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All books, rows 1751 through 2000 of 3572 total books.

Heine, HeinrichDas Lied vom blöden Ritter1908
Heine, Thomas TheodorDer Teufel im Warenhaus1935
Heine, Thomas TheodorLusi1935
Heming, ArthurThe Drama of the Forests1921
Hemingway, ErnestA Farewell to Arms1929
Hemingway, ErnestA Moveable Feast1964
Hemingway, ErnestAcross the River and Into the Trees1950
Hemingway, ErnestDeath in the Afternoon1932
Hemingway, ErnestGreen Hills of Africa1936
Hemingway, ErnestMen without Women1926
Hemingway, ErnestThe Old Man and the Sea1952
Hemingway, ErnestThe Sun Also Rises1926
Hemingway, ErnestWinner Take Nothing1933
Henderson, DanielThe Golden Bees1928
Hendryx, James B.Beyond the Outposts1924
Hendryx, James B.Black John of Halfaday Creek1936
Henrikson, RobertFor We Know in Part2012
Henty, G. A. (George Alfred)With Lee In Virginia1890
Herbin, John FredericThe Heir to Grand-Pré1907
Herbin, John FredericThe Land of Evangeline1921
Herbst, Friedrich Ludwig WilhelmGoethe in Wetzlar. 1772. Vier Monate aus des Dichters Jugendleben.1881
Herschel, Mrs. JohnMemoir and Correspondence of Caroline Herschel1876
Hewlett, MauriceHalfway House: A Comedy of Degrees1908
Heyliger, WilliamThe Big Leaguer1936
Hill, Grace LivingstonBrentwood1937
Hill, Grace LivingstonKerry1931
Hillis, Newell DwightGreat Men as Prophets of a New Era1922
Hilton, JamesGood-bye, Mr. Chips1934
Hilton, JamesThe Meadows of the Moon1927
Hilton, JamesTime and Time Again1953
Hilton, WarrenApplied Psychology--the Trained Memory, volume 4 of 121914
Hind, Henry YouleThe Dominion of Canada1868
Hinton, Charles HowardA New Era of Thought1888
Hoar, Roger ShermanA Month a Minute1937
Hoar, Roger ShermanHoly City of Mars1942
Hoar, Roger ShermanLiquid Life1936
Hoar, Roger ShermanThe Golden City1933
Hoar, Roger ShermanThe Radio Beasts1925
Hoar, Roger ShermanThe Radio Man (An Earthman on Venus)1924
Hoar, Roger ShermanThe Radio Planet1926
Hocking, JosephThe Everlasting Arms1920
Hocking, JosephThe Scarlet Woman1901
Hodgson, William HopeMen of the Deep Waters1914
Hodgson, William HopeThe Voice of the Ocean1921
Hofland, BarbaraA Season at Harrogate; in a Series of Poetical Epistles, from Benjamin Blunderhead, Esquire, to his Mother, in Derbyshire1812
Hofland, BarbaraAlicia and Her Aunt: Think before you Speak1859
Hofland, BarbaraDecision, A Tale1824
Hofland, BarbaraModeration, A Tale1825
Hofland, BarbaraPatience, A Tale1824
Hofland, BarbaraRICH BOYS and POOR BOYS, And other Tales1833
Hofland, BarbaraThe Affectionate Brothers1819
Hofland, BarbaraThe Clergyman's Widow1812
Hofland, BarbaraThe Daughter-In-Law, Her Father & Family1813
Hofland, BarbaraThe Good Grandmother and Her Offspring1820
Hofland, BarbaraThe History of A Merchant's Widow and her Young Family1814
Hofland, BarbaraThe Son of a Genius1818
Hofland, BarbaraThe Stolen Boy, an Indian Tale1828
Hofland, BarbaraThe Young Cadet1836
Hofland, BarbaraThe Young Crusoe or The Shipwrecked Boy1829
Hofland, BarbaraThe Young Pilgrim1828
Hofland, BarbaraWilliam and His Uncle Ben. A Tale Designed for the Use of Young People1826
Hogg, JamesThe Shepherd's Calendar - Volume I1829
Hogg, JamesThe Shepherd's Calendar - Volume II1829
Holland, Henry ScottA Bundle of Memories1915
Holley, MariettaAround the World with Josiah Allen's Wife1899
Holley, MariettaSamantha at Coney Island1911
Holley, MariettaSamantha at the World's Fair1893
Holliday, C. W. (Charles William)The Valley of Youth1948
Holmes, John HaynesThe Collected Hymns of John Haynes Holmes1960
Holtby, WinifredSouth Riding1936
Hooper, James W.Three Score and Ten in Retrospect1900
Hopkins, J. CastellFrench Canada and the St. Lawrence1913
Horowitz, Chaim MeirThe Disability Laws: The Teachings of the First, Part One [Halachische Schriften Der Geonim] [בית נכות ההלכות תורתן של ראשונים חלק ראשון]1881
Hough, EmersonNorth of 361923
Hough, EmersonThe Way to the West1903
Housman, LaurenceStories from the Arabian Nights1911
How, Frederick DouglasLighter Moments from the notebook of Bishop Walsham How1900
Howard, BrianGod Save the King1931
Howard, Elizabeth MetzgerBefore the Sun Goes Down1946
Howard, Robert E. [Robert Ervin]Black Vulmea's Vengeance1938
Howard, Robert E. [Robert Ervin]Pigeons from Hell1938
Howard, Robert E. [Robert Ervin]Skull-Face1929
Howard, Robert E. [Robert Ervin]Worms of the Earth1932
Howard-Smith, LoganFavorite Fairy Tales1917
Howes, EdithThe Cradle Ship1916
Hudson, Dunbar HibbardSongs of a Cheerful Wayfarer1926
Hughes, RupertClipped Wings [The Barge of Dreams]1914
Hughes, RupertIn a Little Town1917
Hugo, VictorUnder Sentence of Death; Or, A Criminal’s Last Hours. Together with Told Under Canvas, and Claud Gueux0
Hulbert, Archer ButlerThe Niagara River1908
Hull, E. M. (Edith Maude Winstanley) née HendersonThe Desert Healer1923
Hunt, Anna Rebecca GaleIn Bohemia and Other Studies for Poems1900
Hurston, Zora NealeDust Tracks on a Road1942
Hutcheson, FrancisAn Inquiry into the Original of Our Ideas of Beauty and Virtue, In Two Treatises1725
Hutchinson, George ThompsonAs Time Glides On1900
Huxley, Aldous LeonardAntic Hay1923
Huxley, Aldous LeonardBrave New World1932
Huxley, Aldous LeonardBrave New World Revisited1958
Huxley, Aldous LeonardBrief Candles. Four Stories.1930
Huxley, Aldous LeonardEyeless in Gaza1936
Huxley, Aldous LeonardHeaven & Hell1956
Huxley, Aldous LeonardIsland1962
Huxley, Aldous LeonardLeda1920
Huxley, Aldous LeonardLimbo1920
Huxley, Aldous LeonardMusic At Night and other essays, including Vulgarity in Literature1931
Huxley, Aldous LeonardScience, Liberty And Peace1947
Huxley, Aldous LeonardThe Devils of Loudun1952
Huxley, Aldous LeonardThe Olive Tree and other essays1936
Huxley, Aldous LeonardThey Still Draw Pictures: A collection of 60 drawings made by Spanish children during the war1938
Huxley, Aldous LeonardThose Barren Leaves1960
Huxley, Aldous LeonardWhat are you going to do about it? The Case for Constructive Peace1936
Hyman, MacNo Time For Sergeants1954
Hyndman, Henry MayersClemenceau--The Man and His Time 1919
Ichak, Dr. FridaDas Perpetuum mobile1914
Iles, GeorgeLittle Masterpieces of Science: Health and Healing1902
Inchbald, ElizabethCato: a Tragedy1713
Inchbald, ElizabethEvery one has his Fault1793
Inchbald, ElizabethLover’s Vows; A Play, In Five Acts1798
Inchbald, ElizabethNext door neighbours; a comedy: in three acts. From the French dramas L'indigent & Le dissipateur. As performed at the Theatre-Royal, Hay-Market.1791
Inchbald, ElizabethSuch Things Are1788
Inchbald, ElizabethThe Widow's Vow: A Farce, in Two Acts, As it is Acted at the Theatre Royal, Hay-Market1786
Inchbald, ElizabethTo Marry, Or Not To Marry; A Comedy, In Five Acts1805
Inchbald, ElizabethWives as they were and Maids as they are1797
Innis, Harold AdamsA History of the Canadian Pacific Railway1923
Innis, Harold AdamsA Plea for Time1950
Innis, Harold AdamsAn Introduction to the Economic History of Ontario From Outpost to Empire1935
Innis, Harold AdamsEmpire and Communications1950
Innis, Harold AdamsMinerva's Owl1947
Innis, Harold AdamsPeter Pond - Fur Trader and Adventurer1930
Innis, Harold AdamsProblems of Staple Production in Canada1933
Innis, Harold AdamsRoman Law and the British Empire1950
Innis, Harold AdamsThe Strategy of Culture1952
Irwin, Will (William Henry)The Readjustment1910
Isle, JuneHappy Hearts1864
James, George WhartonThe Story of Captain: The Horse with the Human Brain1917
James, HenryNotes on Novelists1916
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)"Oh Whistle, and I'll Come to you, my Lad"1931
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)A Warning to the Curious1931
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)After Dark in the Playing Fields1931
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)An Evening's Entertainment1931
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)Count Magnus1931
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)Madam Crowl's Ghost and Other Tales of Mystery1923
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)Number 131931
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)Rats1931
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)Stories I have tried to write1931
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Ash-Tree1931
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories1931
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- A Neighbour's Landmark1924
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- A School Story1911
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- A View from a Hill1925
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- An Episode of Cathedral History1914
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- Canon Alberic's Scrap-Book1894
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- Casting the Runes1911
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- Lost Hearts1894
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- Martin's Close1911
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- Mr. Humphreys and His Inheritance1911
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- The Diary of Mr. Poynter1919
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- The Haunted Dolls' House1923
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- The Residence at Whitminster1919
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- The Rose Garden1911
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- The Stalls of Barchester Cathedral1910
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- The Story of a Disappearance and an Appearance1913
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- The Tractate Middoth1911
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- The Uncommon Prayer-Book1921
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Collected Ghost Stories -- Two Doctors1919
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Five Jars1922
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Mezzotint1931
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)The Treasure of Abbott Thomas1931
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)There was a Man Dwelt by a Churchyard1931
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes)Wailing Well1931
Jameson, MalcolmAdmiral's Inspection1940
Jameson, MalcolmBlockade Runner1941
Jameson, MalcolmBrimstone Bill1942
Jameson, MalcolmBullard Reflects1941
Jameson, MalcolmDevil's Powder1941
Jameson, MalcolmDoubled and Redoubled1941
Jameson, MalcolmOrders1945
Jameson, MalcolmSlacker's Paradise1941
Jameson, MalcolmTarnished Utopia1941
Jameson, MalcolmThe Bureaucrat1944
Jameson, MalcolmThe Giant Atom1943
Jameson, MalcolmWhite Mutiny1940
Jameson, Mrs. Anna BrownellSketches in Canada, and rambles among the red men1852
Jameson, Mrs. Anna BrownellThe Georgian Bay, And Account of Its Position, Inhabitants, Mineral Interests, Fish, Timber and Other Resources. Papers read bef1893
Janet, LouisLe Dimanche des Enfants, tome 31840
Jarvis, W. H. P. (William Henry Pope)Don Quixote in Finance, or Has Canada a Medici?1920
Jarvis, W. H. P. (William Henry Pope)The Great Gold Rush. A Tale of the Klondike1913
Jarvis, W. H. P. (William Henry Pope)The Letters of a Remittance Man to His Mother1908
Jeffs, HarryHomes and Careers in Canada1914
Jenkins, Herbert GeorgeBindle: Some Chapters in the Life of Joseph Bindle1916
Jenkins, Herbert GeorgeJohn Dene of Toronto: A Comedy of Whitehall1920
Jenkins, Herbert GeorgeMrs Bindle. Some Incidents from the Domestic Life of the Bindles1922
Jenkins, Herbert GeorgePatricia Brent, Spinster1918
Jenkins, Herbert GeorgeThe Bindles on the Rocks. Some Further Incidents in the Life of Mr and Mrs Bindle1924
Jenkins, Herbert GeorgeThe Night Club1918
Jephson, RobertTwo Strings to his Bow1815
Jepson, Edgar AlfredPollyooly -- A Romance of Long Felt Wants and the Red Haired Girl Who Filled Them1912
Jerome, Jerome K.My Life and Times1925
Jerrold, WalterRambles in Greater London0
Jerrold, WalterThrough London's highways1924
Johansen, Margaret AlisonThe Flight of the Silver Ship -- Around the World Aboard a Giant Dirigible1930
Johnson, CliftonThe Picturesque St. Lawrence1910
Johnson, Emily PaulineCanadian Born1903
Johnson, Emily PaulineIn the Shadows1898
Johnson, Francis R.Astronomical Thought in Renaissance England1937
Johnson, Frank TenneyThe Bells of San Juan1919
Johnson, OwenThe Wasted Generation1921
Johnstone, Catherine LauraThe Young Emigrants: A Story for Boys1898
Johonnot, JamesBook of Cats and Dogs, and Other Friends, for Little Folks [Natural History Series--Book First]1884
Johonnot, JamesFriends in Feathers and Fur, and Other Neighbors, for Young Folks. Natural History Series--Book Second.1885
Johonnot, JamesNeighbors with Wings and Fins and Some Others, for Young People [Natural History Series--Book Third]1885
Jones, D. RhagfyrI'r Aifft Ac Yn Ol1904
Jones, HenryThe Earl of Essex1753
Jones, John WalterFur-Farming in Canada1913
Jones, Susan MorrowA Girl of the North: A Story of London and Canada1900
Jordan, William GeorgeSelf-Control Its Kingship and Majesty1898
Joyce, JamesFinnegans Wake1939
Judson, Clara IngramMary Jane at School (Mary Jane #8)1923
Judson, Clara IngramMary Jane in France (Mary Jane #15)1930
Judson, Katharine BerryMyths and Legends of British North America1917
Kahlert, Carl FriedrichThe Necromancer: or The Tale of the Black Forest1927
Kaufman, George S.Merrily We Roll Along1934
Kelly, R. W.Gaspe Magazine, and Instructive Miscellany Vol. 1 of 111849
Kennard, Joseph SpencerGoldoni and the Venice of his Time1920
Kennedy, Roderick StuartThe Road South1947
Ker, W. P. (William Paton)Medieval English Literature1912
Keyes, SidneyThe Cruel Solstice1944
Keynes, John MaynardEssays in Persuasion1931
Keynes, John MaynardThe Great Slump of 19301930
Keynes, John MaynardThe Means to Prosperity1933
Khayyám, OmarThe Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám1859
Kidson, FrankThe Beggar's Opera; Its Predecessors & Successors1922
Kimmins, C. W. (Charles William)Children’s Dreams1920
King, BasilAbraham's Bosom1918
King, BasilGoing West1919
King, BasilThe Giant’s Strength1907
King, BasilThe High Heart1917
King, BasilThe Way Home1914
King, William Lyon MackenzieThe Secret of Heroism1906
Kingston, CharlesMurder in Piccadilly1936
Kingston, CharlesRogues and Adventuresses1928
Kingston, CharlesThe Judges and the Judged1926
Kitchin, Frederick HarcourtThe Silent Watchers1918
Kjelgaard, Jim (James Arthur)A Nose for Trouble1949
Kjelgaard, Jim (James Arthur)Big Red (Big Red #1)1945
Kjelgaard, Jim (James Arthur)Boomerang Hunter1959
Kjelgaard, Jim (James Arthur)Buckskin Brigade1947
Kjelgaard, Jim (James Arthur)Chip, the Dam Builder1950
Kjelgaard, Jim (James Arthur)Cracker Barrel Trouble Shooter1954
Kjelgaard, Jim (James Arthur)Desert Dog1956