Special Collection: The Works of Gilbert Murray (1866-1957)

George Gilbert Aimé Murray, OM (2 January 1866 - 20 May 1957) was an Australian-born British classical scholar and public intellectual, with connections in many spheres. He was an outstanding scholar of the language and culture of Ancient Greece, perhaps the leading a. uthority in the first half of the twentieth century.

After emigrating to Britain with his mother in 1877, he became in 1889-1899, Professor of Greek at the University of Glasgow. After 1908 he was Regius Professor of Greek at the University of Oxford.

Murray is perhaps now best known for his verse translations of Greek drama, which were popular and prominent in their time. As a poet he was generally taken to be a follower of Swinburne; and had little sympathy from the modernist poets of the rising generation. The staging of Athenian drama in English did have its own cultural impact. He had earlier experimented with his own prose dramas, without much success. He was one of the scholars associated with Jane Harrison in the myth-ritual school of mythography

He was a lifelong supporter of the Liberal Party, lining up on the Irish Home Rule and non-imperialist sides of the splits in the party of the late nineteenth century. He supported temperance, and married into a prominent Liberal, aristocratic and temperance family, the Carlisles.

For a brief period Murray became closely involved with the novelist H. G. Wells. Murray is often identified as a humanist, typically with some qualification ('classical', 'scholarly', 'engaged', 'liberal'). He wrote and broadcast extensively on religion (Greek, Stoic and Christian); and wrote several books dealing with his version of humanism.

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Andromache (1900) Andromache

A text edition of Euripides, Fabulae, in three volumes (OCT. 1901, 1904, 1910)

Euripides: Hippolytus; The Bacchae (1902)

Aristophanes: The Frogs (1902)

Euripides, The Trojan Women (1905)

Electra of Euripides (1905)

Euripides Medea (1910)

Iphigenia in Tauris (1911)

Oedipus King of Thebes (1911)

The Story of Nefrekepta: From a Demotic Papyrus (1911)

Rhesus of Euripides (1913)

Andromache (1913)

Alcestis (1915)

Agamemnon (1920)

Choephoroe of Aeschylus (1923) Choephoroe of Aeschylus

Eumenides of Aeschylus (1926) Eumenides of Aeschylus

The Oresteia (1928)

The Suppliant Women (1930)

Seven Against Thebes (1935) Seven Against Thebes

A text edition of Aeschylus, Septem quae supersunt Tragoediae (1937)

The Persians (1939) The Persians

Antigone (1941)

The Rape of the Locks: The Perikeiromene of Menander (1942) The Rape of the Locks

Fifteen Greek Plays (1943) with others

The Arbitration: the Epitrepontes of Menander (1945) The Arbitration: the Epitrepontes of Menander

Oedipus at Colonus (1948)

The Birds (1950)

Euripides, Ion (1954)

Collected Plays of Euripides (1954)

The Knights (1956)

Classical studies:

The Place of Greek in Education (1889) Inaugural Lecture

A History of Ancient Greek Literature (1897)

The Rise of the Greek Epic (1907) Harvard University lectures

Greek Historical Writing, and Apollo: Two Lectures (1908) with Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff

The Interpretation of Ancient Greek Literature (1909) Inaugural Lecture

Ancient Greek Literature (1911)

English Literature and the Classics (1912) section on Tragedy, editor George Stuart Gordon

Four Stages of Greek Religion (1913)

Euripides and his Age (1913) in the Home University Library Euripides and his Age

Hamlet and Orestes: A Study in Traditional Types (1914)

The Stoic Philosophy (1915) Conway Lecture

Aristophanes and the War Party, A Study in the Contemporary Criticism of the Peloponnesian War (1919)

Greek Historical Thought: from Homer to the Age of Heraclius (1924) with Arnold J. Toynbee

Five Stages of Greek Religion (1925)

The Classical Tradition in Poetry (1927) Charles Eliot Norton Lectures

Aristophanes: A Study (1933)

Aeschylus: The Creator of Tragedy (1940)

The Wife of Heracles (1947)

Greek Studies (1947)

Hellenism and the Modern World (1953) radio talks

Other Work:

Gobi or Shamo novel (1889)

Carlyon Sahib, a drama in Four Acts (1899) Carlyon Sahib

Liberalism and the Empire: Three Essays with Francis W. Hirst and John L. Hammond (1900)

Thoughts on the War pamphlet (1914)

The Foreign Policy of Sir Edward Grey, 1906-1915 online text (1915)

Ethical Problems of the War an address

Herd Instinct and the War A Lecture reprinted in The International Crisis in Its Ethical and Psychological Aspects (1915)

How can war ever be right? Oxford Pamphlets No 18/Ist Krieg je berechtigt?/La guerre. Peut-elle jamais se justifier? (1915)

Impressions of Scandinavia in War Time (1916) pamphlet, reprint from the Westminster Gazette

The United States and the War pamphlet (1916) The United States and the War

The Way Forward: Three Articles on Liberal Policy pamphlet (1917)

Great Britain's Sea Policy - A Reply to an American Critic pamphlet, reprinted from The Atlantic Monthly (1917)

Faith, War and Policy (1917) Faith, War and Policy

The League of Nations and the Democratic Idea (1918)

Religio Grammatici: The Religion Of A Man Of Letters Presidential Address to the Classical Association 8 January 1918 (1918)

Preface to "My Mission to London" by Lichnowsky (1918) Preface

Satanism and the World Order Adamson Lecture (1920)

The League of Nations and its Guarantees League of Nations Union pamphlet (1920)

Essays and Addresses (1921)

The Problem of Foreign Policy: A Consideration of Present Dangers and the Best Methods for Meeting Them (1921) The Problem of Foreign Policy

Tradition and Progress (1922)

The Ordeal of This Generation: The War, the League and the Future Halley Stewart Lectures 1928 (1930)

Augustan Book of Poetry volume 41 (1931)

The Intelligent Man's Way To Prevent War with others (1933)

Problems of Peace (Eighth Series) with others (1933)

Then and Now (1935)

Liberality and Civilisation 1937 Hibbert Lectures (1938)

Stoic, Christian and Humanist (1940)

The Deeper Causes of the War and its Issues with others (1940)

World Order Papers, No. 2 (1940) pamphlet, The Royal Institute of International Affairs

Anchor of Civilisation Philip Maurice Deneke Lecture (1942)

A Conversation with Bryce James Bryce Memorial Lecture (1943)

Myths and Ethics, or Humanism and the World's Need Conway Hall lecture (1944)

Humanism: Three B.B.C. talks with Julian Huxley and Joseph Houldsworth Oldham (1944)

Victory and After (1945)

From the League to the U.N. (1948)

Spires of Liberty--with others (1948)

Andrew Lang: The Poet Andrew Lang Lecture 1947 (1948)

The Meaning of Freedom essays--with others (1956)

Humanist Essays taken from Essays and Addresses, Stoic, Christian and Humanist (1964)