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All books, rows 6751 through 7000 of 8135 total books.

Sayers, Dorothy L.The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club1928
Sayers, Dorothy L.The Wimsey Papers—The Wartime Letters and Documents of the Wimsey Family1940
Sayers, Dorothy L.Unnatural Death1927
Sayers, Dorothy L.Unpopular Opinions1946
Sayers, Dorothy L.Whose Body?1923
Scadding, Henry, RevHistory of the Old French Fort at Toronto and Its Monument1887
Scadding, Henry, RevSurveyor-General Holland1896
Scadding, Henry, RevThe Revived Significance of the Initials "U. E." A paper read before the Pioneer and Historical Society of the County of York, J1892
Scadding, Henry, RevToronto of Old: Collections and Recollections Illustrative of the Early Settlement and Social Life of the Capital of Ontario1873
Schachner, NathanAaron Burr: A Biography1937
Schachner, NathanAlexander Hamilton: Nation Builder1952
Schachner, NathanAncestral Voices1933
Schachner, NathanCity of the Cosmic Rays1939
Schachner, NathanHe From Procyon1934
Schachner, NathanNova in Messier 331937
Schachner, NathanPast, Present and Future1937
Schachner, NathanRunaway Cargo1940
Schachner, NathanThe Menace from Andromeda1931
Schachner, NathanThe Shining One1937
Scherf, MargaretThe Secret of the Wooden Lady (Nancy Drew Mystery #27)1950
Scheurmann, ErichDer Papalagi. Die Reden des Südseehäuptlings Tuiavii aus Tiavea1922
Schiller, Johann Christoph Friedrich vonDer Geisterseher1789
Schnitzler, ArthurTraumnovelle1926
Schoepflin, Harold VincentRoadways of Mars1932
Schoepflin, Harold VincentThia of the Drylands1932
Scott, Duncan CampbellCanada and its Provinces: A History of the Canadian People and their Institutions by One Hundred Associates. Vol. 4, Section 2, British dominion, 1760-1840. Part II. Vol 4 of 23 (Canada and its Provinces #4)1914
Scott, Duncan CampbellCanada and its Provinces: A History of the Canadian People and their Institutions by One Hundred Associates. Vol. 5, Section 3, United Canada, 1840-1867. Vol 5 of 23 (Canada and its Provinces #5)1914
Scott, Duncan CampbellCanada and its Provinces: A History of the Canadian People and their Institutions by One Hundred Associates. Vol. 7, Section 4, The Dominion: Political Evolution. Part II. Vol 7 of 23 (Canada and its Provinces #7)1914
Scott, Duncan CampbellIn the Village of Viger1896
Scott, Duncan CampbellVia Borealis1906
Scott, Duncan Campbell[Makers of Canada] Volume 7. John Graves Simcoe1909
Scott, Frederick GeorgeThe Unnamed Lake and Other Poems1897
Scott, MatthewAutobiography of Matthew Scott, Jumbo's Keeper; also Jumbo's Biography1885
Seabrook, WilliamAsylum1935
Seaby, Allen W.Skewbald, the New Forest Pony1923
Seaman, Augusta HuiellBitsy Finds the Clue: A Mystery of Williamsburg Old and New1946
Seaman, Augusta HuiellThe Adventure of the Seven Keyholes1925
Seaman, Augusta HuiellThe Brass Keys of Kenwick1947
Seaman, Augusta HuiellThe Case of the Calico Crab1942
Seaman, Augusta HuiellThe Curious Affair at Heron Shoals1940
Seaman, Augusta HuiellThe Disappearance of Anne Shaw1928
Seaman, Augusta HuiellThe Figurehead of the "Folly"1935
Seaman, Augusta HuiellThe Shadow on the Dial1927
Sedgwick, Anne DouglasThe Little French Girl1924
Sedgwick, Henry Dwight Jr.Samuel de Champlain1902
Seely, John Edward BernardFear, and be Slain--Adventures by Land, Sea and Air1931
Ségur, Comtesse Sophie deOld French Fairy Tales1857
Ségur, NicolasLa génie Européen1926
Seltzer, Charles AldenParade of the Empty Boots1937
Seltzer, Charles AldenSquare Deal Sanderson1922
Seltzer, Charles AldenThe Boss of the Lazy Y1915
Seltzer, Charles AldenThe Mesa1926
Seltzer, Charles AldenThe Raider1928
Seltzer, Charles AldenThe Trail to Yesterday1913
Seltzer, Charles AldenThe Two-Gun Man1911
Service, Robert WilliamBallads of a Cheechako1909
Service, Robert WilliamBar-Room Ballads1940
Service, Robert WilliamHarper of Heaven1948
Service, Robert WilliamPloughman of the Moon1945
Service, Robert WilliamThe Poisoned Paradise: A Romance of Monte Carlo1922
Service, Robert WilliamThe Pretender: A Story of the Latin Quarter1914
Seton, Ernest ThompsonAnimal Heroes1905
Seton, Ernest ThompsonBannertail; the story of a gray squirrel1922
Seton, Ernest ThompsonBird Portraits1901
Seton, Ernest ThompsonBirds of Manitoba1891
Seton, Ernest ThompsonKrag and Johnny Bear1901
Seton, Ernest ThompsonLives of the hunted1901
Seton, Ernest ThompsonManual of the Wood-craft Indians, fourteenth Birch-bark Roll1915
Seton, Ernest ThompsonThe Arctic Prairies1911
Seton, Ernest ThompsonThe Biography of a Silver-Fox; or, Domino Reynard of Goldur Town1909
Seton, Ernest ThompsonThe Birch-bark Roll of Woodcraft Indians1902
Seton, Ernest ThompsonThe Book of Woodcraft and Indian Lore1912
Seton, Ernest ThompsonThe Red Book, or How to Play Indian1904
Seton, Ernest ThompsonWild Animals I Have Known1898
Seton, Ernest ThompsonWoodmyth & Fable1905
Shapiro, LionelThe Sealed Verdict1947
Shapiro, LionelThe Sixth of June1955
Shapiro, LionelThey Left the Back Door Open1944
Shapiro, LionelTorch for a Dark Journey1950
Sharp, D. D. (Drury Dubose)The Eternal Man1929
Shaw, (George) BernardPen Portraits and Reviews1931
Shaw, (George) BernardThe Political Madhouse in America and Nearer Home. A Lecture.1933
Shay, FrankMary Read: the Pirate Wench1934
Sheard, VirnaA Maid of Many Moods1902
Sheard, VirnaA Rose Enchanted1918
Sheard, VirnaA Summer Windfall1903
Sheard, VirnaCandle Flame1926
Sheard, VirnaCarry On!1917
Sheard, VirnaDave Dalton's Lady1902
Sheard, VirnaFairy Doors1932
Sheard, VirnaHer Passing Aquaintance1902
Sheard, VirnaLeaves in the Wind1938
Sheard, VirnaThe Ballad of The Quest1922
Sheard, VirnaThe Christmas Peacemaker1900
Sheard, VirnaThe Queen's Tear-Bottle1918
Sheard, VirnaTrevelyan's Little Daughters1898
Sheard, VirnaWhom the Gods Love1908
Sheldon, AnnLinda Craig and the Clue on the Desert Trail (Linda Craig series #2)1962
Shellabarger, SamuelCaptain from Castile1944
Shellabarger, SamuelLord Vanity1953
Shellabarger, SamuelPrince of Foxes1947
Shellabarger, SamuelThe Door of Death1928
Shellabarger, SamuelThe King's Cavalier1950
Shellabarger, SamuelThe Token1955
Sherwood, Robert EmmetIdiot's Delight1936
Sherwood, Robert EmmetReunion in Vienna. A Play in Three Acts1932
Shiel, M. P. (Matthew Phipps)Children of the Wind1923
Shore, W. TeignmouthThe Pest1909
Sienkiewicz, HenrykNoveloj1925
Sienkiewicz, HenrykThrough the Desert1912
Silke, Louisa CarolineSurly Bob1888
Silvestre, ArmandLe Petit Art d'Aimer1897
Simcoe, ElizabethThe Diary of Mrs. Simcoe: Wife of the First Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Upper Canada, 1792-6, With Notes and a Biography by J. Ross Robertson, and Ninety Reproductions of Interesting Sketches Made by Mrs. Simcoe1911
Simcoe, John GravesA Proclamation, To such as are desirous to Settle on the Lands of the Crown in the Province of Upper Canada1792
Simcoe, John GravesLetter to Sir Joseph A. Banks, written by Lieut.-Governor Simcoe, in 1791, Prior to His Departure from England for the Purpose o1791
Sime, JamesWilliam Herschel and his Work1900
Sime, Jessie GeorginaOur Little Life1921
Simpson, Helen de GuerryBoomerang1932
Simpson, Helen de GuerrySaraband for Dead Lovers1935
Simpson, Helen de GuerryUnder Capricorn1937
Sims, Frederick Lindley HuntDrink and Drudgery: Two Social Sins1900
Sims, Marian McCamyMemo. to Timothy Sheldon1938
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzyDark Horse--A Story of the Flying U1931
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzyFool's Goal1930
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzyHay-Wire1928
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzyPoints West1927
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzyRocking Arrow1932
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzyRodeo1929
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzySawtooth Ranch [The Quirt]1921
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzyThe Dry Ridge Gang1935
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzyThe Flying U Strikes1933
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzyThe Lonesome Trail and Other Stories1904
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzyThe Parowan Bonanza1923
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzyThe Ranch at the Wolverine1914
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzyThe Thunder Bird [Skyrider #2]1919
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzyTiger Eye1930
Sinclair (Sinclair-Cowan), Bertha MuzzyTrails Meet1933
Sinclair, MayAudrey Craven1906
Sinclair, MayThe Intercessor and other stories1932
Sinclair, MayVilla Désirée1934
Sinclair, UptonDragon's Teeth (Budd #3)1942
Sinclair, UptonOil!1926
Sinclair, UptonThe Gnomobile--A Gnice, Gnew Gnarrative with Gnonsense, but Gnothing Gnaughty1936
Sissons, C. B.Egerton Ryerson: His Life and Letters1937
Sitwell, EdithEnglish Eccentrics1933
Sitwell, EdithFanfare for Elizabeth1946
Sitwell, EdithThe Queens and the Hive1962
Sitwell, EdithVictoria of England1936
Sitwell, OsbertAlive--Alive Oh!1947
Sitwell, OsbertBefore the Bombardment1926
Sitwell, OsbertOpen the Door!--A Volume of Stories1941
Sitwell, OsbertTriple Fugue1940
Skeat, Walter WilliamA Glossary of Stuart and Tudor Words especially from the dramatists1914
Skelton, Oscar DouglasLife and Letters of Sir Wilfrid Laurier Vol 11921
Skelton, Oscar DouglasLife and Letters of Sir Wilfrid Laurier Vol 21921
Skelton, Oscar DouglasThe Day of Sir Wilfrid Laurier: A Chronicle of Our Own Time (Chronicles of Canada #30)1916
Skelton, Oscar DouglasThe Railway Builders, A Chronicle of Overland Highways (Chronicles of Canada #32)1920
Slone, Ralph WilliamThe Head Hunters1952
Smalley, George W.Anglo-American Memories1911
Smith, Arthur Douglas HowdenGrey Maiden--The Story of a Sword through the Ages1929
Smith, Arthur Douglas HowdenJohn Jacob Astor--Landlord of New York1929
Smith, Arthur Douglas HowdenThe Audacious Adventures of Miles McConaughy1918
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonAdmiral Hornblower in the West Indies [Hornblower Saga #11]1958
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonBeat to Quarters [AKA The Happy Return] [Hornblower Saga #6]1937
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonBrown on Resolution1929
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonCommodore Hornblower [AKA The Commodore] [Hornblower Saga #9]1945
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonDeath to the French1933
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonFlying Colours [Hornblower Saga #8]1939
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonGold from Crete1970
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonHornblower and His Majesty1940
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonHornblower and the Atropos [Hornblower Saga #5]1953
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonHornblower and the Crisis [Hornblower Saga #4]1967
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonHornblower and the Hotspur [Hornblower Saga #3]1962
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonHunting the Bismarck1959
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonLieutenant Hornblower [Hornblower Saga #2]1952
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonLong Before Forty1967
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonLord Hornblower [Hornblower Saga #10]1946
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonMarionettes at Home1936
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonMr. Midshipman Hornblower [Hornblower Saga #1]1950
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonNapoleon and His Court1924
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonNelson1929
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonPayment Deferred1926
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonPlain Murder1930
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonRendezvous1944
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonShip of the Line [Hornblower Saga #7]1939
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Adventures of John Wetherell1953
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe African Queen1935
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Barbary Pirates1953
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Captain from Connecticut1941
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Earthly Paradise1940
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe General1936
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Good Shepherd1955
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Hand of Destiny1940
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Man in the Yellow Raft1969
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Naval War of 18121957
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Nightmare1954
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Peacemaker1934
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Ship1943
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonThe Sky and the Forest1948
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonU.S.S. Cornucopia1945
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonVictor Emmanuel II and the Union of Italy1927
Smith, Cecil Louis TroughtonWanton Fate1945
Smith, Clark AshtonA Prophecy of Monsters1954
Smith, Clark AshtonA Rendezvous in Averoigne1931
Smith, Clark AshtonFlight into Super-Time1932
Smith, Clark AshtonMother of Toads1938
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Beast of Averoigne1933
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Demon of the Flower1933
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Dimension of Chance1932
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Disinterment of Venus1934
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Enchantress of Sylaire1941
Smith, Clark AshtonThe End of the Story1930
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Eternal World1932
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Great God Awto1940
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Holiness of Azédarac1933
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Ice-Demon1933
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Invisible City1932
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Maker of Gargoyles1932
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Mandrakes1933
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Nameless Offspring1947
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Ninth Skeleton1928
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Powder of Hyperborea1958
Smith, Clark AshtonThe Treader of the Dust1935
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Children of the Lens (Lensman #6)1954
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')First Lensman (Lensman #2)1950
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Galactic Patrol (Lensman #3)1937
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Gray Lensman (Lensman #4)1951
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Masters of the Vortex (Lensman #7)1960
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Second Stage Lensmen (Lensman #5)1953
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Skylark DuQuesne (Skylark #4)1965
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Skylark of Valeron (Skylark #3)1934
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Skylark Three (Skylark #2)1930
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Spacehounds of IPC1931
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Subspace Explorers (Subspace #1)1965
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')The Galaxy Primes1965
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')The Imperial Stars1964
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')The Skylark of Space (Skylark #1)1928
Smith, Edward Elmer ('Doc')Triplanetary (Lensman #1)1948
Smith, F. HopkinsonCaleb West, Master Diver1897
Smith, GoldwinCanada and the Canadian Question1891
Smith, Harriet LummisA Debt of Gratitude1910
Smith, Harriet LummisA Golden Silence1920
Smith, Harriet LummisA Practical Joke1909
Smith, Harriet LummisA Previous Engagement1909
Smith, Harriet LummisA Random Shot1910
Smith, Harriet LummisA Rush Order1907
Smith, Harriet LummisCornelia’s Customer1911
Smith, Harriet LummisOther People's Business: The Romantic Career of the Practical Miss Dale1916
Smith, Harriet LummisPollyanna of the Orange Blossoms (Pollyanna #3)1924
Smith, Harriet LummisPollyanna's Debt of Honor (Pollyanna #5)1927