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Title: A Bibliography of Canadian Fiction (English)

Date of first publication: 1904

Author: Lewis Emerson Horning (1858-1925)

Author: Lawrence J. Burpee (1873-1946)

Date first posted: Sep. 22, 2015

Date last updated: Sep. 22, 2015

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Entered according to Act of the Parliament of Canada, in the year one thousand nine hundred

and four by Lewis Emerson Horning, at the Department of Agriculture.


I.Authors, alphabetically arranged, with short Biographical Notes and Lists of Works in Book Form9
IV.Foreign Authors, with a List of their Works the Scenes of which are laid in Canada72

Herewith is presented to the public the second of a series of Bibliographical Bulletins issued by the Library of Victoria University of Toronto, Canada.

The first number, edited by Mr. C. C. James, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, was based on a collection of Canadian (English) poetry, donated by Mr. James to the Library, and included all works known to the date of issue, 1899.

This second number represents the data in process of collection for several years by Prof. L. E. Horning, of Victoria University, and by Mr. Lawrence J. Burpee, of the Departmnet of Justice, Ottawa.

Both numbers represent original and pioneer work in this direction and will doubtless be found of great interest to all students of Canadian literature. From time to time it is proposed to issue supplemental lists, making all necessary corrections and additions and bringing the list up to date. Indeed, a supplemental list to No. 1 will shortly be published. Information which will be of service in this regard will gladly be received by the Library Committee.

These numbers are issued in limited editions of 500 copies, of which 300 are for sale.

J. F. McLaughlin, M.A., B.D.,


J. C. Robertson, M. A.

A. E. Lang, M. A.

C. C. James, M. A.

A. E. Langford, M. A.

Library Committee.


Only those who have had experience in pioneer bibliographical work know of the difficulties connected with such a task. For various reasons it has been impossible to get information about many authors past and even present. We have tried to make our material as complete as possible, but it is very probable that some names and works have been omitted which should have found a place in our lists; also, on the other hand, some may have been mentioned that should not have found a place in the list. For all such errors of omission and commission we ask indulgence, and for all corrections we shall be very grateful. We have tried to make our data as complete as possible in Sections I. to III. In Section IV. we do not profess to have made more than a beginning.

To Dr. James Bain, of the Toronto Public Library; to Mr. Avern Pardoe, of the Ontario Legislative Library; to Mr. C. C. James, Deputy Minister of Agriculture; to Mr. John Reade, of Montreal, and to Dr. James Hannay, of Fredericton, we are especially indebted for help, and to many others whose names we might mention.

Lewis Emerson Horning,

Victoria University.

Lawrence J. Burpee,

Department of Justice, Ottawa.

Toronto, Feb. 8th, 1904.



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A Bibliography of Canadian Fiction (English)


Abbott, Rev. Joseph (1789-1863)

Of English birth. Came to Canada, 1818. Died in Montreal.

The Emigrant to North America. From Memoranda of a Settler in Canada.

Papers in Quebec Mercury, 1842; also in pamphlet form Montreal, 1842.

Philip Musgrave; or, The Adventures of a Missionary in Canada. London, 1843.

In John Murray's "Home and Colonial Library." This embodies in the form of a story the experiences described in the preceding.

Adam, Graeme Mercer

Born in Scotland, 1839. Came to Toronto, Canada, in 1858. Since 1896 in United States.

An Algonquin Maiden. A Romance of the Early Days of Upper Canada. In collaboration with Miss Wetherald. Montreal, Lovell, 1887, 240 pp.

Algie, James, M.D. ("Wallace Lloyd")

Alton, Ont. Born at Ayr, Ont., April 8, 1858. Graduated in Medicine at Toronto, 1878.

Houses of Glass. Toronto, Gage, 1899, 398 pp.

Bergen Worth. Toronto, Langton, 1900, 276 pp.

Allen, Grant

Full name, Charles Grant Blairfindie Allen. Born at Alwington, near Kingston, Ont., Feb. 24, 1848. Second son of Rev. J. Antisell Allen. Spent the first eleven years of his life in Canada. Educated by father and at King Edward's School, Birmingham. Graduated from Merton College, Oxford, 1871. Taught until 1876, for three years in a college at Spanish Town, Jamaica. Returning to England, he devoted himself to science, but had to turn to fiction for a livelihood, writing under the various pseudonyms of J. Arbuthnot Wilson, Cecil Power, Olive Pratt Rayner, Martin Leach Warborough, Frederick Enoch, and over his own name. He continued, however, to work on scientific problems all his life and also published a volume of poems (1894). Never robust, he died Oct. 28th, 1899. A memoir of his life, with a full bibliography of his works, was written by Edward Clodd, London, Grant Richards, 1900. The list of his fiction is as follows:

Strange Stories. London, Chatto, 1884, 356 pp.

Sixteen stories originally published in Belgravia and other magazines under the pseudonym of J. Arbuthnot Wilson.

Philistia. By Cecil Power. London, Chatto, 1884, 3 vols.

Autobiographical in nature.

Babylon. By Grant Allen (Cecil Power). London, Chatto, 1885, 3 vols.

In All Shades. London, Chatto, 1886, 3 vols.

The Sole Trustee. London, S.P.C.K., 1886.

Kalee's Shrine. By Grant Allen and May Cotes. Bristol, J. W. Arrowsmith, 1886, 196 pp.

For Mamie's Sake. London, Chatto, 1886, 306 pp.

A Terrible Inheritance. London, S.P.C.K., 1887, 32 pp.

The Beckoning Hand, and Other Stories. London, Chatto, 1887, 341 pp.

This Mortal Coil. London, Chatto, 1888, 3 vols.

The White Man's Foot. London, Hatchards, 1888, 216 pp.

The Devil's Die. London, Chatto, 1888, 3 vols.

The Tents of Shem. London, Chatto, 1889, 3 vols.

A Living Apparition. London, S.P.C.K., 1889, 32 pp.

The Jaws of Death. London, Simpkin, 1889, 110 pp.

Dr. Palliser's Patient. London, S. Mullen, 1889, 152 pp.

The Great Taboo. London, Chatto, 1890, 280 pp.

What's Bred in the Bone. London, Tit-Bits Offices, 1891, 414 pp.

Recalled to Life. Bristol, Arrowsmith, 1891, 266 pp.

Dumaresq's Daughter. London, Chatto, 1891, 3 vols.

The Duchess of Powysland. London, Chatto, 1892, 3 vols.

An Army Doctor's Romance. London, Tuck, 1893, 110 pp.

The Scallywag. London, Chatto, 1893, 3 vols.

Michael's Crag. London, Simpkin, 1893, 194 pp.

Ivan's Great Masterpiece. Stories. London, Chatto, 1893, 360 pp.

Blood Royal. London, Chatto, 1893, 282 pp.

At Market Value. London, Chatto, 1894, 2 vols.

Under Sealed Orders. London, Chatto, 1895, 3 vols.

The British Barbarians. A Hilltop Novel. London, Lane, 1895, 202 pp.

The Woman Who Did. A Hilltop Novel. London, Lane, 1896, 242 pp.

Cf. Fortnightly Review, 1889 and 1894.

Moorland Idylls. London, Chatto, 1896, 258 pp.

Contains 33 short stories.

A Splendid Sin. London, White, 1896, 228 pp.

The Typewriter Girl. By Olive Pratt Rayner. London, Pearson, 1897, 261 pp.

An African Millionaire. Episodes in the Life of the Illustrious Colonel Clay. London, Richards, 1897, 318 pp.

Tom Unlimited. A Story for Children. By Martin Leach Warborough. London, Richards, 1897, 250 pp.

The Incidental Bishop. London, Pearson, 1898, 248 pp.

Linnet. A Romance. London, Richards, 1898, 394 pp.

Rosalba. The Story of Her Development. By Olive Pratt Rayner. London, Pearson, 1899, 312 pp.

Twelve Tales. Select stories chosen and arranged by the author. London, Richards, 1899, 352 pp.

Miss Cayley's Adventures. London, Richards, 1899, 330 pp.

Hilda Wade. London, Richards, 1900, 360 pp.

Ardagh, Miss Alice M.

Born in Wales, July 15, 1866. Resides at Barrie.

Tangled Ends. Toronto, 1888.

Armour, Agatha

See Mrs. John G. Thompson.

Ascher, Rev. Isidore G.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, 1835. Came to Canada, 1843. Has resided in England since 1864.

An Old Maid's Confession.

A Cure for a Title.

An Emigrant's Story.

Asling, Stella Eugenie

Hamilton, Ont.

Crowned at Elim. New York, Smith & Wilkins, 1903, 263 pp.

Baird, Mrs. C. A.

Woodstock, N.B.

Lawyer Robert Streighton's Discovery at a Mineral Spring. By "Carleton." Boston, 1893.

(Published with Mrs. De Wolf's story.)

Barr James ("Angus Evan Abbott")

Younger brother of Robert Barr. Born at Wallacetown, Ont., 1862. Since 1883 a journalist in London, England.

(See James and Who's Who, 1904, under Abbott.)

Barr, Robert ("Luke Sharp")

Born in Glasgow, Sept. 16th, 1850. Came to Canada at 5 years of age. Educated at Normal School, Toronto. Taught until 1876. On Detroit Free Press 1876-1881, since which time he has resided in England.

Strange Happenings. 1892 (?).

In a Steamer Chair. 1892, London, Chatto.

From Whose Bourn. 1893, London, Chatto.

The Face and the Mask. London, Hutchison, 1894.

Revenge. London, Chatto, 1894.

In the Midst of Alarms. A Story of the Fenian Raid. London, Methuen, 1894.

A Woman Intervenes. London, Chatto, 1896.

The Mutable Many. London, Methuen, 1897.

One Day's Courtship; also, Heralds of Fame. 1897.

The Countess Tekla. Toronto, Briggs, 1898, pp. 33.

The Strong Arm. Toronto, Briggs, 1899, pp. 336.

The Unchanging East (Holiday through Orient). London, Chatto, 1900.

Jennie Baxter. Toronto, Copp, 1899, 128 pp.

The Victors. Toronto, Copp, 1901, 567 pp.

A Prince of Good Fellows. Toronto, Copp, 1902, 340 pp.

Over the Border. Toronto, Copp, 1903, 400 pp.

The O'Ruddy. By Stephen Crane and Robert Barr. Toronto, Briggs, 1903, 356 pp.

Lady Electra. London, Methuen, 1904.

Barrass, Rev. E., D.D.

Born in England, 1821. Came to Canada in 1853. Died in Toronto, 1898.

Smiles and Tears; or, Sketches from Real Life. Toronto, Hunter, 1879, 200 pp.

Barry, Miss Kate Madeline ("Vera")

(Mrs. Harry Bottomley), born in Montreal, 1865.

Honor Edgeworth, or Ottawa's Present Tense. Ottawa, Woodburn, 1882, 337 pp.

The Doctor's Daughter. Ottawa, Woodburn, 1885, 242 pp.

Barry, Miss Lily Emily Frances ("Mrs. Merry Body")

Sister of Miss K. M. Barry. Born in Montreal. On staff of Montreal Star.

In the Paths of Peace. Montreal, 1901, 310 pp.

Barton, J. King

Born in Canada. For some years Clerk of the Legislative Assembly.

Io; A Tale of the Ancient Fane. New York, 1851.

Barton, Samuel

The Battle of the Swash and the Capture of Canada. Montreal, 1888, 137 pp.

Bates, Walter (1760-1842)

A U. E. Loyalist from Connecticut. For many years Sheriff of Kings Co., N.B.

Comparison for Carraboo: A narrative of the conduct and adventures of Henry Frederick Moon, alias Henry Fred. More Smith, alias William Newman. 1st Ed., London, 1817.

(Reprinted by G. W. Millar, Charlottetown, P.E.I., 1855).

The second edition was published as The Mysterious Stranger; or, Memoirs of the Noted Henry More Smith, W. L. Avery, St. John, N.B., 1837; 3rd Ed., by G. W. Day, St. John, 1854; 4th Ed., 1875; 5th Ed., 1877.

Bayley, Mrs. H.

Contributed to Museum (1832-34), Montreal, and to the Literary Garland, also to English and American periodicals.

Tales of the Heath.

Improvement; or, A Visit to Grandmamma. (For children.) London, 1833.

Scenes at Home and Abroad. London.

The Juvenile Traveller.

Baylis, Samuel Mathewson

Born in Montreal, September 3, 1854.

Camp and Lamp: Rambles in Realms of Sport, Story and Song. Montreal, Drysdale, 1897, 316 pp.

Beavan, Mrs. F.

Sketches and Tales Illustrative of Life in the Backwoods of New Brunswick. London, 1845, 142 pp.

Bech, Birger

New Fort, Toronto.

Five Years in a Sailor's Life. Toronto, 1886, Queen, 72 pp.

The Unknown. Toronto, 1887, 92 pp.

Begg, Alexander

Born in Quebec in 1840. Died in Toronto, 1898.

Dot it Down. A Story of Life in the North-West. Toronto, 1871, Hunter, 382 pp.

A Story of the Saskatchewan.

Belcher (Vice-Admiral Sir) Edward

Born in Nova Scotia, 1799.

Horatio Howard Brenton. A Novel. London, 1856, 3 vols.

Benyon, Miss Marie Edith

Saints, Sinners and Queer People. New York, Robert Lewis Weed Co., 1897, 341 pp.

Betts, Craven Langstroth

Born in St. John, N.B., April 23, 1853. Since 1879 in New York.

Tales of a Garrison Town. New York, Merrill, 1892, 250 pp.

(In collaboration with A. W. Eaton.)

Bigsby, Bernard

Born in England.

That Bowl of Punch! What It Did and How It Did It. Six Christmas stories. Toronto, Hunter, 1872, 51 pp.

Ellen's Secret.

Flowers and Thorns.

My Note Book.

Blachford, Lt.-Col.

The Ultimatum. A Short Tale With a Long Moral. London, U.C., 1867, 32 pp.

Blewett, Mrs. Jean

Born at Scotia, Ont., November 4, 1862, now in Toronto.

Out of the Depths. 1879.

Boggs, Miss Helen

Cobourg, Ont.

Acorn Leaves. A Series of Canadian Tales. By "Nell Gwynne." Toronto, Copp, 1873, 216 pp.

Bohn, Eric

How Hartman Won. A Story of Old Ontario. Toronto, Morang, 1903, 269 pp.

Hickory. A Tale of the Lakes.

(Now running in The Farming World. Is to be published in book form in September.)

Brooks, Mrs. Annie Elston

The Heiress of Myrtle Grove. An English Tale. By a Montreal Lady. "A. E. B." Montreal, 1870, 200 pp.

Browne, H. F.


A Tale of a Whale. Montreal, 1884.

The Strange Adventures of a Carp. Montreal, 1884.

(Both illustrated by the author.)

Brown, W. H.

She Might Have Done Better. A Novel. 2 vols. in 1. St. John's, Que., 1877.

Buchan, John Stuart

Born in St. Andrews, P.Q., 1852. Barrister of Montreal.

A Bit of Atlantis. Montreal, Chapman, 1899. Illustrated by H. Julien and R. S. Matthews. Montreal, Chapman, 1900, 197 pp.

Burnham, John Hampden

Born 1860. Barrister of Peterboro', Ont.

Adeline Grey. A Tale.

Jack Ralston. Edinburgh, Nelson & Sons.

Campbell, Arthur

The Mystery of Martha Warne. A Tale of Montreal. Montreal, 1888, 151 pp.

Campbell, Rev. John ("J. Cawdor Bell")

Born in Edinburgh, 1840. Resides in Montreal.

Two Knapsacks. A Novel of Canadian Summer Life. Toronto, 1892.

Campbell, Mrs. Mary Ellen

Sundays in Soho. Twelve Stories for Children and Their Friends. Montreal, 1884.

Carr-Harris, Mrs. Bertha Wright

Wife of Prof. Carr-Harris, of Kingston.

The White Chief of the Ottawa. Toronto, Briggs, 1903, 252 pp.

Carman, Albert Richardson

Son of Rev. A. Carman, D.D., born at Belleville, February 8th, 1865. Educated at Albert College. Gold medallist in Natural Science, 1883, at B.A. examination. Began journalism on Brockville Times, in 1885 on Independent (Prescott), 1886 on Canada Citizen (Toronto), 1887-93 on Globe, since 1893 connected with Montreal Star. Now devoting the major portion of his time to independent writing.

The Preparation of Ryerson Embury. Toronto, Publishers Syndicate, 1900, 248 pp.

The Pensionnaires. Toronto, Briggs, 1903, 314 pp.

Carroll, Rev. John

Methodist minister. Born on an island in the Bay of Fundy, 1809. Died at Toronto, December 13th, 1884.

The School of the Prophets; or, Father McRory's Class, and Squire Firstman's Kitchen Fire. A Fiction Founded on Fact. Toronto, Burrage & Magurn, 1876, 244 pp.

My Boy Life. Toronto, Briggs, 1882, 288 pp.

Casgrain, Rev. Henri Raymond

Born at Rivière Ouelle, P.Q., 1831. Ordained to priesthood 1856, Montreal.

The Witch: A Canadian Legend. Translated by A. W. L. Gompertz. Montreal, Beauchemin & Fils, 1895, 122 pp.

Caswell, H. S.

Stories and Sketches. Montreal, 1872, 180 pp.

Chapin, Gardner B.

Tales of the St. Lawrence. Montreal, Lovell, 1873, 382 pp.

Charlton, Miss Margaret Ridley

A Wonder Web of Stories. Montreal, 1892.

With Printless Foot. Montreal, 1894.

(Both in collaboration with Miss C. A. Frazer.)

In the Days of Sir Walter Raleigh. Montreal, 1900.

Cheetham, Rev. William

Lights and Shadows of Clerical Life. Montreal, 1879, 310 pp.

Cheney, Mrs. Harriet V.

The Child of the Tide. Boston, 1874, 212 pp.

The Rival Chiefs. (Relates to the feuds of D'Aulnay and La Tour.)

Christie, Mrs. Annie Rothwell

North Gower, Ont. Born in London, England, 1837. Came to Canada 1841.

Avin Gray. 1873.

Edge Tools. 1880.

Requital. 1886.

Loved I not Honor More. Toronto, Hunter, Rose & Co., 1887, 150 pp.

Clark, Daniel, M.D.

Born in Scotland, 1835. Came to Canada as a child. Now at head of Provincial Asylum for Insane, Toronto.

Pen Photographs of Celebrated Men and Noted Places. (Tales, sketches, etc.) Toronto, 1873, 231 pp.

Josiah Garth. A Novel. (Deals with Rebellion of 1837.)

Clayton, Rev. F. H.

Bolton, Que.

Scenes and Incidents in Irish Life. Montreal, 1884.

Clemo, Ebenezer ("Maple Knot")

Born in England, 1831. Came to Canada in 1858. Died in Morristown, N.Y.

Life and Adventures of Simon Seek; or, Canada in All Shapes. By "Maple Knot." Montreal, 1858, 179 pp.

Canadian Homes; or, The Mystery Solved. A Canadian Tale. Montreal, 1858, 136 pp.

Colfer, Miss Rebecca B.

Stray Leaves from the Drama of Every Day Life. Montreal, 1878, 193 pp.

Collins, Joseph Edmund

Born in Newfoundland, 1855. Went to Fredericton, 1874. City editor Toronto Globe, 1881. Died in New York, 1892. Author of a life of the late Sir John A. Macdonald.

The Story of a Greenland Girl. Toronto, 1884.

The Story of Louis Riel, the Rebel Chief. Toronto, 1885, 192 pp.

Annette, the Metis Spy: A Heroine of the North-West Rebellion. Toronto, 1886.

The Four Canadian Highwaymen; or, The Robbers of Markham Swamp. Toronto, 1886, 146 pp.

Colter, Mrs. J. J. (Hattie E.)

Now resides Fredericton, N.B. Born in St. Martin's, N.B. Afterwards lived in Charlottetown. Author of Sunday School books for Canadian and American publishers.

Robbie Meredith. Boston, Lothrop, 1876.

One Quiet Life. Boston, Lothrop, 1876.

Medoline Selwyn's Hero. Boston, Bradley & Woodruff, 1889.

Mildred Kent's Hero. Boston, Bradley & Woodruff, 1890.

A Gentle Benefactress. Boston, Lothrop, 1892.

The Master of Deeplawn. Philadelphia, A. B. P. S., 1894.

Conger, Miss Janet C.

Now Mrs. Allan, of Napanee, Ont.

A Daughter of St. Peter's. Montreal, 1889.

Copland, John A. ("Robert Thornhill," "Paul Pedro")

Tribune, Harriston, Ont. Born at Liverpool, October 10, 1863. Came to Hamilton with his parents, 1870. Educated at Hamilton and Harriston.

A Meteor King. Harriston, Ont., 1899, 122 pp.

Esculapius. Harriston.

Cotes, Mrs. Everard (Sara Jeannette Duncan)

Simla, India. Born at Brantford, Ont., 1862. Began literary career as journalist, writing under pseudonym of Garth Grafton.

A Social Departure; or, How Orthodocia and I went Round the World by Ourselves. London, Chatto & Windus, 1890, 417 pp.

An American Girl in London. Toronto, Williamson, 1891, 321 pp.

The Simple Adventures of a Memsahib. New York, Appleton, 1893, 311 pp.

A Daughter of To-Day. New York, Appleton, 1894, 392 pp.

Vernon's Aunt. (Illus.) London, Chatto & Windus, 1894, 200 pp.

The Story of Sonny Sahib. London, MacMillan, 1894, 114 pp.

His Honor and a Lady. New York, Appleton, 1896, 321 pp.

Hilda, a Story of Calcutta. New York, Stokes, 1898, 317 pp.

A Voyage of Consolation. New York, Appleton, 1898, 325 pp. (A sequel to the "American Girl in London.")

The Path of a Star. (Illus.) Toronto, Gage, 1899, 311 pp.

On the Other Side of the Latch. 1901.

Those Delightful Americans. 1902.

The Pool in the Desert. (Short Stories.) New York, Appleton, 1903.

The Imperialist. New York, Appleton, 1904.

(This is Mrs. Cotes' only Canadian story.)

Cox, Palmer

Born at Granby, Que., April 28, 1840. In United States since 1863. Now in New York. Principally known by his Brownie Books.

The Brownies: Their Book. 1887.

Another Brownie Book. 1890.

The Brownies at Home. 1893.

The Brownies Round the World. 1894.

The Brownies Through the Union. 1895.

The Brownies Abroad. 1899.

(All published by Century Co., N.Y.)

Crofton, Francis Blake

Born at Crossboyne, Ireland, 1842. Since 1883 Secretary of Provincial Library of Nova Scotia. Contributor to many American magazines.

The Bewildered Querists and other Nonsense. New York, Putnam's, 1875.

The Major's Big Talk Stories. London, Warne, 1881.

Hair-Breadth Escapes of Major Mendax. (Ill.) Halifax, 1889.

Cross, Ethelbert F. H.

Born at Toronto, July 28th, 1872.

Fire and Frost Stories, Dialogues, Satires, Essays, Etc. Toronto, 1898, 239 pp.

Cummins, John S.

Journalist and novelist. Edited Chronicle and News of Kingston for some years. Served in Canadian militia during Rebellion of 1837.

Altham, a Tale of the Sea. 2 vols., London, 1849, I., pp. viii. 290; II., pp. 309.

Cureton, Stephen

Perseverance Wins; The Career of a Travelling Correspondent. Toronto, 1880.

Dailing, Rev. ----

Sketches of Canadian Life. By a Presbyter of the Diocese of Toronto. London, David Bogue, 1850, 310 pp.

Dalziel, D.

Jews and Gentiles; or, Life in Sittsville. Toronto, 1898.

Daniel, Chas. T.

William and Annie; or, A Tale of Love and War. Guelph, 1864.

Darling, Rev. William Stewart

Born in Scotland, 1818. Church of England clergyman in Toronto, 184-, Died in Italy, 1886.

Sketches of Canadian Life, Lay and Ecclesiastical. Illustrative of Canada and Canadian Church. London, 1849, 310 pp.

Darnell, Rev. Henry Faulkner.

Born in London, England, 1831. Came to Canada, 1860. Since 1883 rector in Avon, N.Y.

Philip Hazlebrook; or, The Junior Curate. 1887.

Flossy; or, A Child of the People. 1889.

(A sequel to above.)

The Craze of Christian Englehart. 1890.

Davin, Nicholas Flood

Born in Ireland, January 13, 1843. Came to Canada, 1872. Died in the North-West, 1901.

The Fair Grit; or, The Advantages of Coalition. A Farce. Toronto, 1876, 35 pp.

Davison, Leslie Loring ("Ben Zeene")

Born at Wolfville, N.S., April 18, 1871. Died April 13, 1889.

Stray Leaves from the "Book of Wonders." Edited by "Ben Zeene." Wolfville, 1890.

Deacon, W. F.

New Brunswick writer.

Murder Will Out; or, Confessions of a Village Apothecary.

The Author; or, Sketches from Life. St. John, N.B., 1866, 64 pp.

Deane, Aubrey

The Street River Tragedy.

DeMille, James, M.A.

Born at St. John, N.B., Aug. 23, 1836. Died Jan. 28, 1880. Professor of Classics at Acadia College, and subsequently of English and Rhetoric at Dalhousie.

Martyrs of the Catacombs. 1865.

Helena's Household. A Tale of Rome in the First Century. London, 1868; New York, Carter, 422 pp.

Andy O'Hara. 1868.

John Wheeler's Two Uncles. 1868.

The Soldier and the Spy. 1869.

The Arkansas Ranger. 1869.

The Dodge Club; or, Italy in 1859. New York, Harper, 1869.

Cord and Crease; or, The Brandon Mystery. Illustrated. New York, Harper, 1869.

Ashdod Webster and His Starring Tour.

B. O. W. C. Series. 6 vols., Boston, Lee.

The B. O. W. C. 1869.

The Boys of the Grand Pré School. 1870. Illustrated, Boston, Lee, 1871, 348 pp. Second edition, 1893.

Lost in the Fog. 1870.

Fire in the Woods. 1871.

Picked up Adrift. 1872.

The Treasure of the Sea. 1872.

Young Dodge Club Series. Boston, Lee.

Among The Brigands. 1871. Second edition, 1893.

The Seven Hills. 1872.

The Winged Lion; or, Stories of Venice. 1877.

The Lady of the Ice. New York, Appleton, 1870.

An Open Question. New York, Appleton, 1870.

The Cryptogram. New York, Harper, 1871.

The American Baron. New York, Harper, 1872, illustrated, pp. 132.

A Comedy of Terrors. Boston, Osgood, 1872, 152 pp.

Old Garth. A Story of Sicily. New York.

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Born at Kendal, England, Nov. 8, 1841. The family moved to Canada when he was an infant. Educated in Canada. Called to bar, 1865. Practised for a few years, then returned to England. In 1876 returned to Toronto on Evening Telegram. In 1877 joined Globe staff, but later severed his connection. In 1877 published Arcturus. Died Sept. 27, 1888.

The Gerrard Street Mystery, and Other Weird Tales. Toronto, 1888, 206 pp.

DeWolf, Mrs.

Hamilton, Ont.

A Fragment of Ontario's Scott Act; or, a Ruined Life. By a W.C.T.U. Boston, 1893.

(Published with Mrs. Baird's story.)

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Born in Truro, N.S. Educated at P. E. Island public schools. Married in 1872. Has written a number of short stories.

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(See Mrs. Cotes.)

Dunlop, James Donald

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Born in Kentville, N.S. Graduated at Harvard, 1880. Now in New York.

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(In collaboration with C. L. Betts.)

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Born in Fredericton, N.B., 1861. Daughter of Dr. Spurden, Prin. of N.B. Bap. Seminary. Writes for Am. Baptist Pub. Society, Philadelphia.

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A Ridiculous Courting, and Other Tales of French Canada. Chicago, Donnelley, 1900, 261 pp.

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Born at Halifax, 1812. Editor of the Commercial News (Morning News?), St. John, N.B., from 1839 to 1863. Then Queen's Printer for N.B.

The Lady and the Dressmaker; or, a Peep at Fashionable Folly. By a "Bluenose." St. John, 1842, 24 pp.

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Fitchie, Amelia

Halifax, N.S.

Kerchiefs to Hunt Souls. Halifax, N.S.

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Canadian journalist. Editor of Transcript, Montreal.

How I Came to be Governor of the Island of Cacona. With a Particular Account of my Administration of the Affairs of the Island. Montreal, H. Ramsay, 1852, 220 pp.

Fleming, Mrs. May Agnes

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Late Her Majesty's Indian Army.

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The "Sa'Zada Tales" (animal stories) will appear in 1904.

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With Printless Foot. 1894.

(Both in collaboration with Miss Charlton.)

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Sister of W. D. Howells. Her husband, Achille Fréchette, is a brother of Louis Fréchette. Lives in Ottawa, Ont.

Reuben Dale. 1873.

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Born at Levis, Quebec, 1839. Clerk of Legislative Assembly.

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Freeland, Miss Jessie

Of Brockville, Ont.

The Renunciation of Grahame Corysteen.

Winona's Quest.

(Both prize stories.)

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Barrister of Owen Sound, Ont.

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London, Ont.

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Seoul, Korea. Born near Alma, Wellington Co., Feb. 19, 1862. Educated at Elora High School, St. Catharines' Collegiate Institute and Toronto University (B.A. 1888). From 1888 to 1896 a lay missionary, since then ordained.

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The Mother of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus). Toronto, Poole, 1899, 91 pp.

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Born at Hamilton, 1860. Educated there. Went into journalistic work in Montreal. Has written for magazines and published articles separately.

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Help in the Distance. A New Dominion Story. Elora, Ont., 1868, 67 pp.

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Born in England. Resides in Toronto.

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Of Montreal.

Wanted, a Housekeeper. 1882.

The Christmas Babies. A Prize Story. 1883.

Haliburton, Thomas Chandler ("Sam Slick")

Born at Windsor, N.S., 1796. Educated at King's College. In 1828 made Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, and in 1840 a Judge of the Supreme Court. In 1856 resigned and went to England; sat in the House of Commons. Died in 1865.

[First editions only of his fiction are given here. For a complete list see the Bibliography in the "Centenary Chaplet" (Briggs) and "Notes and Queries," Vol. I., p. 67 (James).]

The Clockmaker; or, The Sayings and Doings of Sam Slick of Slickville. First Series--Halifax, Joseph Howe, 1837. (Appeared originally in the Nova Scotian in 1835-36.) Second Series--London, Bentley, 1838. Third Series--London, Bentley, 1840.

"The Clockmaker" was translated into German and published at Braunschweig in 1840-42.

The Letter-Bag of The Great Western; or, Life in a Steamer. London, Bentley, 1840. Halifax, Joseph Howe, 1840.

The Attaché; or, Sam Slick in England. London, Bentley, 1843-4.

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(Appeared originally in Fraser's Magazine, 1847. Was translated into both German and French.)

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Nature and Human Nature. London, Hurst & Blackett, 1855, 2 vols.

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Son of Isaac C. Hall, Charlottetown, P.E.I.

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Born in Scotland, 1783. Emigrated to United States, 1827. Came to Canada, 1830. Died at Scarboro' in 1857.

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Of Niagara, Ont.

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The Forest of Bourg-Marie. Toronto, Morang, 1898, 306 pp.

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Born at Three Rivers, 1816. Had large practice as advocate from 1840 to 1850. Went to U. S., wrote electioneering pamphlets; returned to Canada 1857 and resumed practice of his profession at Montreal.

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Hart, Mrs. Julia Catherine

Born at Fredericton, 1796. Died there, 1867.

St. Ursula's Convent; or, The Nun of Canada. Containing Scenes from Real Life. Kingston, U.C., printed by Hugh C. Thompson, 1824. Vol. I., 101 pp.; Vol. II., 134 pp.

(This was the first book printed in Upper Canada. Fortunately a copy of this rarity has lately been acquired by the Toronto Public Library through the agency of the watchful librarian, Dr. James Bain.)

Tonnawanda; or, The Adopted Son of America. An Indian Story. Rochester, N.Y., date between 1826 and 1831.

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Born at Halifax, N.S., 1870. Now in New York.

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"Hawthorne, Marx"

The Light and the Lure. Toronto, Carswell, 1897, 104 pp.

Hayes, Mrs. Kate ("Mary Markwell")

Born in Dalhousie, N.B., 1856. Now on the staff of the Montreal Star. Has written short stories for Canadian magazines.

Prairie Pot-Pourri. Verse and Stories. Regina, N.W.T., 1895, 186 pp.

Shanty Songs and Stories. (Not yet published.)

Heathcote, Mrs. Edmund

The Admiral's Niece; or, A Tale of Nova Scotia. London, 1858, 2 vols.

Heaven, Mrs.

Maiden name, Louise Palmer. Born Devonshire, England. Spent youth in N. Carolina. Was on Overland Monthly with Bret Harte. Married 1870.

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In Bonds. A Novel. San Francisco, Roman.

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Born at Liverpool, 1816. Came to Canada in 1853. Died at Montreal, July 14, 1876.

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Born in Ireland, 1791. Died at Belleville, Ont., 1860. Staff-surgeon in the army. Served in Peninsular War, in India, and in Canadian Rebellion of 1837-8.

Trifles From my Portfolio; or, Recollections of Scenes and Small Adventures During Twenty-Nine Years' Military Service. By a staff-surgeon. Quebec, 1839, 2 vols.

Henshaw, Mrs. J. W. ("Julian Durham")

Of English birth, now of British Columbia. For many years connected with western Canadian journalism as musical and dramatic critic. Is correspondent for N. Y. Musical Courier.

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Why Not, Sweetheart? Toronto, Morang, 1901, 246 pp.

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Born at Bridgetown, Nova Scotia, May 31, 1866. Married in 1889. Removed to New York, 1890.

A Woman's Love-Letters.

Love & Co., Limited. Montreal, 1901, 114 pp.

(In "Who's Who in America" these two are credited to Mrs. Hensley. The latter should be credited to J. Try-Davies.)

Herbert, Miss Mary E.

Of Nova Scotia.

Scenes in the Life of a Halifax Belle. Halifax, N. S., 1859, 60 pp.

Woman as She Should Be; or, Agnes Wiltshire. Halifax, 1861, 145 pp.

Flowers by the Wayside. Halifax, 1865, 78 pp.

Herbert, Miss Sarah (1824-1844)

Sister of Miss Mary E. Herbert. Lived in N.S. Wrote for magazines and newspapers.

Agnes Mailard. Halifax.

Herring, Miss Frances E.

Born in England. Now resides in British Columbia.

Canadian Camp Life. London, Unwin, 1903, 247 pp.

Hickey, Rev. David

Parrsboro', N.S.

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Born in Dorchester, N.B., about 1879. Now in England.

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Hilts, Rev. Joseph H.

Methodist minister. Born at Niagara, Ont., 1819. Died at Dundas, 1903.

The Experiences of a Backwoods Preacher.

Among the Forest Trees; or, How the Bushman Family got Their Homes. Toronto, Briggs, 1888, 380 pp.

Clothed with the Sun. Toronto, Briggs, 1891, 408 pp.

Holt, Miss

Autobiographical Sketch of a Teacher's Life. Quebec, 1875.

Hooker, Rev. LeRoy

Formerly Methodist minister in Ontario, now pastor of a Presbyterian church in Chicago.

Enoch, the Philistine.

Baldoon. Poole, Toronto, 1900, 278 pp.

Howe, Hon. Joseph

Born near Halifax, 1804. Died June 1, 1873. One of Canada's most distinguished sons.

Poems and Essays. Montreal, 1874, 341 pp. Contains a tale, "The Locksmith of Philadelphia."

The Lord of the Bedchamber. A Political Lampoon.

Huddleston, Mrs. G. O.

Bluebell. A Novel. Toronto, 1875.

Hunter, A. T.

Son of J. Howard Hunter, Esq. Born Oct. 25, 1867. Educated at Brantford and Toronto University. LL.B. 1890. Practising barrister at Toronto. Has published law books.

Stories Told out of Lodge. Toronto, Carswell Co., 1898, 216 pp.

Hunter-Duvar, Lieut.-Col. John

Born in Scotland, Aug. 29, 1830. Spent most of his life in Prince Edward Island. Wrote drama and verse. Contributed to English and Canadian magazines. Died 1899.

Annals of the Court of Oberon. 1895

Huntington, Hon. Lucius Seth

Born at Compton, Quebec, 1827. Elected M.P. 1861. Member of the Mackenzie Government. Died May, 1886.

Professor Conant. A Story of English and American Social and Political Life. Toronto, Rose, 1884, 291 pp.

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Born at St. John, N.B. Contributed to periodical literature. Afterwards lived in Australia.

Nomads of the West; or, Ellen Clayton. London, 1850, 3 vols.

Argimon. An Indian Tale.

Jack, Mrs. Annie L.

Maiden name, Hays. Born in England, 1839. Came to America, 1852; now living at Chateauguay Basin, P.Q.

The Little Organist of St. Jerome, and Other Stories. Toronto, Briggs, 1902, 91 pp.

Jarvis, Thomas Stinson

Born in Toronto, 1854. Travelled extensively. Called to the bar, 1880. Moved to New York, 1891.

Letters from East Longitudes.

Geoffrey Hampstead. A Novel. New York, 1890.

Doctor Perdue.

The Ascent of Life. 1894.

She Lived in New York. New York.

Jennings, Miss Clotilda ("Maude")

Born in Nova Scotia. Died at Montreal, 1895.

The White Rose in Acadia; and Autumn in Nova Scotia. Halifax, N.S., 1855, 36 pp.

Jephson, Lady Harriet Julia

Maiden name, Campbell. Born at Quebec, 1854. Married in 1873 Capt. Sir Alfred Jephson. Resides in London, England.

A Canadian Scrap Book. A Volume of Essays and Stories. London, 1897, 183 pp.

Johnson, Alfred Sidney

Born at L'Original, Ont., 1860. Now in Buffalo.

The Hermit of the Nonquon.

(Ran through several editions.)

Johnson, Frank

Lashed to the Mizzen; or, A Night off the Cape. Montreal, 1867.

The Village of Merrow; its Past and Present. Prose and verse. Montreal, Lovell, 1876, 208 pp.

Johnson, Geo. Washington

Born at Binbrook, Ont., 1839. Now on staff of U. C. College, Toronto.

Maple Leaves. The Emblem of Upper Canada is the Maple Leaf. Hamilton, C. W., 1864, 204 pp.

The Mente's Secret; or, The Vengeance of Madra. A Novel. Cleveland, 1864, 180 pp.

The Belle of Bladen's Brook. A Novel. Cleveland, 1865, 200 pp.

Johnston, Thomas

Travels Through Lower Canada. Interspersed with Canadian Tales and Anecdotes, and Interesting Information to Intending Emigrants. Edinburgh, Scotland, 1827, 96 pp.

Jones, Alice

Born at Halifax. Daughter of Lieut.-Gov. A. G. Jones.

A Hazard of Hearts. In Frank Leslie's Monthly.

The Night Hawk. By "Alix John." Toronto and New York, 1901, 378 pp.

Bubbles we Buy. Toronto, Briggs, 1903, 400 pp.

(Published in England as "Isabel Broderick." John Lane, 1904.)

Keays, Mrs. H. A. Mitchell

Maiden name Copp. Her people reside in Hamilton, Ont. Born near Woodstock, Ont. Resides in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Little Lords of Creation. Chicago, 1900, 273 pp.

He that Eateth Bread with Me. New York, McClure, Phillips & Co., 1904.

Kelly, B.

Trenton, Ont.

The Sign of the Cross.

Kendall, Sydney C.

Methodist minister from 1881 to 1896. Now in the United States.

Among the Laurentians. A Camping Story. Toronto, Briggs, 1885, 139 pp.

Kennedy, James B.

Afloat for Eternity; or, A Pilgrim's Progress for the Times. Toronto, Briggs, 1894, 190 pp.

King, "Basil" ("William Benjamin")

Born in Charlottetown, P.E.I. Graduate King's College, Windsor, N.S. Took holy orders. Was for several years assistant rector at St. Luke's, Halifax. Then went to Boston and later to Cambridge, Mass., as rector. Resigned owing to failing health.


Let Not Man Put Asunder. New York, Harper, 1902.

In the Garden of Charity. New York, Harper, 1903.

The Steps of Honor. New York, Harper, 1904, 286 pp.

Kirby, William

Born at Kingston-upon-Hull, England, Oct. 13, 1817. Came to Canada, 1832. Collector of Customs, Niagara, 1871-95.

The Golden Dog (Le Chien D'or). A Romance of the Days of Louis Quinze in Quebec. 1st Ed., New York and Montreal, Lovell, Adam, Messon & Co., 1877, 678 pp. (often pirated). First authorized American edition (illustrated), L. C. Page & Co., Boston, 1897, 624 pp.

(Translated into French by Louis Fréchette and Pamphile LeMay.)

Lacroix, Henry

The Unspecific Scandal at the Custom House of Montreal. Montreal, 1873.

Lancefield, Richard Thomas

Born London, England, 1854. Came to Canada, 1859. Librarian and Secretary of Hamilton Public Library, 1888.

Tim and Mrs. Tim. A Story for the "Club" and "Society" man and the "New Woman." Toronto, 1897.

Laskey, John K.

Journalist, of St. John, N.B.

Alethes; or, The Roman Exile. St. John, 1840, 155 pp.

Lauder, Mrs. Maria Elise Turner

Born at St. Armand, P.Q. In 1856 married the late A. W. Lauder, barrister, of Toronto.

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Legends and Tales of the Harz Mountains. Toronto, 1881, 251 pp.

At Last. A Novel. Toronto, Briggs, 1894, 310 pp.

Laut, Miss Agnes C.

Born in Ont., Feb. 11, 1872. Lived many years in the North-West. Now resides at Wassaic, N.Y.

Lords of the North. Toronto, Briggs, 1900, 442 pp.

Heralds of Empire. Toronto, Briggs, 1902, 372 pp.

Lawson, Mrs. J. Kerr

Dr. Bruno's Wife. A Toronto Society Story. London, 1893, 208 pp.

Leavitt, Mrs. Lydia

Born in Leeds Co., Ont., of German U.E.L. descent; wife of Thad. W. H. Leavitt.

Bohemian Society. Brockville, Ont., 1884. Second edition, Dawson Bros., Montreal.

Wise and Otherwise. 1898.

Leavitt, Thaddeus W. H.

Born in Connecticut, 1846; came to Canada with his parents at an early age. Educated at Athens High School, Normal School, Toronto, and Albany Law School. Was connected with Hamilton Times, Toronto Globe and Week, and later editor of Brockville Recorder and Times. Has published various historical works. Conservative organizer in Toronto.

The Witch of Plum Hollow. Toronto, 1892.

Kaffir, Kangaroo and Klondike. Tales of the Gold-fields. 1898.

Lemoine, Sir James MacPherson

Born in Quebec, 1825. Called to bar, 1850.

The Explorations of Jonathan Old Buck, F.G.S.Q. Quebec, 1889.

Legends of the St. Lawrence. Quebec, 1898.

Leonard, Miss May

Born in St. John, N.B., 1862. Still residing there.

Trixie's Inheritance. St. John, 1886.

Zoe; or, Some Day. St. John, 1888.

Little Angel.

In the Afterglow.

Leprohon, Mrs. Rosanna Eleanor

Maiden name, Mullins. Born in Montreal, 1832. Died there, 1879. Contributor to Literary Garland and Family Herald.

Ida Beresford. 1848.

(Translated into French by De Bellefeuille, Montreal, 1859.)

Florence FitzHardinge. 1849.

Eva Huntingdon. 1850.

Clarence FitzClarence. 1851.

Eveleen O'Donnell. 1859.

The Manor House of DeVillerai. Montreal, 1859.

(Translated into French by De Bellefeuille, Montreal, 1861, 405 pp.)

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(Translated into French by Génaud, Montreal, 369 pp.)

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(Translated into French by Génaud, Montreal, 1869, 1892.)

My Visit to Fairview Villa. "Can. Ill. News" Original Novels, I.

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Born in St. Louis, U.S., 1838. For many years journalist in Montreal.

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(A French translation appeared in 1896 at Montreal.)

Tuque Bleue.

LeSueur, Miss Eleanor

Meadowhurst Children. Cincinnati, Ohio.

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(The Quest of the Fatal River will appear shortly.)

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For list of later novels see "Who's Who."

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The Old Orchard. By "Mack Cloie." Toronto, Briggs, 1903, 323 pp.

(Blue Waters of Huron will appear shortly.)

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A Wesleyan clergyman of Nova Scotia. Died March 26th, 1862.

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Laura Clarence.

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Passion and Principle.

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Daughter of Mrs. J. V. Noel.

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The Canadian Senator; or, A Romance of Love and Politics. Toronto, 1890, 179 pp.

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Of Montreal.

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Born in London, Nov. 14, 1882. Since 1899 in New York. For some time an editor on the staff of the Commercial Advertiser. His first book will appear in June.

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Born in Camden East, Ont., 1859 (1861? 1862?). Educated at Trinity College, Toronto. Went to Australia in 1886 as editor of Sydney Morning Herald. Began writing plays and adapted Faust (1888). In England since 1890.

A collected edition of his works is published by Copp, Toronto.

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(A sequel to "Pierre and his People" and republished as "Romany of the Snows.")

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Pasque, Mrs. Helen ("Helen Milecete")

Born at Halifax. Her father, Robert Morrow, took a great interest in Indian lore, etc., hence the name "Helen Milecete," from one of the two great Indian tribes of Nova Scotia. Now living at Halifax.

A Girl of The North.

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Hard to Beat. 1877.

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Wife of Rev. H. Pickard.

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Our Joshua as a Reporter. By "Brother Jonathan." Fredericton, N.B., 1884.

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Methodist minister residing at Georgetown.

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Of Clarkson's Crossing. Formerly music master at Model School, Toronto.

An Abandoned Farmer. Toronto, Copp, 1901, 288 pp.

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Born in Liverpool, 1838. Came to Canada, 1856. Teacher and journalist. At present in Quebec.

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The Philosopher in the Clearing. Quebec, 1897, 250 pp.

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Of Westover, Ont.

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Son of Arthur Rankin, late M.P. for Essex (before Confederation).

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(Copyrighted by Chas. S. MacDonald.)

Rashleigh, Geo.


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Born at Niagara, 1796. Died in New York, 1852. The authoritative biography of Richardson is found in Casselman's edition of his "War of 1812" (Historical Pub. Co., Toronto). There also is to be found a full bibliography of Richardson's various writings.

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(Published in United States as "Matilda Montgomerie.")

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Colin of the Ninth Concession. Toronto, Morang, 1903, 360 pp.

Roberts, Charles George Douglas

Born at Douglas, N.B., Jan. 10, 1860. Educated at Fredericton under his father and Dr. Parkin, and graduated at the University of New Brunswick in 1879. Was editor of The Week, Toronto (1883-84), and professor in Kings College, Windsor, N.S. (1885-95). Has spent his time since 1895 in New York and London, wholly at literary work.

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A daughter of Rev. Jos. Robertson, Sherbrooke, Que.

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Has contributed in prose and verse to periodicals in Canada and United States.

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Sault Ste. Marie.

Nonsense Stories:

The Wonderful Story of Gert's Pussy.

The Wonderful Story of Win's Dodo.

Is the Land of the Grimalkins.

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A Sequel to "Le Roman."

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See Mrs. Christie.

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Rowson, Mrs.

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Died in Thorold, Ont., 1900. He attained local celebrity as novelist and playwright. Wrote short stories for New York publishing houses.

The Isle of the Virgins.

Rutherford, John

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Ryland, Richard

The Coiners of Pompeii. A Romance. Toronto, 1845.

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Daughter of Mrs. Mary Anne Sadlier.

Seven Years and Mair.

Ethel Hamilton.

The King's Page.

Sadlier, Mrs. Mary Ann

Maiden name, Madden. Born in Ireland, 1820. Came to Canada, to Montreal, about 1845. Married November, 1846. For a time did editorial work in New York. Spent the last years of her life in Montreal. She is the author of over sixty works, fiction, biography, essays, etc.

Tales of the Olden Time. Montreal.

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The Confederate Chieftains.

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Born in Barrie, Ont. Since 1882 in United States. Now in New York.

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Son of the late Rev. Archdeacon Sandys, of Huron. Born at Chatham, Ont., June 9th, 1860. Privately educated. One of the best sporting writers of America. Now on the Outing staff.

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(This is really a second enlarged edition of "My Spanish Sailor.")

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(A sequel to "Beautiful Joe.")

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Wrote extensively on astronomical subjects for the Toronto Astral Society. Died 1903.

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English birth and education. Came to British Columbia. Helped to establish The Province. Arranged a series of historical charts.

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As It Was in the Fifties. 1895

Scott, Duncan Campbell

Born at Ottawa, Aug. 2, 1862. In civil service.

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Born at Montreal, April 7, 1861. Educated at Lennoxville and King's College, London. Ordained priest, 1886. Now curate of St. Matthew's, Que.

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The Unpardonable Sin of Mr. Baggs.

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This Bibliography of Canadian Fiction is issued by the Library Committee of Victoria University, Toronto, in a limited edition. 200 copies for sale at $1.00 each

[The end of A Bibliography of Canadian Fiction (English) by Lewis Emerson Horning and Lawrence J. Burpee]