Special Collection: Canada and its Provinces: A History of the Canadian People and their Institutions by One Hundred Associates

This encyclopedia provides a comprehensive study of Canadian historical and political development from the arrival of Europeans to the time of writing, at the onset of World War I. It was published under the general editorship of Adam Shortt and Arthur G. Doughty, and written by a diverse group of historians, economists, and civil and religious leaders, the “one hundred associates”.


Section I: New France, 1534-1760

Vol. 1
New France: A General Survey. By Thomas Chapais
The Beginnings Of Canada. By Arthur G. Doughty
The Pathfinders of the Great Lakes. By James H. Coyne
The Pathfinders of the Great West. By Lawrence J. Burpee
The ‘Adventurers’ of Hudson’s Bay. By T. G. Marquis
Louisbourg: An Outpost of Empire. By J. S. McLennan
The Fight for Oversea Empire. By William Wood

Vol. 2
The Colony in Its Political Relations. By Adam Shortt and Thomas Chapais
The Church and the Colony. By Lewis Drummond, S.J.
The Colony in Its Economic Relations. By Adam Shortt
The Seigneurial System and the Colony. By W. B. Munro


Section II: British Dominion, 1760-1840

Vol. 3
British Rule to the Union: General Outlines. By F. P. Walton
The New Régime. By Duncan McArthur
Pontiac's War. By T. G. Marquis
Canada and the American Revolution. By William Wood
Canada Under the Quebec Act. By Duncan McArthur
Lower Canada, 1791-1812. By Duncan McArthur
Upper Canada, 1791-1812. By Duncan McArthur
Canada in the War Of 1812. By William Wood
Papineau and French-Canadian Nationalism. By Duncan McArthur
The Reform Movement in Upper Canada. By Duncan McArthur
The Canadian Rebellions of 1837. By Duncan McArthur

Vol. 4
Lord Durham and the Union of the Canadas. By Duncan McArthur
Constitutional History, 1763-1840. By Duncan McArthur
History of Public Finance, 1763-1840. By Duncan McArthur
General Economic History, 1763-1841. By Adam Shortt
Currency and Banking, 1760-1841. By Adam Shortt
Western Exploration, 1763-1841. By Lawrence J. Burpee
Indian Affairs, 1763-1841. By Duncan C. Scott
The Post Office, 1763-1841. By William Smith


Section III: United Canada, 1840-1867

Vol. 5
The Union: General Outlines, 1840-1867. By W. L. Grant
Parties and Politics, 1840-1867. By J. L. Morison
Constitutional Development, 1840-1867. By Edward Kylie
History of Public Finance, 1840-1867. By Duncan McArthur
Economic History, 1840-1867. By Adam Shortt
Currency and Banking, 1840-1867. By Adam Shortt
Western Exploration, 1840-1867. By Lawrence J. Burpee
Indian Affairs, 1840-1867. By Duncan C. Scott
The Post Office, 1840-1867. By William Smith

Section IV: The Dominion: Political Evolution

Vol. 6
The Federation: General Outlines, 1867-1912. By George M. Wrong
The New Dominion, 1867-1873. By John Lewis
The Mackenzie Administration, 1873-1878. By John Lewis
Canada Under Macdonald, 1878-1891. By John Lewis
Four Premiers, 1891-1896. By John Lewis
The Laurier Régime, 1896-1911. By John Lewis
The Federal Constitution. By A. H. F. Lefroy
The Federal Government. By Sir Joseph Pope

Vol. 7
Defence, 1812-1912. By C. F. Hamilton
Dominion Finance, 1867-1912. By J. M. Courtney and Adam Shortt
Immigration and Population. By W. D. Scott
Indian Affairs, 1867-1912. By Duncan C. Scott
The Post Office, 1867-1912. By William Smith
National Aid to the Farm. By J. A. Ruddick

Vol. 8
The Fishery Arbitrations. By N. B. Wormwith
Boundary Disputes and Treaties. By James White


Section V: The Dominion: Industrial Expansion

Vol. 9
Industrial Development: Introduction. By James Bonar
The Physical Basis of Canada. By R. W. Brock
General Economic History, 1867-1912. By O. D. Skelton
The Labour Movement in Canada. By R. H. Coats

Vol. 10
National Highways Overland. By S. J. McLean
Shipping and Canals. By M. J. Patton
The Banking System of Canada. By Adam Shortt


Section VI: The Dominion: Missions; Arts and Letters

Vol. 11
Missions; Arts and Letters: Introduction. By Arthur G. Doughty
The Roman Catholic Church East of the Great Lakes, 1760-1912. By H. A. Scott
The Roman Catholic Church West of the Great Lakes. By A. G. Morice
The Anglican Church and Its Missions. By L. Norman Tucker
The Presbyterian Church and Its Missions. By Charles W. Gordon
The Methodist Church: Its Missions and Institutions. By S. P. Rose
The Baptists in Canada. By J. L. Gilmour
Miscellaneous Religious Bodies in Canada. By R. J. Hutcheon

Vol. 12
The Higher National Life. By W. S. Milner
French-Canadian Literature. By Camille Roy
English-Canadian Literature. By T. G. Marquis
Painting and Sculpture in Canada. By E. F. B. Johnston
Music and the Theatre in Canada. By J. E. Middleton
Canadian Architecture. By Percy E. Nobbs


Section VII: The Atlantic Provinces

Vol. 13
The Atlantic Provinces in the Dominion: Introduction. By Andrew Macphail
The Acadian Settlements and Early History, 1604-1713. By W. O. Raymond
Nova Scotia Under English Rule, 1713-1775. By Archibald MacMechan
New Brunswick: General History, 1758-1867. By W. O. Raymond
Nova Scotia: General History, 1775-1867. By Archibald MacMechan
The History of Prince Edward Island. By Andrew Macphail

Vol. 14
Nova Scotia: Political History, 1867-1912. By Archibald MacMechan
New Brunswick: Political History, 1867-1912. By W. O. Raymond
Provincial and Local Government. By Charles Morse
History of Education in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. By A. H. MacKay
History of Education in New Brunswick. By G. U. Hay
The Atlantic Fisheries of Canada. By John J. Cowie
Forest Resources of the Maritime Provinces. By R. B. Miller
Agriculture in the Maritime Provinces. By M. Cumming
Mines and Mining in the Maritime Provinces. By F. H. Sexton


Section VIII: The Province of Quebec

Vol. 15
Quebec in the Dominion: General Outlines. By A. D. DeCelles
The Habitant, His Origin and History. By A. D. DeCelles
English Settlement in Quebec. By W. D. Lighthall
Quebec Under Confederation, 1867-1913. By A. D. DeCelles
The Government of Quebec. By E. T. D. Chambers
Provincial Taxation and Finance. By E. T. D. Chambers
The Civil Code and the Judicial System. By F. P. Walton
The Municipal System of Quebec. By A. D. DeCelles
City Government. By W. D. Lighthall

Vol. 16
Education in Canada Under the French Régime. By Abbé A. E. Gosselin
French Education, 1763-1913. By Abbé Adelard Desrosiers
English Education. By George W. Parmelee
Three Centuries of Agriculture. By J. C. Chapais
Forest Resources. By E. T. D. Chambers
The Fisheries. By E. T. D. Chambers
History of Mining in the Province. By Frank D. Adams


Section IX: The Province of Ontario

Vol. 17
Ontario in the Dominion: General Outlines. By A. H. U. Colquhoun
Pioneer Settlements. By A. C. Casselman
Political History, 1867-1912. By W. S. Wallace
The Provincial Executive Organization. By Thomas Mulvey
Finance and Taxation. By James Mavor

Vol. 18
The Public School System. By W. Pakenham
Education, Secondary and University. By Kenneth Bell
Municipal History, 1791-1867. By Adam Shortt
Municipal History, 1867-1913. By K. W. McKay
The Judicial System. By Thomas Mulvey
History of Farming. By C. C. James
Forest Resources and Forestry. By B. E. Fernow
The Fisheries of Ontario. By E. T. D. Chambers
Mines and Mining. By W. G. Miller


Section X: The Prairie Provinces

Vol. 19
The Prairie Provinces in the Dominion: General Outlines. By D. M. Duncan
The Red River Settlement. By Chester Martin
Political History of Manitoba, 1870-1912. By Chester Martin
Saskatchewan and Alberta: General History, 1870-1912. By Edmund H. Oliver

Vol. 20
Economic History of the Prairie Provinces, 1870-1913. By J. W. Dafoe
The Provincial Executive Organizations. By John a. Reid
Finance and Taxation. By Archibald B. Clark
The Judicial Systems of the Prairie Provinces. By Charles Morse
Municipal Institutions. By Archibald B. Clark
History of Education in Manitoba. By S. E. Lang
History of Education in Saskatchewan. By Walter C. Murray
History of Education in Alberta. By JOHN M. MacEachran
Economic Resources of Manitoba. By W. J. Black
Economic Resources of Saskatchewan. By W. J. Rutherford
Economic Resources of Alberta. By George Harcourt


Section XI: The Pacific Province

Vol. 21
British Columbia in the Dominion: Introduction. By Sir Richard McBride
The Period of Exploration. By T. G. Marquis
Colonial History, 1849-1871. By R. E. Gosnell
Political History, 1871-1913. By F. W. Howay
Economic History. By C. H. Lugrin
Indian Tribes of the Interior. By J. A. Teit
Indian Tribes of the Coast. By E. Sapir

Vol. 22
Public Administration. By R. E. Gosnell
History of the Judicial System. By W. H. P. Clement
History of Education. By Alexander Robinson
The Fisheries. By D. N. McIntyre
Forest Resources. By A. C. Flumerfelt
History of Farming. By R. E. Gosnell
Mines and Mining. By E. Jacobs
The Yukon Territory. By J. B. Tyrrell
The North-West Territories. By J. B. Tyrrell


Section XII: Documentary Notes General Index

Vol. 23
General Index
Manuscript Sources
Chronological Outlines
Historical Tables
Register of Subscribers