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Copyright Matters

Governed by Canadian Legislation

Faded Page adds to its catalogue only eBooks created from books of authors whose work is in the Public Domain in Canada. This means that the authors have been dead at least seventy years. Copyright laws changed January 1, 2023; prior to that copyright existed for fifty years after an author died. Please note: All authors who were in the Public Domain prior to the recent changes to the Copyright Act will remain in the Public Domain.

We do extremely careful research to ensure that this is so, and maintain a complete database of information to support our conclusions. For more recent authors, this means that we have at least one source of data about the author's year of death drawn from respected organizations like libraries, universities, archives and published death notices. For “older” authors, we accept a somewhat wider range of sources.

Since our current “index year” is 1972, we assume that authors born before 1852 were dead by the index year—life-spans of more than 120 years being unlikely.