Horse Sense (Mr. Ed #2)1938
Brooks, Walter RollinThe Midnight Ride of Mr. Pope (Mr. Ed #6)1940
Brooks, Walter RollinThe Talking Horse (Mr. Ed #1)1937
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)A Fire of Driftwood1932
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)Almond, Wild Almond1933
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)Child Royal1937
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)Ships in the Bay!1931
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)The Dark Mile (Jacobite #3)1929
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)The Flight of the Heron (Jacobite #1)1925
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)The Gleam in the North (Jacobite #2)1927
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)The Yellow Poppy1920
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)“Mr. Rowl”1924
Broughton, RhodaDoctor Cupid1886
Broughton, RhodaThe Man with the Nose1954
Brown, AliceThe Prisoner1916
Browne, Thomas AlexanderThe Squatter's Dream : A Story of Australian Life1891
Browning, RobertStrafford: An Historical Tragedy1837
Bruce, H. C. (Henry Clay)The New Man: Twenty-Nine Years a Slave, Twenty-Nine Years a Free Man1895
Bruce, JeanArizona Zone « A » (O.S.S. 117)1959
Bruce, JeanOSS 117-Voit Rouge1967
Bruce, LennyHow to Talk Dirty and influence people1965
Bruce, Mary GrantA Little Bush Maid (Billabong #1)1910
Bruce, Mary GrantAnderson's Jo1927
Bruce, Mary GrantBack to Billabong (Billabong #7)1921
Bruce, Mary GrantBill of Billabong (Billabong #10)1931
Bruce, Mary GrantBillabong Adventurers (Billabong #9)1927
Bruce, Mary GrantBillabong Gold (Billabong #13)1937
Bruce, Mary GrantBillabong Riders (Billabong #15)1942
Bruce, Mary GrantBillabong's Daughter (Billabong #8)1924
Bruce, Mary GrantBillabong's Luck (Billabong #11)1933
Bruce, Mary GrantCaptain Jim (Billabong #6)1919
Bruce, Mary GrantDick Lester of Kurrajong1920
Bruce, Mary GrantFrom Billabong to London (Billabong #4)1915
Bruce, Mary GrantGolden Fiddles1928
Bruce, Mary GrantHugh Stanford's Luck1928
Bruce, Mary GrantJim and Wally (Billabong #5)1917
Bruce, Mary GrantMates at Billabong (Billabong #2)1912
Bruce, Mary GrantNorah of Billabong (Billabong #3)1913
Bruce, Mary GrantPeter & Co. (Peter #2)1940
Bruce, Mary GrantRoad to Adventure1932
Bruce, Mary GrantRobin1926
Bruce, Mary GrantSeahawk1934
Bruce, Mary GrantSon of Billabong (Billabong #14)1939
Bruce, Mary GrantThe Happy Traveller1929
Bruce, Mary GrantThe Stone Axe of Burkamukk1922
Bruce, Mary GrantThe Tower Rooms1926
Bruce, Mary GrantThe Twins of Emu Plains1923
Bruce, Mary GrantTold by Peter (Peter #1)1938
Bruce, Mary GrantWings above Billabong (Billabong #12)1935
Brudno, Ezra SeligThe Sublime Jester1924
Bryce, GeorgeA Short History of the Canadian People1914
Bryce, GeorgeOur Canadian Prairies1895
Bryce, GeorgeThe Siege and Conquest of the North Pole1910
Buchan, Anna MastertonEliza for Common1928
Buchan, Anna MastertonJane's Parlour1937
Buchan, Anna MastertonPink Sugar1924
Buchan, Anna MastertonPriorsford1932
Buchan, Anna MastertonTaken by the Hand1935
Buchan, Anna MastertonThe Day of Small Things1930
Buchan, Anna MastertonThe House That Is Our Own1940
Buchan, Anna MastertonThe Proper Place1929
Buchan, Anna MastertonUnforgettable, Unforgotten1945
Buchan, JohnA Book of Escapes and Hurried Journeys1922
Buchan, JohnA Lost Lady of Old Years1899
Buchan, JohnA Prince of the Captivity1933
Buchan, JohnCastle Gay (Dickson McCunn #2)1930
Buchan, JohnGreenmantle (Richard Hannay #2)1916
Buchan, JohnHuntingtower (Dickson McCunn #1)1922
Buchan, JohnJohn Burnet of Barns: A Romance1899
Buchan, JohnJohn MacNab (Sir Edward Leithen #2)1925
Buchan, JohnLake of Gold1941
Buchan, JohnLord Minto. A Memoir.1924
Buchan, JohnMemory Hold-the-Door1940
Buchan, JohnMen and Deeds1935
Buchan, JohnMidwinter: Certain Travellers in Old England1923
Buchan, JohnMontrose1928
Buchan, JohnMr. Standfast (Richard Hannay #3)1919
Buchan, JohnNaval Episodes of the Great War1938
Buchan, JohnNelson's History of the War Volume IV (Nelson's History of the War #4)1915
Buchan, JohnNelson's History of the War Volume I (Nelson's History of the War #1)1915
Buchan, JohnNelson's History of the War Volume II (Nelson's History of the War #2)1915
Buchan, JohnNelson's History of the War Volume III (Nelson's History of the War #3)1915
Buchan, JohnNelson's History of the War Volume V (Nelson's History of the War #5)1915
Buchan, JohnNelson's History of the War Volume VI (Nelson's History of the War #6)1915
Buchan, JohnNelson's History of the War Volume VII (Nelson's History of the War #7)1915
Buchan, JohnNelson's History of the War Volume VIII (Nelson's History of the War #8)1915
Buchan, JohnOliver Cromwell1934
Buchan, JohnPrester John1910
Buchan, JohnSalute to Adventurers1915
Buchan, JohnSick Heart River [Mountain Meadow] (Sir Edward Leithen #5)1944
Buchan, JohnSir Quixote of the Moors1895
Buchan, JohnSir Walter Scott1932
Buchan, JohnThe African Colony: Studies in the Reconstruction1903
Buchan, JohnThe Battle of the Somme, Second Phase1917
Buchan, JohnThe Blanket of the Dark1931
Buchan, JohnThe Courts of the Morning1929
Buchan, JohnThe Dancing Floor (Sir Edward Leithen #3)1926
Buchan, JohnThe Free Fishers1934
Buchan, JohnThe Gap in the Curtain (Sir Edward Leithen #4)1932
Buchan, JohnThe Half-Hearted1900
Buchan, JohnThe House of the Four Winds (Dickson McCunn #3)1935
Buchan, JohnThe Interpreter's House1938
Buchan, JohnThe Island of Sheep (Richard Hannay #5)1936
Buchan, JohnThe King's Grace1935
Buchan, JohnThe Magic Walking-Stick1932
Buchan, JohnThe Moon Endureth—Tales and Fancies1912
Buchan, JohnThe Novel and the Fairy Tale1931
Buchan, JohnThe Path of the King1921
Buchan, JohnThe Power-House (Sir Edward Leithen #1)1916
Buchan, JohnThe Runagates Club1928
Buchan, JohnThe Thirty-Nine Steps (Richard Hannay #1)1915
Buchan, JohnThe Three Hostages (Richard Hannay #4)1924
Buchan, JohnThe Watcher by the Threshold1918
Buchan, JohnWitch Wood1927
Büchner, GeorgLenz1836
Buckley, Arabella B. (Arabella Burton)The Fairy-Land of Science1878
Budd, A. C.A Key to Plants of the Farming and Ranching Areas of the Canadian Prairies1952
Bulfinch, ThomasBulfinch's Mythology1913
Bull, Charles LivingstonThe Untamed1911
Bullett, GeraldMr. Godly Beside Himself1926
Burdett, OsbertW. E. Gladstone1927
Burdick, EugeneThe Ninth Wave1956
Burgess, Fred W.Antique Furniture1915
Burgess, Thornton WaldoBilly Mink1919