FP now includes 7492 eBooks in its collection.

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Plans for the Future


We have been developing a tagging system and generator, called fpgen, that permits Post-Processors to produce completed eBooks much more efficiently. The corrected file from DPC (or other source) is marked up with a system of tags that identify in-line markup, sections of the book, and selected styling. This single "source" file is run through the generator to create five different complete eBook versions, including utf-8 text, HTML, epub, mobi and pdf files. PPers retain the ability to do final tweaking of these versions, and great flexibility in built into the existing system. Other features are being added regularly.


Development is under way on a complete PPing environment called PPQT-fpgen, using a Graphic User Interface (GUI). This system combines elements from the old guiguts design with side-by-side windows for eBook editing and graphic page viewing. fpgen tagging capability will be added, together with links to the generator and a debugging mode.


We are in the process of adding a "Collections" system to Faded Page. This will allow an author's works or a set of related eBooks to be featured on a single page. A brief biography of the author, or description of the series will introduce the page, followed by a list of included works. These could be actually on FP, (marked with a link to the completed eBook), planned for the future (marked with a reference to the DPC project), or located on some other respected eBook archive (with a link).

Other Future Features

Future planned features for FP include the ability to include internal links between eBooks (to facilitate shared Tables of Contents, or Indexes), and book reviews of existing FP eBooks.