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All books, rows 3751 through 4000 of 8136 total books.

Hammett, DashiellWoman in the Dark1933
Hammond, Lily HardyIn the Garden of Delight1916
Hammond, Melvin OrmondCanadian Footprints1926
Hankins, Arthur PrestonCole of Spyglass Mountain1923
Hannay, James OwenAdventurers of the Night1921
Hannay, James OwenFrom Dublin to Chicago1914
Hannay, James OwenKing Tommy1924
Hannay, James OwenSpillikins, A Book of Essays1926
Hargreaves, ShebaThe Cabin at the Trail's End--A Story of Oregon1928
Harker, L. (Lizzie) AllenChildren of the Dear Cotswolds1915
Harker, L. (Lizzie) AllenMaster and Maid1910
Harker, L. (Lizzie) AllenMiss Esperance and Mr Wycherly1908
Harker, L. (Lizzie) AllenMr. Wycherly's Wards1912
Harker, L. (Lizzie) AllenThe Ffolliots of Redmarley1913
Harris, Clare WingerThe Fate of the Poseidonia1927
Harris, Clare WingerThe Miracle of the Lily1928
Harrison, Charles YaleA Child is Born1931
Harrison, Charles YaleGenerals Die in Bed1930
Harrison, Charles YaleMeet Me on the Barricades1938
Harrison, Charles YaleThere are Victories1933
Harrison, E. J. (Ernest John)The Fighting Spirit of Japan1955
Hart, Frances NoyesThe Bellamy Trial1927
Hart, Francis RussellThe Disaster of Darien--The Story of the Scots Settlement and the Causes of its Failure 1699-17011929
Hart, William SurreyInjun and Whitey to the Rescue1922
Hart, William SurreyMy People the Sioux1928
Harte, BretThe Argonauts of North Liberty1888
Harte, BretThe Queen of the Pirate Isle1885
Hartigan, Joseph PatrickAround the Boree Log and other verses1921
Harvey, Daniel CobbThe French Régime in Prince Edward Island1926
Harvey, WilliamThe Works of William Harvey, M.D.1847
Hasell, Frances Halton EvaAcross the Prairie in a motor caravan. A 3,000 Mile Tour by Two Englishwomen on Behalf of Religious Education.1922
Haskins, Minnie LouiseThe Gate of the Year1940
Haslehust, Ernest WilliamThe Shores of Fife1937
Hasluck, Paul N. (Paul Nooncree)Practical Graining and Marbling1902
Hauck, Louise PlattThe Story of Nancy Meadows1933
Hauff, WilhelmDas kalte Herz1827
Hauptmann, GerhartWanda1928
Hawes, Charles BoardmanThe Dark Frigate1923
Hawkes, ClarenceDapples of the Circus1923
Hawthorne, NathanielTanglewood Tales1853
Haycox, ErnestGrim Canyon1932
Haycox, ErnestTrouble Shooter1937
Haycox, ErnestWhispering Range1930
Hayens, HerbertThe Captain of Queens1932
Hayens, HerbertThe New Captain1932
Hayes, Annie MabelBilly, Lone Scout1928
Head, Sir Francis BondA Narrative1839
Headley, P. C. (Phineas Camp)Life and Military Career of Major-General William Tecumseh Sherman1865
Hearne, SamuelA Journey from the Prince of Wales's Fort in Hudson's Bay to The Northern Ocean 1911
Hebbel, FriedrichAus meiner Jugend1843
Hébert, Maurice... et d'un livre à l'autre1929
Hébert, MauriceDe Livres en Livres1929
Heidel, AlexanderPolitical Contacts of the Hebrews with Assyria and Babylonia1936
Heidel, AlexanderThe Babylonian Genesis1942
Heidel, AlexanderThe Gilgamesh Epic and Old Testament Parallels1946
Heine, HeinrichDas Lied vom blöden Ritter1908
Heine, Thomas TheodorDer Teufel im Warenhaus1935
Heine, Thomas TheodorDie Märchen1935
Heine, Thomas TheodorLusi1935
HeliodorusEthiopian Story1961
Heming, ArthurThe Drama of the Forests1921
Hemingway, ErnestA Farewell to Arms1929
Hemingway, ErnestA Moveable Feast1964
Hemingway, ErnestAcross the River and Into the Trees1950
Hemingway, ErnestDeath in the Afternoon1932
Hemingway, ErnestDispatches From the Ruhr1923
Hemingway, ErnestFor Whom the Bell Tolls1940
Hemingway, ErnestGreen Hills of Africa1936
Hemingway, ErnestIn Our Time1925
Hemingway, ErnestMen without Women1926
Hemingway, ErnestThe Essential Hemingway1947
Hemingway, ErnestThe Old Man and the Sea1952
Hemingway, ErnestThe Sun Also Rises1926
Hemingway, ErnestThe Torrents of Spring1926
Hemingway, ErnestTo Have and Have Not1937
Hemingway, ErnestWinner Take Nothing1933
Hémon, LouisMaria Chapdelaine1922
Henderson, DanielThe Golden Bees1928
Henderson, Nevile MeyrickFailure of a Mission, Berlin 1937-19391940
Hendryx, James B.Beyond the Outposts1924
Hendryx, James B.Black John of Halfaday Creek1936
Hendryx, James B.Blood of the North (Corporal Downey #12)1938
Hendryx, James B.Downey of the Mounted (Corporal Downey #4)1925
Hendryx, James B.Raw Gold1932
Hendryx, James B.The Challenge of the North1922
Hendryx, James B.The Gun-Brand: A Stirring Romance of the Canadian Far-North1917
Hendryx, James B.The Texan: A Story of the Cattle Country1918
Henrikson, RobertFor We Know in Part2012
Henty, G. A. (George Alfred)With Lee In Virginia1890
Herbert, A. P. (Alan Patrick)Let There Be Liberty (Macmillan War Pamphlets #1)1940
Herbin, John FredericThe Heir to Grand-Pré1907
Herbin, John FredericThe Land of Evangeline1921
Herbst, Friedrich Ludwig WilhelmGoethe in Wetzlar. 1772. Vier Monate aus des Dichters Jugendleben.1881
Herrington, W. S. (Walter Stevens)Heroines of Canadian History1910
Herschel, Mrs. JohnMemoir and Correspondence of Caroline Herschel1876
Hervey, T. K. (Thomas Kibble)The Poetical Sketch-Book1829
Herzog, Émile Salomon WilhelmAriel (A Shelley Romance)1924
Herzog, Émile Salomon WilhelmDisraeli1927
Hessel, FranzPariser Romanze1920
Hewlett, MauriceHalfway House: A Comedy of Degrees1908
Heyliger, WilliamThe Big Leaguer1936
Hickok, Lorena A.The Story of Helen Keller1958
Hill, Grace LivingstonAriel Custer1925
Hill, Grace LivingstonBrentwood1937
Hill, Grace LivingstonCrimson Mountain1942
Hill, Grace LivingstonCrimson Roses1928
Hill, Grace LivingstonKerry1931
Hill, Grace LivingstonStranger Within the Gates1939
Hill, Grace LivingstonThe Angel of His Presence & Gabriel the Acadian1902
Hill, Grace LivingstonThe Gold Shoe1930
Hill, Grace LivingstonThe Red Signal1919
Hillary, RichardThe Last Enemy1942
Hillis, Newell DwightGreat Men as Prophets of a New Era1922
Hilton, JamesGood-bye, Mr. Chips1934
Hilton, JamesLost Horizon1936
Hilton, JamesMorning Journey1951
Hilton, JamesNothing So Strange1947
Hilton, JamesRandom Harvest1941
Hilton, JamesSo Well Remembered1945
Hilton, JamesThe Meadows of the Moon1927
Hilton, JamesTime and Time Again1953
Hilton, JamesTo You Mr. Chips1938
Hilton, WarrenApplied Psychology--the Trained Memory, volume 4 of 121914
Hind, Henry YouleThe Dominion of Canada1868
Hinkle, Thomas C.Tomahawk, Fighting Horse of the Old West1944
Hinton, Charles HowardA New Era of Thought1888
Hirschfeld, MagnusBerlins Drittes Geschlecht1905
Hjertstedt, GunardDead Man's Shoes1950
Hjertstedt, GunardDead Men Do Tell Tales1949
Hoar, Roger ShermanA Month a Minute1937
Hoar, Roger ShermanHoly City of Mars1942
Hoar, Roger ShermanI Killed Hitler1941
Hoar, Roger ShermanLiquid Life1936
Hoar, Roger ShermanMajor McCrary's Vision1939
Hoar, Roger ShermanMystery of the Missing Magnate1939
Hoar, Roger ShermanPe-Ra, Daughter of the Sun1939
Hoar, Roger ShermanThe Golden City1933
Hoar, Roger ShermanThe Radio Beasts1925
Hoar, Roger ShermanThe Radio Man (An Earthman on Venus)1924
Hoar, Roger ShermanThe Radio Man Returns1939
Hoar, Roger ShermanThe Radio Planet1926
Hoar, Roger ShermanThe Stratosphere Menace1939
Hoar, Roger ShermanVallisneria Madness1937
Hobart, Alice TisdaleOil for the Lamps of China1933
Hobart, Alice TisdaleThe Cleft Rock1948
Hobart, Alice TisdaleThe Peacock Sheds His Tail1945
Hobart, Alice TisdaleYang and Yin1936
Hobbs, William HerbertExploring About the North Pole of the Winds1930
Hocking, JosephAll for a Scrap of Paper: A Romance of the Present War1918
Hocking, JosephAndrew Boconnoc's Will--The Story of a Crisis1926
Hocking, JosephRoger Trewinion1905
Hocking, JosephThe Day of Judgment1915
Hocking, JosephThe Everlasting Arms1920
Hocking, JosephThe Pomp of Yesterday1918
Hocking, JosephThe Scarlet Woman1901
Hocking, JosephTommy1916
Hodgins, ThomasGuide to counting marked ballots at elections for the House of Commons1878
Hodgson, William HopeMen of the Deep Waters1914
Hodgson, William HopeThe Voice of the Ocean1921
Hoffenstein, SamuelPoems in Praise of Practically Nothing1928
Hoffmann, E. T. A.Der Elementargeist1825
Hofland, BarbaraA Season at Harrogate; in a Series of Poetical Epistles, from Benjamin Blunderhead, Esquire, to his Mother, in Derbyshire1812
Hofland, BarbaraAlicia and Her Aunt: Think before you Speak1859
Hofland, BarbaraDecision, A Tale1824
Hofland, BarbaraModeration, A Tale1825
Hofland, BarbaraPatience, A Tale1824
Hofland, BarbaraRICH BOYS and POOR BOYS, And other Tales1833
Hofland, BarbaraThe Affectionate Brothers1819
Hofland, BarbaraThe Clergyman's Widow1812
Hofland, BarbaraThe Daughter-In-Law, Her Father & Family1813
Hofland, BarbaraThe Good Grandmother and Her Offspring1820
Hofland, BarbaraThe History of A Merchant's Widow and her Young Family1814
Hofland, BarbaraThe Son of a Genius1818
Hofland, BarbaraThe Stolen Boy, an Indian Tale1828
Hofland, BarbaraThe Young Cadet1836
Hofland, BarbaraThe Young Crusoe or The Shipwrecked Boy1829
Hofland, BarbaraThe Young Pilgrim1828
Hofland, BarbaraWilliam and His Uncle Ben. A Tale Designed for the Use of Young People1826
Hogg, JamesThe Shepherd's Calendar - Volume I1829
Hogg, JamesThe Shepherd's Calendar - Volume II1829
Holding, Elisabeth SanxayThe Girl who Had to Die1940
Holding, Elisabeth SanxayThe Unfinished Crime1940
Holding, Elisabeth SanxayWidow's Mite1953
Holland, Henry ScottA Bundle of Memories1915
Holley, MariettaAround the World with Josiah Allen's Wife1899
Holley, MariettaPoems1887
Holley, MariettaSamantha at Coney Island1911
Holley, MariettaSamantha at the World's Fair1893
Holliday, C. W. (Charles William)The Valley of Youth1948
Holmes, John HaynesThe Collected Hymns of John Haynes Holmes1960
Holt, IsabellaRampole Place1962
Holtby, WinifredSouth Riding1936
Hooper, James W.Three Score and Ten in Retrospect1900
Hopkins, J. CastellFrench Canada and the St. Lawrence1913
Hopley-Woolrich, Cornell GeorgeAfter-Dinner Story1944
Hopley-Woolrich, Cornell GeorgeAll at Once, No Alice1940
Hopley-Woolrich, Cornell GeorgeDeadline at Dawn1944
Hopley-Woolrich, Cornell GeorgeDeath in the Air1936
Hopley-Woolrich, Cornell GeorgeDilemma of the Dead Lady1936
Hopley-Woolrich, Cornell GeorgeHot Water1935
Hopley-Woolrich, Cornell GeorgeI Married a Dead Man1948
Hopley-Woolrich, Cornell GeorgePhantom Lady1942
Hopley-Woolrich, Cornell GeorgeSeñor Flatfoot1940
Hoppin, BenjaminA Diary Kept While with the Peary Expedition of 18961897
Horler, SydneyThe Exploits of Peter1930
Horowitz, Chaim MeirThe Disability Laws: The Teachings of the First, Part One [Halachische Schriften Der Geonim] [בית נכות ההלכות תורתן של ראשונים חלק ראשון]1881
Hough, EmersonHeart's Desire1903
Hough, EmersonNorth of 361923
Hough, EmersonThe Girl at the Halfway House: A Story of the Plains1900
Hough, EmersonThe Purchase Price: Or, the Cause of Compromise1910
Hough, EmersonThe Sagebrusher: A Story of the West1919
Hough, EmersonThe Way to the West1903
Housman, A. E. (Alfred Edward)More Poems1936
Housman, A. E. (Alfred Edward)The Name and Nature of Poetry1933
Housman, LaurenceStories from the Arabian Nights1911
How, Frederick DouglasLighter Moments from the notebook of Bishop Walsham How1900
Howard, BrianGod Save the King1931
Howard, Elizabeth MetzgerBefore the Sun Goes Down1946
Howard, PeterMen on Trial1945
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)Black Colossus1933
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)Black Vulmea's Vengeance1938
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)Pigeons from Hell1938
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)Rogues in the House1934
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)Sea Curse1928
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)Skull-Face1929
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)The Black Stone1931
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)The Cairn on the Headland1948
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)The Children of the Night1931
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)The Dark Man1931
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)The Footfalls Within1931
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)The Hills of the Dead1930
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)The Last Ride1935
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)The Moon of Skulls1930
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)The Phoenix on the Sword1932
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)The Pool of the Black One1933
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)The Scarlet Citadel1933
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)The Slithering Shadow1933
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)The Thing on the Roof1932
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)The Tower of the Elephant1933
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)Vultures' Sanctuary1936
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)Wings in the Night1932
Howard, Robert E. (Robert Ervin)Worms of the Earth1932
Howard-Smith, LoganFavorite Fairy Tales1917
Howes, EdithThe Cradle Ship1916
Huch, RicardaFrühling in der Schweiz1938
Hudson, Dunbar HibbardSongs of a Cheerful Wayfarer1926
Hudson, William HenryAn Outline History of English Literature1913
Hughes, LangstonNot Without Laughter1969
Hughes, LangstonThe Big Sea1940
Hughes, RupertClipped Wings [The Barge of Dreams]1914