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Title: Madame Juno's Dream Book and Fortune-Teller

Date of first publication: 1887

Author: Thomas Joseph Carey (1853-1917)

Date first posted: March 15, 2014

Date last updated: March 15, 2014

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Numbers of the Lottery to which they apply.

Abuse.--To dream that you are abused and insulted, is a certain sign that some dispute will happen between you and some person with whom you have business; therefore, after such a dream you should be particularly careful of yourself, and be as gentle and mild as possible, that you may not give those with whom you have dealings any advantage over you. 9, 13.

Absence.--To see absent persons in your dreams is a certain sign of their return. 4, 11.

Acorn.--Denotes poverty. 7, 33.

Acquisition.--A favorable sign to the dreamer. 2, 19, 46.

Activity.--If you dream that you are very active, it shows you will have great losses through your own negligence. 10, 11, 75.

Actress.--To see one play, misfortune; if you talk with her, you will have success in what you undertake; if you make love to her, your life will be joyful. If you dream that you enjoy her, you will meet great troubles. 14, 36, 52.

Adoption.--To dream of adopting children, foreshadows sorrow and trouble. 21.

Admiration.--If you dream that you are admired, it foretells good fortune; but if you admire any one else, it is a very bad sign. 59, 71.

Adultery.--If you commit it in your dreams, you must prepare for misfortune and disgrace. 1, 11, 39.

Ague.--To dream you have an ague, denotes nothing very particular, more than that you are in danger of becoming a drunkard and a glutton. To dream your sweetheart has an ague, is a lucky omen; it shows you are beloved, and that you will be happy with the object of your wishes, but never very rich. 9, 7, 4.

Air.--If you dream that it is clear, it signifies that you will come into a great fortune; if the air is foggy, you will have sorrows; if it is filled with sweet odors, you will be successful in love. 42.

Almonds.--Signify embarrassments, all which you may avoid by care; to eat them, good fortune. 61, 76.

Altar.--To dream that you see an altar, betokens your speedy marriage. 36, 51, 57, 62.

Angel.--To dream of an angel, brings joyous tidings; if the angel does not approach you, it is a sign that your life is evil, and a warning to reform. 14, 65.

Ants.--To dream of them shows covetousness. If they are winged, you will make a dangerous voyage or meet with an accident. The dream is good for farmers, ploughmen, and public servants. 2, 7, 41.

Ape.--To see one in your dreams, shows that you will fall into the hands of sharpers; and that some enemy will endeavor to defraud you. 4, 5, 6, 31.

Apricots.--To see them, shows that you will be disappointed in what you hope for; to eat them, good fortune. If it is not the season for them, it denotes great misfortunes; if they are dry, they bring sorrow. 28, 40, 78.

Apparel.--If you dream that you have new clothes, it denotes prosperity and happiness; if the garments are white, it is a bad dream for all persons except clergymen; to mechanics, it signifies loss of business; to the sick, death. If, however, they dream of black, it is a sign of recovery. If they are scarlet, it is a good dream for rich men and servants, but death to the sick, and loss to the poor; to dream of woman's apparel is good for the unmarried, but to the married man, loss of wife and children. 4, 13.

Apparition.--Of any kind is a very bad sign. 20.

Apples.--If you take them from the tree, it signifies that you will be persecuted. If they are ripe and ruddy, and you eat them, it will bring much happiness. If they are sour, you will shortly quarrel with some one. 4, 11, 44.

Arm.--To dream that you have the right arm cut off, is significant of the death of a female relative; if both arms are cut off, captivity and sickness; an arm broke or withered, sorrows, losses, and widowhood; an arm swollen, sudden fortune falling to a dear friend; to dream that you have strong arms, signifies health and happiness; dirty arms, misery; hairy arms, an increase of fortune and family. 3, 70.

Army.--If victorious, good tidings; but if routed, you must prepare for misfortune. 52.

Archbishop.--To dream of one, you will hear of the death of a friend. 13.

Artichoke.--To see them foretells secret trouble; if you eat them, you may expect to have trouble. 12.

Artist.--To dream of artists shows that you will have many pleasures. 27.

Ashes.--Are significant of mourning. 17, 30.

Ass.--If you see him running, brings misfortune; if he is tied fast, you will be slandered; if you hear him bray, you will experience great loss. 44.

Author.--To see one or more, is a bad sign; you will lose money. To dream that you are an author, signifies misery and disappointed hope. 1.

Automaton.--Signifies servitude and bondage to him who dreams of them. 19.

Bacon.--To dream of bacon, denotes the death of some friend or relation, and that enemies will endeavor to do you a mischief; in love, it denotes a disappointment of some kind. 21.

Back.--To see your own back, denotes a fortune and premature old age; to dream that your back is broke and full of sores, means that your enemies will persecute you, and turn you into ridicule. 27, 43.

Backgammon.--To play a game signifies that you will quarrel with a dear friend; if you win, success in love and business; if you lose, the reverse. 29, 52.

Baking.--For a woman to dream she is baking bread, foretells thrift. If she is a farmer's wife, it is a sign of good crops. If she burns her bread it is a sign that she will have a miscarriage. 3, 136.

Ball.--To dream that you are at a ball, denotes that money will be left to you. 39, 53, 68.

Ballet.--Joy and boundless pleasure will be your lot. 6.

Balloon.--To dream of it, shows that you will engage in many chimerical plans. 45, 59, 68.

Bandits.--If you attack them, rely upon your own judgment and vigor; if they attack you, beware of accidents; if you only see them, it denotes prosperity in your business. 1, 13, 20.

Banishment.--You will have sorrow, but of short duration. 59.

Bank.--You will be misled by deceitful promises. 4, 5, 11, 44.

Bankrupt.--A bad dream; your business is in a dangerous position, and without great care you will be forced to stop. 17, 78.

Banquet.--To dream that you are at a banquet, is a caution to avoid pleasures which may cost you dear. 30, 60.

Barn.--Filled with grain, a rich marriage; you will gain a lawsuit; it also signifies that you will live a happy life. 10, 44.

Barrels.--Signify wealth if they appear full; if empty, poverty. 14.

Basin.--If you dream that it is full, money; if empty, you will make many debts. 2, 13.

Bats.--If black, you will quarrel; white, bring pleasure and happiness. 4, 30.

Bath.--To dream that you bathe in clear water, is a sign that you will enjoy good health; if muddy, the death of relatives or friends. To see a bath, anger; to take a warm bath denotes happiness; if you take one either too hot or too cold, domestic troubles. If you undress, without going into the water, you may expect trouble, but it will soon pass away; a sea bath is a sign of honor, and increase of fortune. 6, 8, 16.

Battle.--If you take part in it, you have much cause to fear disaster; you will have misfortune in love and business; if you finish it, you will have quarrels in your family affairs. 8, 14, 29.

Bayonet.--This is a sign which you should fear. 2, 9, 15.

Beam.--You will become great, but beware of falling. 1, 8.

Beans.--Disputes and quarrels. 2, 20, 25.

Bear.--If you are attacked by it, you will be persecuted by enemies; but if it is running, happiness is in store for you. 44, 64.

Beard.--If you dream you have a long beard, it signifies that you will live long; if the beard be quite black, great trouble will be your lot; a red beard denotes shame and disgrace to the dreamer; to dream of being shaved, betokens loss and disappointment; if you shave yourself, despondency; if somebody pulls your beard, you will have losses; to dream you shave a young girl, denotes a good and speedy marriage; if you shave a married lady, she will soon become a widow; if you shave a pregnant woman, she will have a son. 12, 40.

Beating.--For married people to dream of beating some one, shows that they will live a peaceful life; to bachelors, good fortune in their amours; if a lover beats his mistress, or a lady her suitor, it shows that the match will be broken off. To beat a dog, signifies fidelity; a cat, treachery; a snake, you will triumph. 41.

Bed.--To dream that you are lying in bed, signifies that you are in danger; being in bed and not able to sleep, sickness; to see a stranger in your bed, brings quarrels in married life; a well-made bed, shows that you will become established in life. 1, 62, 70.

Bedbugs.--Bring strife. 20.

Beer.--To drink it, trouble. 42, 70.

Beerhouse.--To meet your friends there, signifies joy and pleasure. 42, 47, 49.

Bees.--They signify wealth and success in business; if they sting you, a friend will betray you; if the dreamer kills a bee, he will have great losses; seeing bees leave their honey, is a sign of honor and fortune; if they fly into their hives, losses through enemies. 3, 4, 16, 55.

Beggar.--To be a beggar, you may hope for wealth; to see many, sickness. 26.

Bell.--Misfortunes for the person who hears it ring. 6.

Belly.--To dream one's belly is bigger and fuller than ordinary, shows his family and estate will increase; if one dreams his belly is grown lean and shrunk up, he will be joyfully delivered of some bad accident; if any one dreams that his belly is swelled, and yet notwithstanding be empty, he will become poor; if a girl dreams of a big belly, it is a sign of marriage. 14, 6.

Bet.--To dream that you bet with any one, shows that you will suffer from your own imprudence. 66.

Bill.--If presented to you, and you settle it, good luck; if you cannot pay, it signifies that you will be slandered. 4, 11, 44.

Birds.--Are a good sign; they bring friends and fortune; to catch them, speedy marriage; to kill them, bad fortune; to shoot at them, beware of treachery; if you see them fighting, you will be exposed to great temptations; if they fly toward you, you will fail in business; if they sing, some happiness is in store for you; to dream of birds of prey, brings misfortune. 2, 11, 19, 22.

Bite.--To dream that you are bitten, foretells much jealousy and sorrow. 15, 18.

Blasphemy.--If you dream that you are cursing, it foretells bad fortune; if you are cursed, all your expectations will be fulfilled. 25, 58.

Blood.--To dream that you see blood, is a good sign; you will fall heir to an estate. To lose blood signifies sorrow and disappointment. 5, 10, 40.

Boar.--Success in life to him who kills one; if he only sees it, danger and misfortune. 4, 44, 76, 77.

Boat.--Seen in a clear stream, happiness; in muddy water, disgrace; if it is in danger of capsizing, trouble. 12, 17.

Books.--To be reading serious books, shows honor and station in life; to read lascivious books, shame and disgrace. 31.

Boots.--If they are new, success in love and business; if they are old, quarrelling and failure. 29, 77.

Bottles.--To dream of bottles is a good sign; to a man, success in business; to a maid, speedy marriage; if they are broken, they signify sorrow. 4, 6, 10, 24, 50.

Bouquet.--To receive one, much pleasure; to give one, signifies that your lover is constant. 1, 29, 63.

Boy.--If a lady dreams that she is delivered of a boy, her life will be a pleasant one. 1, 12, 40.

Bread.--To eat wheaten bread, gives great gain to the rich, but loss to the poor; to eat rye bread, is the reverse. 48.

Breakfast.--To dream that you are eating breakfast, shows that you will commit some folly. 30, 36, 59.

Breast.--To dream that you have a rough, strong breast shows that you will enjoy good health; a large breast, for a man, portends good luck; but for a woman, the loss of her husband. 36, 45.

Briars.--To dream that you are among briars and get pricked, foretells that you will have an angry dispute with somebody. If a young girl who has a lover dreams it, she will probably get vexed at him. 7, 8.

Bridge.--To pass one, shows success in life through industry; to fall from one, loss of business and disappointment in love. 2, 13, 19, 24, 56.

Building.--To dream of seeing a large building is a sign that you will be introduced to some one with whom you will afterwards become intimate. To a young lady it predicts that she will have a new admirer. 5, 114.

Bull.--If you dream you was chased by a bull and run away from him, it is a sign that some one will offer you a present, or propose to benefit you in some way, and that you will either decline, or from some action of your own will not receive the present or the benefit. If you do not run away from the bull, but stand your ground and dodge him, you will then have a piece of good luck of some kind.

Buried Alive.--To dream that you are buried alive denotes that you will be rich and powerful. To wealthy people it is a sign of addition to their wealth. 3, 69.

Burning.--To see, in your dream, one or more houses burning, but not wholly destroyed, signifies, for the poor, that they will become rich; and for the rich man, that his riches will be augmented; but if the fire is furious, and the houses fall down, the dreamer may expect losses, disappointments, shame and death. If he sees his bed burning, sickness; to see furniture and clothing, or curtains burning, is significant of trouble. A store seen burning, loss of business; to see the front windows of a house burning, shows the death of a brother; the rear windows, the death of a sister; a burning door, trouble for a housekeeper. To see a man burning in bed, foretells loss of goods and sickness; to see one's finger burnt, shows that some one is envious of you. To dream that you are burning to death, shows that you will soon be engaged in a furious quarrel. 31, 36, 77.

Business.--To dream of being full of business, is significant of some unexpected good fortune; to finish it, marriage; if the business appears to be bad, it is a good sign. 17, 21.

Butcher.--If, in your dream, you see a butcher killing any animal, it is a sign of the death of a friend or near relative. If a farmer dreams of seeing sheep killed, he will probably have a prolific flock. 6, 9.

Butter.--If you eat it, you will be surprised by some good fortune, but mixed with sadness. 4, 7, 13.

Cabbage.--Bad tidings. 9, 30.

Cage.--Without a bird, means imprisonment; with bird, liberty. 11.

Cakes.--To see them made, treachery; to eat them, for women, disappointment, and loss of lovers and property. 19, 38.

Candle.--If it burns brightly, happiness; if the light be dim, misfortune; if you light it, success in what you undertake. 21, 66, 78.

Candy.--To dream that you are eating candy, signifies that you will be a victim to falsehood and flattery. 38, 51, 56.

Cannon.--A sign of treachery and danger; to hear one, death. 56.

Cannon-ball.--To see one, misfortune. 40, 51.

Camel.--To see a camel, foretells riches. 22.

Cap.--To put one on, be careful in your love affairs; to take one down, shows that that which you wish to hide will be discovered; if you receive a cap, you will soon be married. 13.

Carriage.--To ride in one, success in love and riches; if it breaks down, you will lose your lover. 57.

Cart.--Its appearance indicates sickness; if you go upon it, or move from it, public disgrace and shame. 69.

Cat.--Signifies treachery of friends and disappointment in affairs of love; if the cat appears to be lying down, or sleeping, you will but partially succeed in what you may undertake; if the cat is fighting, or appears to be in a rage, you will be robbed. 14.

Caterpillar.--You will be slandered by envious persons. 10, 20, 34, 40.

Cavern.--A deep cavern shows that you will always remain poor and unknown, unless you exert yourself. 46, 51.

Cellar.--Signifies sickness and misery. 12, 27, 36.

Chains.--To wear them, melancholy; to break them, gives future happiness. 41, 56.

Charity.--For a rich person to dream that he is charitable, signifies loss of fortune; if a lady dreams it, she will bestow her affections on an unworthy person. 1, 16, 56.

Cheese.--Anger; to eat it, gain. 5, 15, 66.

Chess.--If you play chess with any one, you will quarrel with your dearest friend; to win a game, shows success in a difficult undertaking; losing it, you will be foiled. 17.

Chestnuts.--To eat them raw, shows resolution; boiled, weakness. 44, 78.

Chicken.--Its cooking is the sign of coming good news. 2.

Child.--To see a child at its mother's breast, signifies severe sickness; but if the wife of the dreamer be pregnant, the child will be sickly. To see many children, and to talk with them, shows great losses for the dreamer. 1, 19, 67, 69.

Chimney.--To dream of sitting in the chimney-corner, to a maid, shows speedy marriage; if there is a fire burning brightly, you will become heir to some money. 5, 66.

Chocolate.--To drink it, foretells good health and a happy life. 10.

Christening.--To dream that you are present at a christening, is a good sign, you will get what you hope for; to a maid, it signifies that she will soon be married. 4, 25, 26.

Church.--To dream of building a church, is a good sign to the dreamer; to enter one, you will receive a kindness from some one; to play in one, success and marriage. 2, 19, 33.

Churchyard.--Makes a happy life. 36, 60.

Cigar.--To the man who smokes it, success; if it be not lit, it signifies misfortune; if he light it, he may hope. 1, 8, 20.

City.--To dream of an inhabited city, is a sign of riches; a burning city, poverty. 4.

Climbing.--If you climb a tree, you will rise to honor. 16.

Clothing.--Clothed in rags, signifies mourning and trouble; to wear good clothes, a happy life; dirty clothes, disgrace; to steal clothing, gives success in love and business. To wear clothing of many colors, foretells disappointed hopes. 21, 69.

Clouds.--Signify disunion; light clouds, happiness; black clouds, misfortune. 39, 76.

Coach.--If you dream you are riding in a coach, it signifies loss of reputation. For a young girl to have such a dream, predicts the loss of her virtue. 6, 8. 14.

Coals.--Burning, persecution; if put out by water, death. 18, 45.

Cock.--To hear a cock crow in sleep, is a good sign; it brings good news. 22, 43.

---- To dream you see a cock in the house, is a good sign to those who would marry; to hear a cock crow, denotes great prosperity. 4, 5, 6.

Coffee.--A sign of misfortune. 11, 12, 39.

Coffin.--To dream of a coffin, signifies that you will soon be married, and own a house of your own. 9, 49, 50.

Collar.--A good dream; it brings honor. 55, 65, 78.

Comedy.--To dream that you act in a comedy, you should prepare to hear bad news; if you see it played, you will succeed in your undertaking. 15.

Concert.--To dream of being at a concert, foretells the enjoyment of good health; to the sick, recovery 14, 27.

Confectionery.--Profitable to the dreamer. 19, 20.

Corn.--To see it blooming, shows an increase of your family. 41, 46.

Corpse.--A good sign, you will soon be married. 9, 77.

Crabs.--Signify quarrels and separation. 3, 30.

Cradle.--A child's cradle, many children; if the cradle be of green leaves, loss and sorrow. 1.

Crazy.--If a person dreams that he is crazy, he will receive presents, and become rich, and live many years. 33, 43, 63.

Criminal.--To dream that you are a criminal, shows that disgrace and danger are in store for you. 9, 10, 61.

Cross.--To dream of a cross, brings success and honor; to carry it, trouble. 10, 40.

Crown.--To dream a golden crown is placed upon your head, foretells that success and great honor await you; if the crown be silver, you will enjoy good health; if crowned with green leaves, friends and fortune will forsake you. 42, 52, 67.

Crutches.--If you use them, your love will forsake you; if you only see them, some infirmity will press upon you; if you break them, you will recover from sickness. 55, 77.

Currants.--To dream of eating white currants, brings some happy tidings; red currants, show that your lover is constant; black ones, marriage. 1, 2, 10.

Cypress.--Signifies misfortune. 37.

Dagger.--To dream of a dagger, you may expect news of absent persons. 63.

Dance.--To be at a dance, shows success in love and friendship. 11, 17, 55.

Danger.--To dream of being in danger, shows success in life; to shun it, misfortune. 18.

Day.--To dream of a clear day, is a happy sign. 3, 24, 60.

Deeds.--To sign your name to deeds, is a bad sign; to a man, loss in business; to a woman, the inconstancy of her lover. 71.

Deer.--If you see it, you will receive good news; if you kill it, you will fall heir to an estate. 4, 8, 60.

Devil.--Superstitious people may dream of seeing this arch-enemy of mankind. If so, it foretells that they will go away from home to be absent some time. It also shows that they will be very fortunate in life. To a young girl it is a sign that she will either be well married and leave home, or leave for some other reason. 6, 9.

Dice.--To dream of playing with dice is a sign of disgrace, or that you will do some act that, if it is not bad in itself, will cause people to censure you for. To a young girl engaged to be married, dreaming of dice foretells that her lover will be wild and not of much moment. 7, 8.

Difficulty.--If you imagine in your dream that you are in great difficulty, or in personal danger of any kind, it is a favorable sign, as such dreams always go by contrary. If you fear you are about losing money, you will get some; if your life is in peril, it foretells happiness; if you imagine your sweetheart snubs you, she'll surely be kind and willing, etc. 5, 6, 9.

Digging.--To dream of digging in clean and healthy ground is a sign of thrift, and good luck generally; if the ground be dirty or wet, it shows trouble; if you are digging for gold and find large and rich lumps, it shows you'll have some good luck, but if the product is meagre, or if you don't find any, it foretells disappointment. If you lose any of your tools it is a sign of a quarrel. 8, 65.

Dinner.--If you dream of sitting down to dinner with a large company, it is a sign you will either go on a journey, or change the present location either of your dwelling or business. 31.

Dirt.--To roll in the dirt, poverty; to have dirt thrown at you, sickness and slander. 11, 33, 64.

---- To dream of dirty dirt or mud, signifies that some one will speak ill of you. If it is clean sand or soil, and you do not get befouled with it, it is a sign of thrift and good fortune. If some one throws dirt on you, it foretells that you will be abused. 62, 78.

Disease.--If you dream you have any contagious or foul disease on you, it foretells luck and benefit, as such a dream goes by contrary. If you dream of a running sore, it shows that you will have plenty of money and spend it freely. If a young girl dreams she has any contagious disease, she will probably fall in love soon after. 19, 68.

Dispute.--A bad sign, if you are in the wrong. 65.

Ditches.--To dream of ditches, steep mountains, rocks, and other eminences, foretells danger and misfortune; expect thieves to rob your dwelling, or that your children will be undutiful, and bring you into trouble; if you are in love, it foretells unhappiness if you marry your present sweetheart. 3, 21, 26.

Dog.--To dream of a dog, shows that your friends are faithful; if he appears to be sleeping, you need have no fears; but if he runs and barks, pay attention to yourself and your affairs; if he runs behind you, somebody is slandering you; if he is fighting with another dog, fear persecution; if with a cat, you will quarrel; coupled with a slut, you will be guilty of dissipation and vice. 4, 50.

Doves.--Significant of good, in games of chance; success in amours and pleasures. 1, 22, 29.

Drowning.--For a man to dream of drowning, brings happiness to him; for a female, a lover and happy marriage. 32, 60.

Drunkenness.--To dream of being drunk, portends riches and health; if a person dreams that he is drunk, without having tasted liquor, it is a very bad sign: he will shortly commit some bad action; to become drunk with good wine, means that he will make the acquaintance of a person of high station. To be drunk and feel sad, indicates treachery of relatives. To be drunk and vomit, signifies loss of fortune by gambling. If a person dreams of being intoxicated by drinking water, it shows that he will boast untruly of having rich and grand connections. To see a drunken man, shows that you will be guilty of some foolish action. 13, 18, 42.

Duel.--To be present at a duel, brings quarrels and rivalry in love; to fight a duel, denotes anger; to be wounded, sorrow; to dream that you are killed, signifies the divorce of your wife, and the loss of a friend. To kill another person, the death of a friend. 5, 16.

Duet.--With a lady, court her and you will win her; with a man, beware of him. 10, 16.

Dung.--To dream of it, denotes that you will be brought to shame and misery by dissipation. 20, 25, 31, 60.

Eagles.--To see one in your sleep, flying above you, is a good sign; if it lights upon your head, some accident will befall you; if it convey you into the air, some relative or friend will die. 2, 8, 40.

Earthquake.--To dream of, foretells sickness. 14, 17, 20.

Eating.--To dream of eating, shows that you are deceived; to eat broiled meat, good fortune; to eat turnips, quarrelling; to eat salad, sickness. 2, 21, 69.

Eclipse.--Of the Sun, foretells great losses; of the Moon, small misfortunes. 14, 56.

Eel.--To dream of catching a live eel, signifies that you are in danger from the malice and treachery of enemies. If dead, misfortune. 7, 17.

Eggs.--Mean happiness; to see many broken eggs, is a sign of quarrelling and lawsuits; fresh eggs, good news. 8, 39, 65, 66.

Elephant.--To see one, fear and danger for the rich; to give him food, some great person will befriend you; to get on his back, good fortune. 62, 78.

Elopement.--Signifies an offer of marriage. 18, 25, 66.

Enterprise.--If you dream that you are engaged in some great enterprise, it shows that you will miscarry in what you have already undertaken. 1, 24.

Entrails.--To see them is a good sign, if they belong to another person; but if to yourself, it is bad. 14, 19.

Embrace.--To dream of embracing relatives, is a warning of treachery; if friends, disappointments; if one unknown embrace you, you will travel; the embrace of a woman brings good luck. 19, 69.

Embroidery.--To dream of embroidery, shows that you are proud and ambitious; to wear an embroidered dress, signifies honor and wealth. 1, 16, 79.

Eruptions.--To dream of your body being covered with blotches, shows that a great fortune will fall to you. 12, 34.

Evening.--To dream of it, danger. 6, 12, 60.

Excuse.--To seem to be making excuses in your dreams, shows that you will tell lies. 71, 75.

Eye.--If you dream you see a person with a defective eye, it denotes disappointment; to see a glaring squint-eye in your dream, shows that you will be defeated or crossed in some enterprise. To dream that your own eyes are defective, or squint, is a sure sign of bad luck; sore eyes, denote sickness; blindness, death. 3, 6, 8.

Face.--To dream your face is swelled, shows that you will accumulate wealth; if you are in love, it denotes that your sweetheart will receive an unexpected legacy and marry you. 7, 8.

Fainting.--To dream of fainting, shows you are wanton. 3, 11, 29.

Fairy.--If you dream of seeing a fairy, you will meet a woman who will seduce you from the path of propriety, and make your life vexatious. 1, 7, 16.

Falling.--If you dream that you fall down, but rise again quickly, you will attain to much honor; but if, on the contrary, you remain where you fell, you will live obscure and in poverty. 21, 30, 37.

Farewell.--To say farewell, or to hear another say it, is a bad sign; you will hear painful news. 5, 40.

Fat.--To eat fat, you will overcome all obstacles; to cut it, loss of fortune and friends. 3, 14, 17.

Fatigue.--To dream of being very tired foretells that you will be well rewarded for your industry. 29, 39, 71.

Fan.--Your mistress will be inconstant. 5, 23, 31.

Fault.--If you dream you commit a fault, be very careful in your conduct; if you see a fault in a lady who is very dear to you, should you trust her, she will be faithful to you in everything. 18, 78.

Favor.--To dream you ask a favor of a person of high standing, means loss of time in seeking that which you cannot obtain. To win the favors of a woman, signifies that the lady you love bestows her regard on another, and laughs at you. 49.

Fear.--To feel fear, signifies that you will be courageous in your waking moments; to dream of frightening others, shows that your courage is weak. 19, 46, 62.

Feet.--To dream that your feet are cut off, foretells pain; washing them, signifies gluttony; lame and dirty feet, sickness; to dream of having many feet, shows that one of yours is in danger. This dream for a merchant is a very good omen. To burn a foot, is a bad sign. If your feet appear to be light, and you seem to be dancing, you will have much pleasure and many friends. To kiss another person's feet, shows abasement and disgrace. Sore feet means losses in journeys, delays and hindrances in business; limping feet foretells shame. If the dreamer is in prison he will be found guilty and punished; if he is rich he will lose part of his property by fire. 1, 5, 10, 20.

Fiddle.--If you hear it played, it brings happiness in your domestic life; if it be silent, mourning; if you play upon it, you will engage in desperate enterprises. 11, 60.

Field.--Persecution; to be in a field, deception through false and unworthy friends. 11, 16, 72.

Fight.--To see women fighting, signifies jealousy; men, sorrow. 4, 9, 48, 57.

Figs.--To dream of eating good figs signifies joy and happiness; if the figs are mouldy or defective, your pleasure will be marred by some disagreeable event. Engaged lovers who dream of this fruit will probably experience some fortunate surprise at their wedding if it comes off soon after the dream. 6.

Figures.--All figures below 78, signify success; above 78, uncertainty. 20, 42.

Fine.--To dream you pay a fine, signifies gain. 1.

Finger.--A scalded finger, signifies envy; a cut finger, grief; to see more fingers than five, shows new relatives. 5, 11, 55.

Fire.--If it is blazing furiously, danger and separation of friends; if it is extinguished, poverty. If a female makes a fire without much trouble, she will have fine healthy children; if she has much difficulty in kindling it, she will meet with shame and dishonor. If you burn yourself, you will have a fever. A sparkling fire denotes money in abundance. 6, 46, 69.

Flag.--If you see it waving, it signifies danger; if you bear it, honor and glory. 21, 40.

Flesh.--If a person dream that he is becoming fleshy, he will soon be rich and spend much money on dress. If you dream you are wasting away, you will soon become poor. To imagine your flesh sun-burnt, denotes to a man, treacherous friends; to a woman, adultery and divorce. To see one's flesh yellow, is a prediction of wasting fever. To see your flesh full of scars and bugs, signifies great riches. To dream that you eat the flesh of another man, bids you beware of acquiring property by foul means. 13, 14, 29.

Flour.--Death in your neighborhood. 21, 56, 72.

Flowers.--To see them in season, and of bright colors, signifies a pleasant and amorous life; to see them out of season, and white, the frustration of your plans; if they appear yellow, bad success in your undertakings. Red flowers denote courage. To receive flowers, success in love. 42, 50.

Fool.--To dream that you are a fool, foretells happiness and friends, and the birth of children. 19, 20, 30, 54, 60.

Forehead.--To dream that you see yourself having a handsome forehead, shows that you possess great spirit; if it is very much rounded, it is a sign of good fortune. To dream that you have a forehead of iron, steel, or brass, shows that you carry extreme hatred to your enemies. A large, fleshy forehead shows eloquence, courage, and power. 46, 57.

Fork.--Beware of flattery. 17, 23.

Fountain.--To dream you are at a fountain of clear water, is a very favorable omen to every one; it denotes lucrative operations in business matters, and great happiness and success in love and marriage. If the waters are muddy or roiled, it foretells that your good luck will be attended with troubles and vexations. 55, 62.

Fox.--A sign of thieves; to dream of fighting with them, shows that you will have to deal with some cunning enemy; to keep a tame fox, signifies that you will love a lewd woman, or have a bad servant, who will rob you. A number of foxes, false friends. 4, 7, 11.

Friends.--To dream of being among friends, to young persons, signifies union; to laugh with them, quarrels. 5, 27, 56.

Frog.--A frog is a sign of immodesty; frogs, flatterers. 4.

Funeral.--To dream of attending a funeral shows that you will probably be soon at a wedding or some gay party. If, in your dream, you see a funeral pass, it denotes a pleasure party out of doors, such as a picnic or excursion. 5, 11, 29.

Gag.--If you dream that your mouth is stopped by a gag, it denotes that you will soon thereafter be kissed by a pretty girl. To a young girl, such a dream predicts that she will see some gentleman who takes her fancy, and perhaps will fall in love with him. 6, 9.

Gain.--If acquired justly, you may hope for wealth; if by injustice, you will lose your fortune. 30, 31.

Gallantry.--If a man dream that he is very gallant, he will enjoy good health; to a female, the same dream brings good luck; to a girl, inconstancy. 27.

Gallop.--On a bay horse, trouble, which will soon pass away; on a black horse, misfortune; a white horse, signifies a life of pleasure. 51.

Gallows.--To dream of a gallows is a good omen, as it denotes that you will have a chance to make money, and if you are smart enough to avail yourself of the opportunity, it will be all right. To those embarking in new enterprises, such a dream foretells success. 6, 8, 40.

Gambling.--To win at gambling, shows the death of a friend; to lose, you will change your residence. 2, 22, 56, 77.

Garden.--Your fortune will be enlarged. To walk in one, joy. 15, 73.

Garlic.--To dream of eating garlic, is a prediction of quarrels, and the discovery of secrets. 49, 56.

Garter.--Signifies weakness. 1.

Giant.--To dream of being a giant, brings danger to the dreamer. To meet one, honor; a happy life to him who overthrows one. 63, 71, 75.

Gift.--To dream of receiving gifts, denotes good luck; you will marry the girl of your choice, and prosper in what you undertake. 42.

Gilt.--To have garments covered with gold lace, signifies great honor. 49, 60.

Girdle.--To wear a girdle, denotes economy; to lay it down, wantonness. 3.

Glass.--To dream of receiving a glass of water, signifies that you will soon be married; if you break it, your lover will forsake you. 28, 42, 52.

Gloves.--To dream of wearing good gloves, brings happiness; if the gloves are torn, many disappointments. 4, 24, 67.

Goat.--A white goat foretells unexpected gain; a black one, misfortune. 17, 27.

Gold.--The sign of ambition and avarice. 63, 74.

Goose.--To see a goose or geese, shows that you will be troubled with disagreeable visitors. 38, 48, 56.

Grain.--To see a large field of grain, signifies a good marriage, and good business; to carry grain, weakness. 14, 27.

Grapes.--A sign of pleasure. To eat white grapes, great gain; black ones, loss. 11, 18, 32, 33.

Grass.--Poverty. 11.

Grasshoppers.--An unfavorable sign for the sick. 12.

Grave.--To dream of seeing one, signifies disappointment and sorrow; to a lover, loss of his mistress; to a maid, her sweetheart will forsake her. To come out of a grave, denotes success in what is undertaken; if you are in love, you will marry your sweetheart. 19, 51.

Guitar.--Luck in love affairs, if the dreamer sings and plays on the instrument at the same time. 4, 20, 45.

Gun.--To dream of firing a gun, or hearing the report of a gun, denotes strife; if you imagine some friend fires it, it shows that there will be a difficulty with him. If you dream of killing a bird, squirrel, or other animal by shooting it, it foretells that you will act rashly in some quarrel. For a lover to dream of firing a gun is a sign he will have trouble with his sweetheart. 7, 16.

Hail.--Losses, disappointments, and troubles through life. 14, 56, 60.

Hair.--Black hair, cut short, signifies misfortune; hair glossy, new friends; brown hair, solicitude and despondency. If your hair falls out, loss of a friend; if it is matted, you will have either a long lawsuit or ill success in what you undertake. If your hair appears to be white, be prudent with what money you may have, or you will have great difficulty in gaining more. To a woman, the dream of being bald, denotes sudden poverty; to a man, much happiness. 1, 16, 40.

Hair-Dressing.--Is a sign of danger. If a woman dreams she is dressing the hair of a lady, it brings bad luck to herself; if her hair be dressed by another person, she will marry and become rich. 5, 30.

Hand.--To dream of having white, handsome hands, augurs good success in business, and the affection of relatives. To burn your hand or have it cut off, signifies to a man, loss of his best friends; to a woman, the loss of her husband, or a near relative. If a person dream that his hand is becoming smaller, it shows he is in danger from some one of his family. To dream of working with the right, brings happiness; with the left, sorrow and misfortune. A hairy hand signifies imprisonment. Clean, ruddy hands, denote for the poor, friends who will assist; to the rich, an idle and dissolute life. To have many hands, luck and high standing; but for thieves, this dream predicts that they will be overtaken and punished. To take up fire in the hand, without being burned, means that you will execute all your plans without hindrance. To beat with the hand, signifies that the dreamer, if married, will enjoy domestic quiet; if unmarried, that you will regain the love of your sweetheart. For a woman to beat her husband, shows that she must be careful how she treats him, although he loves her. If a woman beat her lover, it shows that she will lose him. To look at one's own hand, weakness. 5, 16, 45.

Hanged.--To dream that you see a person hanged, or that you are hung yourself, denotes that you will rise to great honor, and that you will better your fortune by marriage. 5, 19.

Harlequin.--Your sweetheart will betray you. 49, 63.

Harp.--To hear a harp played, signifies recovery to the sick. 2, 50.

Hare.--To see a hare, denotes that the dreamer will engage in some profitable enterprise. 65.

Harvest.--Significant of success in business. 19, 31.

Hate.--If you feel hatred to a person in a dream, it shows that you are hated by him. 11, 13.

Hat.--If it is torn, shows that the dreamer's life is vicious. 8, 22.

Hay.--Accidents of a dangerous kind. 1, 11, 17.

Head.--To dream of having your head prettily dressed, shows that you are in danger. 40, 42, 61.

Heart.--Suffering; dangerous sickness; for a married man, a bad dream. 62.

Heat.--If you dream of being in a place that is extremely hot, or if the weather is so hot that the heat affects you, it shows that some person is preparing either to attack you or give you a good scolding; if you perspire freely, it is a sign you will meet them at advantage, but if you are feverish, it shows that you will be either injured, or else will have your feelings badly hurt. 3, 8, 7.

Heaven.--If any one dreams of this abode of the blessed, that he or she is ascending to Heaven, or is already enjoying its delights, it shows that some joyful event is to happen, such as the birth of an heir to childless people, good fortune to those who are poor, distinction to the wealthy, and high honors to the ambitious. If lovers have such a dream, it foretells an early marriage under the most auspicious circumstances, and that their wedding will be attended with troops of congratulating friends, who will shower presents upon them. 11, 4.

Hell.--To dream of seeing hell, denotes that the dreamer's life is a bad one, and an intimation to him of reformation. 1, 57, 61, 78.

Hens.--To dream of seeing hens that appear happy, and are singing, is an excellent omen, as it foretells thrift, and a large number of children, and domestic enjoyment generally; if the hens are disturbed and cackling, it shows that something will occur to mar your happiness. If you dream of a hen with many young chickens around her, it is a sign that some one in the family will soon get married. If a young girl dreams this, she will possibly get married before the chickens have time to grow up to henhood. 13, 8.

Hide, or Hidden.--To dream of concealing anything by hiding it, or putting it in an out-of-the-way place, is a sign that some one will reveal a secret that you have told, or will tell of something that you desired to have concealed; if you find anything that was hidden, and expose it to view, it shows that you will be astonished at some piece of scandal or other information that will be told to you in confidence about another person. It is a bad omen for lovers to dream of hiding things, as it predicts that their intimacy will be talked about as suspicious. 6, 9.

Hills.--To dream of travelling over steep hills, shows that you will experience much care and trouble, and meet with many disappointments; to the lover it denotes rivalry. 9, 36.

Hips.--Strong hips signify healthy and handsome children. 6, 8, 45, 55.

Horns.--To see horns on the head of another person, danger to the dreamer; on your own, wealth and importance. 71, 76.

Honey.--Pleasure and a happy life. 13.

Horse.--To see horses in your dreams is symptomatic of good. If a woman dreams that she is mounted on a strong, handsome horse, it shows that she will marry a rich person, who will love her. To fall from a horse, denotes misfortune and disappointment. 4, 21, 32, 44.

Hospital.--To dream of being in one, misery. 21.

Hotel.--To see one, denotes a peaceful life and prosperity; to live in one, a mixed existence of pleasure and pain. 45.

House.--To see a house, you may hope for a fortunate change in your affairs; to dream of possessing one, bids you expect misfortune and sickness. 1, 8, 16, 17.

Hungry.--To be very hungry in your dreams, denotes that you will become rich and honored through your genius and industry. To eat and be satisfied, shows a speedy marriage. 10, 12, 16, 66.

Hunting.--To dream of going a-hunting, brings an accusation of dishonesty; if you are returning from the chase, good fortune awaits you. 14, 37, 61.

Ice.--It is a very favorable omen to dream of ice; your sweetheart will be of a very amiable temper and faithful. It denotes success and riches to the trader; to the farmer, plentiful harvests. To be sliding or skating on the ice, shows that you will engage in some unprofitable undertaking, and fail of success. If you love, your sweetheart is fickle and deceives you, and you will not have your desire; to military men, it foretells much trouble. 11, 15, 54.

Illumination.--To dream of an illumination augurs success in life, and much happiness; if the light begins to disappear, sorrow and many tears will be your portion. 13, 56.

Ink.--Denotes that your expectations will be realized. 14, 24, 36, 65.

Inn.--To dream of being at an inn, is very unfavorable; it denotes poverty and unsuccessfulness in business; to the lover, the unfaithfulness of his sweetheart; to the tradesman, loss of business and dishonest agents. 5, 28, 47.

Inquest.--To dream that you are present at a coroner's inquest, is a bad sign; you will soon squander your fortune. 47.

Inundation.--Misfortunes and troubles. 22, 25.

Iron.--Unfavorable dream; red iron signifies the shedding of blood. 14, 37, 60.

Island.--To dream that you are on a deserted island shows that you will commit some act to disgust your friends and make them cut your acquaintance; be careful how you behave after dreaming such a dream. 8, 11.

Itch.--To dream that you have the itch, or that your body itches, shows that you will shortly receive money. 38, 49.

Ivory.--Denotes to the dreamer, that his love is placed on a young and beautiful girl. 53, 55.

Ivy.--To dream of seeing this vine running over and covering any house, is a sign of poverty, particularly if the ivy grows thick and abundant; if you dream that it covers your own house, the sign is still more sure; for a farmer to dream that he sees ivy covering a tree, denotes bad crops. A girl who dreams of being in a bower covered with ivy, will probably marry a poor and shiftless man. 7, 30, 53.

Jail.--If a man dreams he is confined in a prison or jail, it shows that he will have honors or dignities conferred upon him, as such dreams go contrariwise; if his arrest and imprisonment worries him, it only shows that he will be the more delighted with his new dignities. This is an excellent dream for politicians and office-holders, and as many of that class of people are great rascals, the jail is what they would naturally dream of. 47, 6.

Jar.--To dream that a house is jarred or shaken by an earthquake, an explosion, or anything that may occur outside, is a sign that the head of the family in that house will be sick. Jars of preserved fruit or jellies, seen in a dream, are good omens; if you dream you are presented with one or more of them, it shows that you will be long-lived and thrifty. 7, 34, 18.

Jelly.--To dream of having pots of jelly given to you, or that you are eating jelly, and that plenty of it is around, is a sure sign of long life, and good fortune generally; as many pots as are given to you, or as you may have, so many generations will you live to see. The same rule applies to preserved fruits. 6, 9, 11.

Jew.--If you dream that a genuine Israelite comes along and annoys you in any way, it is a sign you will quarrel with your father; if you imagine that he cheats you in a bargain, it predicts that you will probably receive a present from some near relative; on the contrary, if he gives you an advantage in the bargain, it shows that your father, or some elderly relative, will ask a favor of you. 19, 64.

Jig.--To dream of dancing a jig with a lady is a sign she is in love with you, or is pleased with you; and if you like her, you may go in at once for her favor with much confidence. The omen is the same to a girl who dreams. 5, 41.

Jealousy.--To be jealous, shows that you are betrayed. 70.

Jewels.--To dream of possessing jewels, shows that you will lose something you highly value. If you see jewels, and are tempted to take them, you are in danger of committing some disgraceful action. 23, 46, 60.

Joy.--To be joyful in sleep, is a forerunner of bad tidings. 14.

Jumping.--To dream of jumping up, foretells high station; to jump down, poverty, if you fall; if you alight on your feet, you will be neither poor nor rich. To jump in the mire, disgrace. 42, 54.

Key.--To lose it, signifies hate and anger; to find a key, brings fortune and love. 18, 49, 57, 70.

King.--To see a king, or speak to one, shows riches and honor. 32.

Kiss.--To kiss the earth, shows sorrow and care; to kiss the hands of a lady, good luck; if you kiss her face you will be successful in love and trade, through courage. To be kissed signifies disagreeable visitors. 13, 47.

Knee.--Broken, poverty; bent knees, signify sickness. To dream of falling on the knees, denotes misfortune in business. To see a woman's knees, good luck, and marriage to the girl of your choice. For a woman to see a man's knee, shows that she will have many male children. 15, 28.

Knife.--To dream of knives, foretells disputes and anger; to cut any one with a knife, shows disappointment in love; to be sharpening a knife, signifies success in life. 7, 34, 47.

Knight.--To see an armed knight, foretells good fortune; if you put on his armor, be prudent, you are in danger; if you take it off, the danger will pass away. To see the armor, only, you will overcome all difficulties. 7, 3O.

Ladies.--To see one, a sign of weakness; many ladies, brings calumny and slander. To see a lighthaired one, is a happy event to the dreamer; a brunette, sickness; a pregnant lady, brings good news; a naked lady, signifies the death of a relative. To hear a lady speak, without seeing her, foretells departure. 5, 19, 41.

Ladder.--To dream of going up a ladder, foretells the possession of wealth; to come down, poverty. 11, 21, 43.

Land.--To dream of land, signifies that you will travel; to live in the country, means loss of property. 65.

Lamp.--To light one, signifies suffering and sorrow; if it be soon extinguished, you will die young. 56.

Lark.--To dream of the lark shows speedy increase of fortune. 5, 27, 49.

Laughter.--Is a sign of tears. 17, 19, 26, 47.

Laurel.--Signifies success, to men; to women, the birth of children; to girls, speedy marriage. 76.

Lawyer.--To dream of meeting a lawyer, brings bad tidings; if you speak to him, you will lose some property; if you hear some one speaking in his favor, you will meet with some misfortune. 15, 34.

Law.--To dream of instituting a suit at law, or entering a criminal complaint against any one, shows that some enemy will injure you pecuniarily, or that you will lose money by speculation or trade; if you dream you are sued, or prosecuted criminally, the sign is the reverse; you will probably receive money unexpectedly, or to be uncommonly successful in your pursuits. 1, 18,16, 25.

Lazy.--to dream that you see lazy people lounging around, and that you are vexed with them, is a sign of bad luck to some of your relatives, who will depend upon you to assist them; if, in your dream, you imagine yourself to be lazy and sleepy over your work, it foretells either sickness or that you will meet with a loss.

Lean.--To dream of lean and bony cattle, or hogs, is a bad omen, as it foretells short crops to farmers and dull business to other callings; but if you dream that you yourself have grown lean and cadaverous, it shadows forth the best kind of luck and success; it is also an excellent dream to see thin and lean people around. A girl who dreams that her lover has grown lean, may be sure he will grow rich in proportion. 4, 9, 6.

Leaves.--A bad sign. 39, 62, 73.

Legs.--to dream of thick and fat legs is a bad omen, as it foreshadows sickness; thin, spindle-shank legs are excellent ones to dream about, as they denote a successful race with fortune. It is not to be supposed that a lover will ever dream of his sweetheart's legs, but if he should do so he will probably imagine them to be round, plump, and of an alabaster whiteness. 10, 42.

Leopards.--Signify fortune of different kinds; happiness and misfortune following each other in succession. 1, 4, 45.

Letters.--To write or receive them, good news. 55.

Letter-Carrier.--News of an absent friend. 18, 51.

Liberty.--To dream of taking liberties with any one, bids you be careful of them; if others take liberties with you, it shows they intend to cheat you. 10, 27, 30, 50.

Lice.--Signify wealth, abundance of gold and silver. 23, 41, 54.

Lieutenant.--Poverty with honor. 15, 59.

Light.--A burning light signifies recovery to the sick; fortune and honor to the healthy. 31, 53.

Lightning.--If the dreamer sees lightning strike his house, or fall upon his head, it is the sign of the death of a relative. 39, 62, 73.

Lily.--To dream of seeing lilies in season, is a good sign; out of season, your hopes will be vain. 1, 6, 14, 27.

Limp.--To limp, shame. 18, 62.

Lion.--To see one, denotes admittance to the society of distinguished persons. To fight with a lion, signifies a quarrel with a dangerous person. If you overthrow him, victory over trials and sorrows. To sit or ride on the back of a lion, denotes the protection of some powerful personage. To dream of eating the flesh of a lion, shows some high office in store for you; the skin of a lion augurs great wealth. To see a lion run away, predicts great folly. To see a lioness, brings good luck to your family. 4, 44, 54, 60.

Liver.--Appearing to be diseased, dried, or burned, your life and fortune are in danger. To eat the liver of an enemy, shows that you will be victorious. 17, 61.

Lizard.--Misfortune through false and deceitful friends. 12, 40.

Looking-Glass.--The sign of treachery. 3, 21, 26.

Love.--To dream that you are enslaved by the love of a woman, shows a sorrowful life; not to return the love of a woman, success; to love a young girl, joy; a handsome woman, wantonness; to love an old woman, misery. 13, 47.

Mallow.--Deliverance from sorrow, and good business. 19.

Manager.--To dream you are manager of any concern, means poverty; if you forsake it, your affairs will immediately improve. 8.

Marble.--37, 39.

Man.--Dressed in white, good luck; in black, misfortune; a murdered man, security; armed man, sorrow. 1, 19.

Mare.--To see a mare with a handsome saddle and bridle, foretells that you will be married to a handsome young lady; if the mare appear old and lame, you will be connected with some lewd woman who will ruin you. 4, 17, 19, 25.

Maggots.--To dream of seeing anything putrid and covered with maggots is a sign of a death; but the death may be that of your favorite dog, cat, or bird, though such a dream often foretells the death of a relative or friend. 7, 6.

Maid.--If you dream you are pleased with a pretty chambermaid, milkmaid, or any clean and nice-looking young girl whose occupation carries with it the title of maid, it is a good omen, for it predicts an excellent match, and plenty of children. It also foretells, in many cases, that the dreamer will marry a rich wife. For a married woman to dream this, is a sign she will have trouble with servants. 9, 11, 41.

Manners.--To dream of ill-mannered people who annoy you by their awkwardness and selfish conduct, shows that you will shortly go on a journey and be introduced to a fool. See Ill-Mannered.

Map.--To dream of looking over a map is a sign of an agreeable surprise by the arrival of some dear friend from a distance. If a girl dreams this when her lover is away, he will return unexpectedly. 8, 5, 3.

Market.--To dream you are in a large market, where all kinds of meats and vegetables are sold, is a sign you will want money that it will be difficult and perhaps impossible to raise; it is a bad sign for tradesmen and others who have notes to pay. 11, 44.

Marriage.--If any one should be so unfortunate as to dream that he or she was present at a happy and jolly wedding, it denotes that they will attend a funeral; it will not necessarily be at the burial of either of the persons you dreamed you saw married, but you will undoubtedly be called to mourn some friend or relative. To go to weddings when one is wide awake is exceedingly pleasant, but we should be careful how we dream about them. To dream of being married yourself, foretells your death. 4, 29.

Mask.--Hypocrisy. 16.

Mass.--To dream of hearing mass, denotes high honor and a happy life. 7.

Match.--A sign of the acquisition of wealth. 3.

Meals.--To dream that you are eating alone, shows avarice; if in company with others, extravagance. 4, 5, 15.

Meadow.--To dream of being in a meadow, is a good sign for workingmen or shepherds; to others it signifies embarrassment in their business. 12.

Medicine.--To take medicine, foretells poverty; to give any one medicine, gain. 7, 15.

Melons.--To eat them, recovery from sickness. 8, 20, 35.

Midwife.--To see a midwife, signifies future trouble 1, 5.

Milk.--Dreaming of milk, predicts to a man the love of a lady. If a newly married lady dream that she has a full breast of milk, it is a sign that she will be happily delivered of a fine child; to an old woman, it portends much money. 14.

Mill.--Not going, single and dreary life; moving, happy and eventful existence. 16, 28, 39.

Minister.--Benevolence. 27.

Money.--To find money, mourning and loss; to lose money, good business; to see it without taking it, anger and disappointment; to count it, gain. 45.

Moon.--To see the moon, foretells delay in receiving money due; if its light be dim and clouded, trouble; if it be dark, misfortune; bright, high honor. 13, 29.

Mother.--An omen of good luck to the dreamer. To appear to live with her, security of fortune; to speak to her, good news; to dream of seeing her dead, danger to your person and property. 34, 45, 47.

Mountain.--To see a mountain, shows that you will travel to distant lands. 13, 20, 16.

Mouth.--A large mouth, denotes riches; a small one, poverty; an open mouth, generosity; a mouth closed tightly, sickness. 10.

Mulatto.--To see a mulatto in sleep, brings good luck; a female mulatto, dangerous sickness. 14, 15.

Murder.--A bad dream; it signifies danger. 7, 13, 20.

Mushroom.--Long life. 40.

Music.--Signifies consolation. 11, 13, 23.

Mustard.--Bad sign, except for physicians. 17, 23.

Myrtle.--You will receive a declaration of love. 19, 21.

Nails.--Signify an attack on your character. 11, 18, 20, 48.

Naked.--To dream of walking about naked, signifies disappointment through your friends and relations; to see a naked woman means honor and joy. 8, 76.

Napkin.--A white napkin denotes orderly conduct, which will bring happiness; a dirty napkin, disorderly behavior. 36, 65.

Navel.--To dream of having a sore navel, signifies bad tidings from absent parents. 6, 12.

Needles.--Deceit and mischief. 5, 40, 44, 52.

Nest.--To find a bird's-nest, signifies the augmentation of your family; to see a nest of snakes, a bad reputation. 18, 28, 45.

Negro.--To dream of being frightened or assaulted by a negro is a good sign, as it denotes safety; if the negro comes toward you in a pleasant and agreeable way, it shows that you will meet with a loss or be robbed; to see a grinning, pleasant-looking negro in your dream, forebodes trouble through the conduct of a dependent. 14, 69.

Niagara.--As every one has heard of this great cataract, and multitudes have seen it, it is not strange that a good many people dream of going there; such a dream is a sign that you will be embarrassed in company by a sensation of some kind.

Nightcap.--For a girl to dream that she forgot to take off her nightcap, but received company in it, is a sign she will be kissed by a strange gentleman, or that some stranger will be smitten by her charms; if a married woman dreams this, it foretells that her husband will be jealous of her, and, perhaps, not without cause. 17, 21.

Nobility.--Should anybody be so foolish as to dream that they are created a Duke, an Earl, or that they have conferred upon them any patent of nobility, it is a sign of shiftlessness and poverty. If a girl dreams that a lord is in love with her, she will be apt to marry a shiftless and needy fellow. 1, 11, 41.

Nodding.--For a girl to dream that she was so sleepy in church as to nod toward the minister, is a sign she will have a young parson for her husband; if a young man dreams this, he will be apt to shin up to the minister's daughter, provided his position warrants it; and if not, that he will marry a girl noted for her piety.

Nightingale.--Light amours; to hear it sing, happiness. 10.

Noise.--To hear a noise, is a sign of joy; to make a noise, your vanity will be punished. 2, 15.

Nose.--To dream of having a large nose, denotes debauchery; crooked nose, infidelity; a nose eaten away, wantonness; if your nose appear to be larger than usual, you will become rich. 41, 57.

Nun.--For a young girl to dream of seeing a sober-looking nun, is a sign of celibacy; if she imagines she speaks to the nun, she may safely calculate on being an old maid; if a young man dreams this, it foretells that he will suspect his sweetheart of being untrue to him, and probably discard her altogether. 4, 9, 6.

Nurse.--Signifies anger. 24.

Oats.--to see a field of ripe oats, brings happiness; misfortune, to see it cut down. 1, 11, 40.

Oak.--A sign of wealth and long life. 11, 18.

Obelisk.--A sign of fame and wealth; if you mount it, great honors will be conferred upon you. 60.

Office.--Benevolence. 12, 21, 24.

Officer.--Unpaid services. 16, 75.

Oil.--To dream it is spilled on the floor, signifies damage; to spill it on yourself, profit. 6, 7, 17, 75.

Onions.--Foretells the discovery of secrets. 2, 9.

Organ.--To play it, the death of a relative. 9, 26, 70.

Owl.--An owl is the sign of crosses and grief. 26, 37, 32, 53, 65.

Ox.--To see, in dreaming, an ox at labor, brings joy; an ox drinking water, is a bad sign; a mad ox, quarrels; without horns, happy success; fat, fortune is near; lean, poverty; white, honor and favor; black, danger. If he walk on his hind legs, many troubles; if he jump, rivalry. It is a good sign to see one eat. 2, 4, 12, 24.

Oysters.--A good sign. 55.

Paint.--To cover your own cheeks with paint, signifies that you are deceitful; to paint the face of a lady, shows that she deceives you. To see a painted lady, warns you not to trust her. 5, 18, 23.

Palace.--To dream of seeing a palace is a favorable sign; to live in one, good luck; if it burn, you run the risk of losing your fortune. 61.

Palm-Tree.--Signifies marriage to girls; to women, children; success and fame for men. 26, 36.

Pancakes.--To bake them, intrigues; to eat them, indulgence in sinful pleasures. 14, 51.

Pantaloons.--Confidence and quiet. 17, 19, 27.

Panther.--To dream that you see one of these animals and are terrified by it, shows that you will be disgusted at the ingratitude of a friend you have served; if, in your dream, you see a tame panther, and caress it, it foretells that you have some ungrateful person in your household (perhaps a servant), or else a false-hearted friend. 4, 70.

Parade.--To dream of a parade of soldiers, and that you are delighted with the military display, foretells that some one will deceive you; to a business man it is an omen of losses by bad debts or dull trade; to a young girl it foreshadows a gay but false lover; to a married woman it is a sign that her husband, though kind, will be false to his vows. 5, 29, 8.

Parasol.--If a young woman dreams she has got a new parasol, it predicts for her a new lover; if she imagines she has broken her parasol, her lover (if she has one) will leave her; if not, then some male friend in whom she placed confidence, or derived advantage, will fail her; to a married woman, dreaming of a broken parasol is a very bad omen, as it predicts ruin to her husband. 16, 9.

Pardon.--To dream of asking pardon for an offence is a bad omen under any circumstances, as it foretells humiliation and disgrace; for a criminal to imagine, in his dream, that the Governor has pardoned him, is a sign that he will not only not be pardoned, but that he will suffer much remorse and unhappiness in his imprisonment. 61.

Parrot.--To dream that you are pleased with the chattering of one of these birds is a sign that some deceitful person will flatter you; if an engaged young girl has such a dream, she should look sharp to the antecedents of her lover before marriage, as it is ten to one that he is not worthy of her confidence; the dream may, however, point to some other flatterer. 38, 33, 51.

Parting.--To dream of parting from friends with regret, is a sign of disappointment; if a young girl dreams that her lover is going away anywhere, and she feels bad when he takes his leave, it predicts that he will not "go raving distracted with delight" the next time he comes to see her, and she will consequently be disappointed at his supposed coolness; but all this may not amount to anything more than to make her feel bad for the time being. 8, 2, 1.

Pawnbroker.--Some honorable and profitable office. 3, 16.

Peacock.--If a man dream he sees one, he will marry a beautiful woman; if a woman, she will marry a handsome man. 5, 29.

Pearl.--Solitude and tears. 9.

Pears.--Ripe and mellow pears, give joy and pleasure; choke-pears, bring misery and pain. 12, 21, 35, 53.

Peas.--To dream of eating peas, brings fortune and good business prospects. 47.

Penknife.--Infidelity in the married life. 22.

Pepper.--Avarice. 8.

Piano.--To dream of hearing pleasant and lively tunes played on the piano is a sign of thrift and domestic happiness; but if you dream of buying, or that any one presents you with a piano, it foreshadows poverty; it is a bad omen for a girl to dream she has got a beautiful new piano. 26, 70.

Pickles.--If a girl dreams of eating pickles, it is a sign some old bachelor will kiss her; if a young man dreams of pickled cucumbers, he will be beloved by a maid older than himself, and probably of a sour and crabbed temper. 9, 8.

Picnic.--For a young man to dream of going with a picnic party into the woods, is a sign that some silly girl will fall in love with him; if a young girl dreams this, some vain fellow will probably pay her attentions and compliments merely to gratify his own vanity. 9, 16.

Pigs.--Signify that there are sluggards who wish to live at your expense. 4, 50, 70.

Pins.--Slight quarrels. 46.

Pipe.--To break one, a quarrel; to smoke one, success. 18.

Pitcher.--Bankruptcy through your own carelessness. 18.

Pineapple.--To dream of this fruit is a sign of gold; if you see an abundance of it, you will receive plenty of gold soon after; a young girl who dreams of pineapples will probably get a rich husband. 11, 42.

Piss-abed.--To dream that you wet the bed in your sleep, is a sign you will lose something by fire; your house may not burn, but some article will either fall in the fire or be damaged by it--perhaps your servant may spoil some clothing while ironing. 42, 8.

Pistol.--To dream of arming yourself with a pistol foretells that you will lose caste, and perhaps become poor; if a girl dreams that her lover carries a pistol, she may be sure that he is below her in social life, and therefore an unpropitious or unsuitable match. 34, 11.

Pheasant.--Health and riches. 31.

Plains.--To dream of being on a beautiful plain, happiness. 66, 71.

Playing Ball.--Dreaming of playing ball, or seeing it played, foretells the speedy receipt of money; to see the ball roll about, signifies delay in its reception. 8, 9, 16.

Plough.--To dream of a plough coming toward you, denotes success in your enterprises; if going from you, embarrassments in business. 1, 27, 53.

Plums.--To see plums, care; to eat them, disappointment; plums out of season, indicate misfortune. 14,57.

Police Officer.--Such a dream should teach you to beware of false friends. 1,2,5,31.

Pond.--To dream of seeing a pond of clear water foretells fortune and wealth; if the water is muddy, sorrow and poverty; filled with large fish, an Increase of Property; dead fish in the pond, signify theft and bankruptcy. 3, 33, 51.

Pope.--Happiness in futurity. 38.

Port.--To see a seaport, gain, with pleasant tidings. 11, 49.

Portrait.--Long life to one who dreams of his own portrait; but treachery to one who receives his portrait. 18, 19, 29.

Post.--Obstacles to success. 16, 18.

Praise.--To praise some one, useless lies; to be praised, impudent flattery. 57, 62.

Presents.--To receive them from a distinguished person, denotes change of fortune for the better; a present from a man, signifies good advice; from a female, love; from a boy, trouble; to give a present, shows ingratitude. 42, 44. 46.

Preserves.--To make or eat them, foretells the acquisition of much money. 14, 50.

Priest.--To see a priest in your dreams denotes sickness; if the priest be clad in his robes, you will make confession of your faults. 5, 11, 40.

Prison.--To dream of entering a prison, happiness; to remain in it, consolation; to leave it, danger. 5, 51.

Promenade.--To be promenading, signifies joy, followed by sorrow. 13, 76.

Prostitute.--For a young man to dream of associating with prostitutes, is a sign of poverty and disgrace; if he dreams of seeing these girls anywhere, it foretells misfortune or bad luck; for a girl to fream of them, is a sign that her chastity is in danger. 38, 6.

Prude.--To dream that you are prudish, signifies that you are the reverse. 21, 40.

Psalm.--To be singing psalms, indicates trouble in business. 50, 56, 69.

Pyramids,--To dream of seeing pyramids, denotes the acquisition of honor and wealth; to stand on one, brings high station in society. 65.

Quail.--Bad tidings. 2, 6, 11.

Quarrel.--To quarrel with your sweetheart, denotes your speedy union together, with a friend, the loss of money. 35, 47.

Rabbit.--To dream of a black rabbit, denotes some bad accident; a white one, success. To eat one, good health. 4, 10, 12.

Rain.--If it rains lightly and unaccompanied by wind, it is a good dream for workingmen. To dream of a storm, is bad for men in business. For the poor man it is a sign of better fortune. 43, 45.

Rags.--Denotes shame and misery; to pick them, great pain. 24, 29, 37.

Rainbow.--To dream of seeing a rainbow in the west is a good sign for the poor and sick; in the east, a good omen for the rich. If it is overhead, look for misery and the death of some one you love. 10, 17, 70.

Raffle.--Raffling in your dream is the same as gambling; it foretells poverty and disgrace; to dream of raffling for poultry is a sign that your family (if you have one) will want bread; if you are single, it shows that you will be apt to get seedy and loaferish. 11, 34.

Raft.--To dream of seeing a raft foretells a journey--the longer the raft, the more extensive the line of travel; if you dream of sailing on a raft, it is a sign you will travel, with good success, in distant countries. 6, 32.

Rage.--If you dream that you are in a great rage in consequence of a mishap, or disagreeable event, it is a sign that some pleasant episode in connection therewith will occur to put you ina an excellent humor, as such dreams work contrariwise. 37, 63.

Railroad.--To dream of travelling by railroad, foretells to people who keep house that they will break up their establishment to young persons it indicates the loss of their home; to lovers it is a sign that if they marry they will not keep house long, if at all. 8, 11, 5.

Rainbow.--It is an excellent dream to imagine you see a briliant rainbow--the brighter the better; it denotes health and general prosperity; to lovers it foretells a happy marriage and riches. A young girl who dreams of a rainbow will either get an agreeable lover or a present. 13, 14.

Raking.--For a girl to dream of raking newly-mown hay, is a sign she will be married before the hay is eaten; young fellows who dream of raking hay with thier sweethearts had better get ready their necks for the matrimonial noose, as they are past praying for. 22, 32.

Ram.--If it butt you, it signifies loss of property. 4, 20.

Rats.--Secret enemies. 4, 16, 32.

Raven.--To see one, adultery and misfortune. 2, 3, 9.

Rays.--To have a crown of rays around your head, is a very favorable sign. If you see rays around the head of an enemy, he will defeat you; if you see rays around the head of a woman, make love to her, and you will succeed in your desires. 42, 61.

Repairing.--If you dream of repairing a house, it foretells sickness; but if you imagine that some needed repairs are already done when in fact they are not, it is a sign that you will have a piece of good luck in connection with that house; to dream that a house is pulled to pieces for repairs, foretells the death of the master of it. 9,4.

Reprieve.--If a criminal under sentence of death dreams of a reprieve or pardon, he may make up his mind that it is all over with him; and if any friend, who is interested in his fate, dreams this, it amounts to about the same thing. 6,11,3.

Reptile.--To dream of any animal that is called a reptile, such as snakes, toads, alligators, and the like, is a sign of a quarrel; if you imagine you are bitten, it shows that you will come out second best, or badly injured either in person or in reputation. If a girl dreams of a reptile, let her look sharp that her lover don't play her false. 39,8.

Rescue.--If you dream of rescuing any one from peril, it is a sign you will rise in the world, either by means of increased wealth, or new honors; to dream that you are rescued from drowning or from any other mode of death, shows that you will go into some successful business speculation with a partner. To lovers, such a dream foretells a speedy and happy union. 3, 86.

Resign.--If a person who holds an office or a trust of any kind, dreams of resigning, it is a sign of advancement; to any one who cannot be advanced, it shows that he will rise above his present position in society. 19,20.

Resuscitate.--To dream of resuscitating a drowned person, foretells that you will engage in some enterprise that attracts public attention; if the person thus brough to life is a female, it shadows forth marriage with a lady of public fame. 15.

Return.--If a person who is travelling or sojourning abroad dreams of returning home, it is a sign he will hear bad news; to dream of returning from a jouney before you have started to go on it, foretells that you will suffer from a serious accident, should you go. If a girl dreams that her lover returns after starting to go home, it foreshadows his death. 38, 6.

Ribs.--The dream of having the ribs broken, quarrel between husband and wife. 27.

Rice.--Denotes abundance, and increased happiness. 17, 71.

Rider.--A good sign to one who never rides on horseback; to fall from a horse, signifies loss. 6, 27.

Ring.--To receive one, friendship; to give a ring, confidence. 10, 38.

---- For a lady to dream that a gentleman presents her with a ring, or that she has a ring belonging to a gentleman, is a sign of a wedding; if a young man dreams that he has got a lady's ring, the omen is similar; to dream of finding a ring foretells that the person finding it will marry within a year. 44, 11.

Riot.--To dream of a public tumult or riot, is a sign of scarcity and bad crops to farmers, and dull business to tradesmen and mechanics; if any friend or relative is injured in the riot, you or they will probably suffer from misfortune; but if they are successful and pacify the crowd, it foretells that you will overcome your difficulties. 39. 61.

Rival.--For a lover to fream that he has a rival who annoys him, is a sign that he is in high favor with his sweetheart; such a dream to a young lady has a similar omen, and she has only to name the hapy day to settle the matter to her mind. 14, 15.

River.--To dream of crossing a large and clear river, foretells a splendid fortune; if the water is muddy or roiled, it predicts difficulties, but they will be overcome without accident; if a girl dreams this, it is a sign she will travel somewhere and get a rich husband. 17.

Read.--To be travelling on agood and straight road, denotes good luck; if it be uneven and muddy, you will have many obstacles to contend with; if it be very bad, some of those you deal with will cheat you. 39.

Robbers.--To dream of being attacked by robbers, shows loss of money or friemds. 19, 56.

Robin.--To dream of seeing robins around your house is a good omen, as it foretells abundance to Farmers and success to any one; if you do not see them, but hear them trilling, it foreshadows sickness and perhaps death. 6,3.

Rocket.--To dream of seeing rockets flying in the air, foretells joy and gladness at some event about to happen; to married people it denotes the birth of a child, or the marriage of a daughter if they have one old enough. If a young girl dreams of seeing a rocket, she needn't trouble herself further, as her speedy marriage is certain. 8,11.

Rocking-Chair.--You will obtain a good situation. 25.

Rocks.--If you are on them, prepare for trouble; if you come down from them, you will find friends. 21, 30, 36.

Rooster.--If a girl dreams of hearing a cock crow, it foretells that she will soon have a new lover if her lover dreams this, it is a sign that he has a formidable rival; if a married man or woman dreams of roosters, it shows that some outsider is enamored of the wife. 34.

Rosemary.--To see it, a good reputation; to smell it, mourning. 27, 30,43.

Roses.--To see them, or to hold them in the hand, in their season, is an excellent dream; out of season, it is a bad sign. 3,8,13,14,24.

Ruins.--To see them denotes repentence. 1.

Run.--It is a good sign to dream of running. To run naked, denotes infideltiy in marriage; to run after an enemy, victory; to see many people running signifies quarrels. 6, 15, 40.

Salad.--Sickness, if it be eaten. 9, 27.

Sand.--Instability. 8, 16, 24.

Sausages.--To dream of making sausages, predict quarrels; to eat them, love to the young, and health to old people. 4, 43, 40.

Scales.--Denote arrest, and appearance before a court. 7, 59. 67.

Scaffold.--Damgerous speculations. 45.

School.--To dream of being in one, an increase of knowledge; to go into one, modesty; to bring your children into school, shows that you will set them a good example. 15, 17, 39, 54.

Scissors.--Signify quarrels between lovers; disputes of married couples, and trouble in business. 6, 18, 36.

Scorpion.--Loss by secret enemies. 9, 23.

Scythe.--Always a bad sign. 33, 44.

Sheep.--To see them is a sign of consolation; if you see them sleeping or dead, you will have sorrow. To carry one, signifies great luck; to hear them bleat, damage and loss. A sign of good luck, to be surrounded by many sheep. To kill one, or to see them killed, great sorrow. 4, 45, 56, 68.

Shell.--An empty one denotes loss of time and money; a full one, success. 36.

Shepherd.--The appearance of one warns you to be careful in what you undertake. 7, 14, 21.

Shirt.--To dream of wearing a clean shirt, foretells happiness; if the shirt is torn, your hopes will be disappointed. 43, 54.

Ship.--To dream you are sailing in a ship, in fair weather, pleasure and security in business; if it be stormy, bad fortune. To be in danger of shipwreck, shows insecurity of property; but to a prisoner, it indicates speedy release. The tackle and sails of a ship, foretell heavy losses from debtors and agents. 11, 22, 23.

Shoes.--To dream of new shoes, fortune; to lose your shoes, poverty. 5, 9, 16, 55.

Shoot.--To see a person shooting, indicates some disagreeable event; if you shoot yourself, unexpected misfortune. 8, 53, 57.

Shoulder.--Large, wealth; dislocated, bad news; fleshy, good luck. 59, 66.

Showbills.--To dream of putting one on a wall, predicts that some injury will befall you. To read one, shows that you will fail in receiving a reward for your labors. 39, 41, 53.

Sickness.--Loneliness and imprisonment. 26, 31, 14, 67, 69.

Silk.--Foretells abundance. 31, 62.

Silverware.--To buy it, misfortune; to sell it, good luck, and great success in what you undertake. 14, 15, 20, 39.

Singing.--For a man to dream of singing, brings hope; to a woman, sorrow. 24.

Sky.--A clear sky denotes a marriage, speedy and happy; a red sky, increase of wealth; if you ascend into the sky, you may look for much honor; a cloudy sky, shows misfortune. 22, 24.

Slaughter-house.--To dream of being in an empty slaughter-house, shows that you are in danger, but can avoid it by precaution. To see animals slaughtered is a good sign, if the blood flows freely; if the blood does not flow, you will meet with some accident. 13, 26, 39.

Sleep.--To dream that you sleep with a person of the opposite sex, signifies hindrance in your projects; with a person of the same sex, perplexing events. If a man sleep with an ugly woman, it means mischief to himself; with a melancholy-looking woman, dangerous sickness; with a handsome woman, treachery. For a woman to sleep with her absent husband, it denotes bad news. To sleep with your wife, pleasure; with your mother, good business; with your daughter, scandal; with your sister, departure; with a fashionable woman, success. 14, 28, 56.

Sleeplessness.--To dream that you cannot sleep, is a sign of mourning. 15, 30.

Smoke.--Prudery and vanity. 12, 24, 49.

Snake.--A snake signifies injury by the malice of a man, or treachery from a woman. To kill one, victory. Sickness and ill-fortune, to dream of one twining around you. 16, 32, 49, 64.

Sneeze.--To sneeze, long life. 21, 42.

Snow.--To see it fall, obstacles. 42, 44, 46, 62.

Soap.--Signifies trouble in business, but it will soon depart. 8, 18, 33, 55, 74.

Society.--To dream of being in the company of distinguished persons, foretells honor and happiness. 23, 46, 77.

Somnambulist.--To dream of walking in sleep, shows sickness and fever. 18, 36, 51.

Sores.--To have the arm full of sores, shows ill success in business. 22, 44, 67.

Sorrow.--To feel much sorrow in a dream, means unexpected joy. 27, 31.

Spectre.--White, brings joy, pleasure, and good fortune; black, pain and trouble. 21, 30, 35.

Spider.--To dream that a spider looks at you, foretells that you will be the victim of treachery. To kill a spider, sorrow and ill luck. 54, 75.

Sponge.--Avarice and bad faith. 26.

Spring.--A spring of gushing water, signfies wealth and honor; a spring from which water does not flow, poverty and sickness. 12, 14.

Spy.--Shows servitude. 41, 65.

Stable.--Denotes hospitality and good entertainment. 22, 44.

Stage-Coach.--To dream of riding in one, signifies losses through delays; if you run after one, you will be out of employment for a long season; to see one pass, will rid you of troublesome friends. If you are in a stage-coach, and it turns over without injuring you, you will be lucky in your speculations; if you dream you are killed by the fall, you must expect misfortune. 51, 57, 75.

Stars.--Brightly shining, show happy success; dim, trouble; seen over a house, danger of death in the family; a star falling from heaven, quarrels with a friend. 19,20.

Steel.--To break a piece in a dream, shows that you will overcome your enemies; if you only touch it, your position in life is secure; if you try to bend it, and cannot, you will meet with many serious accidents. 11, 18.

Stilts.--To dream of being mounted on stilts, denotes that you are puffed up with vain pride. 14, 21.

Stick.--To hold a stick foretells mourning; to use it as a prop, instability of fortune; to beat any one with it, shows you are charitable; to receive a beating with one, predicts trouble and lawsuits. 41, 56.

Stirrup.--Signifies a journey. 47.

Stockings.--To dream of cotton stockings, foretells moderate happiness; of silk, poverty. To take them off, denotes the reception of money. Stockings with holes in them, signify the loss of property. 29, 35, 36, 66.

Stones.--Anger and quarrels. 5, 42.

Stool.--Honor. 68.

Stork.--Dreamed of in summer, beware of thieves; in winter, it means bad weather and change of residence. 2, 14, 43.

Storm>/b>.--Great danger. 4, 24.

Stove.--A sign of wealth if there be a fire in it; but if cold, a sign of poverty. 17.

Strangle.--To dream of strangling any one, predicts victory over enemies; to strangle one's self by eating, shows sickness, caused by too much indulgence. 23, 32, 44.

Straw.--A bundle of straw denotes abundance; if scattered about, poverty. 13, 20.

Straw-Hat.--Modesty. 1, 8, 71.

Struggle.--To dream of struggling in death, denotes the enjoyment of good health; to see a friend in the pangs of death, shows that he is well and happy; to see a woman die, means loss of property. 17, 34, 71.

Study.--Tranquil and lasting happiness. 57, 73.

Stutter.--To dream of stuttering, shows resolution. 8, 41, 50.

Suicide.--To dream of committing suicide, shows that you mid is disordered. 3, 9, 29, 37, 73.

Sun-Dial.--Take heed how you spend your tie. 49, 66.

Sun.--To dream of seeing the sun rise, brings good news and luck; the setting sun, misfortune; if the disc be dim, personal danger; with brilliant face, glory and fame; a red sun, misfortune. The conjunction of the sun and moon, portends a great war. 7, 29.

Surgeon.--An unexpected event. 10.

Suspenders.--To wear them, precaution; to take them off, some disagreeable event. 11, 31, 63.

Swallow.--Good news. 2, 22, 25, 50, 75.

Swamp.--To dream of falling into one, poverty. 70.

Swan.--A white swan signifies riches; a black one, domestic sorrow. Its song denotes death. 2, 27, 54.

Sweep.--To dream of sweeping one's room, good luck in business; to sweep a room, merited confidence; a cellar, misfortune. 24, 42, 55.

Sword.--To dream of seeing a sword is a prediction of treachery. To wear one, signifies the possession of power; to be beat with one, misfortune and disgrace. 1, 9, 25, 31.

Talking.--If you dream that you talk much, you will be exposed to some malicious plans; if you hear much talking around you, be careful of your neighbors. 48, 57.

Tears.--Consolation. 43, 50, 75.

Ten-Pins.--To dream of playing ten-pins, foretells disgrace; if the centre pin falls, one of the players will die; if many pins fall, all of the players will suffer loss. 10, 40, 48. 67.

Thigh.--For a man to dream of having a broken thigh, shows loss of goods sent to distant parts; if a young girl dream it, she will marry a stranger, and live far away from her relatives; widowhood for a woman. If a man see the white and handsome thigh of a woman, he will always be fortunate. 41, 65, 67.

Thirst.--To fell thirst, ambitious, but unsuccessful; if quenched, riches. 39, 65.

Thistle.--To cut them, signifies laziness; to be pricked by them, serious injury. 14, 44, 62.

Travel.--On foot, denotes embarassments and delays in what you undertake or hope for;on horseback, good fortune; in a wagon, change of fortune for the better. 6, 42, 63.

Tricks.--To dream a lady plays you tricks, indicates that you will lose your love. 17.

Triumphal Arch.--Honor and high office. 49, 55, 56.

Trunk.--A full trunk, shows the necessity of economy; an empty one, signifies that you may expect to receive money. 38, 68.

Twins.--To dream of having twins, brings good news. 5, 47, 55, 58.

Tub.--If it be filled with water, you have evil to fear; an empty tub signifies trouble; and to run against one, sorrow. 43, 59.

Tumour.--The bankruptcy of some one who owes you money. 4, 32.

Turnip.--The discovery of secrets and domestic quarrels. 28, 39, 40, 64.

Undress.--To see your wife undress, signifies wanton-ness; to undress in the presence of others, slander; to undress in your room alone, the discovery of secrets. 2, 25, 30.

Umbrella.--Momentary good fortune. 55, 77.

Vault.--An unexpected estate will fall to you, if you dream of a vault. 67, 76.

Vegetable.--To dream of eating vegetables, misfortune. 24, 48.

Veil.--Pretended modesty. 12.

Velvet.--Wealth and power. 10, 73.

Village.--To see, loss of office; a burning village, great honor. 3, 9, 36, 37.

Vine.--A sign of abundance. 5, 20, 25, 31.

Vineyard.--A very good sign. 6, 36.

Vinegar.--Dreaming of red vinegar, signifies that somebody will insult you; white vinegar, indicates that your friends will be injured. To drink vinegar is the sign of domestic dissensions. 13, 61, 66, 71.

Violet.--To see one in season, means happiness in love; out of season, loss of property, friends, or mistress. 9, 45.

Visit.--If you dream of receiving a visit, you will undertake some enterprise at present unthought of. To pay a visit, foretells some great loss. To be visited by a physician, brings great profit. 4, 16, 64.

Wall.--If it stands in your way, embarrassments; if you jump over it, joy. 14.

Washing.--To be washing signifies a happy event. 24, 28, 30, 50.

Wasps.--To be stung by one, in a dream, much trouble. 66.

Watch.--To dream of having a watch, is a warning to be careful how you spend your time. 22, 33, 60, 70.

Watchman.--To dream of calling in one, gives confidence; to see a person taken to prison by a watchman, shows that you must be careful in conducting your business. If the watchman take hold of you, it is a very good sign. To see many watchmen together, signifies the loss of money. 1, 9, 23.

Wax.--Denotes weakness of character. 24, 35.

Wax Candle.--To dream of seeing a wax candle burning, signifies, to a pregnant woman, a speedy and happy delivery; many wax candles, sudden death of a relative. 25, 36.

War.--Signifies trouble and danger. To dream you go to war, foretells good news. 2, 22, 36.

Walking.--To be fatigued in walking denotes much trouble; to be walking in dirty places shows infidelity in the married state. 18, 49, 63.

Waves.--Signify to a maiden you will receive the attentions of a dishonest lover. 7, 9, 63.

Waste Places.--Denote some dangerous enterprise. 3, 14, 19, 33.

Walnuts.--Signify the fulfilment of your most sanguine wishes. 8 to 78 combination.

Well.--A well full of clear sparkling water denotes successful speculation; an overflowing well, losses. 20, 31.

Wages.--Denote bad temper and disappointment. 4, 26, 54.

Wagon.--To dream of a wagon you will surely have some good fortune. 4, 11, 44.

Waiter.--Signifies dishonest servants. 40, 48, 50.

Wandering.--To dream of wandering about, signifies loss of goods by fire. To Dream of a wanderer denotes shame. 18, 21, 63.

Want.--To dream you are in want signifies riches. 1, 6, 69.

Warming-Pan.--Denotes abundance. 1, 50, 72.

Wart.--To dream your hands are full of warts shows you must be careful in conducting your business. 5, 9, 14.

Weathercock.--A changeable mind. 1, 12.

Wedding.--A sign of a funeral; to dance at a wedding, sickness. 6, 28, 43, 73.

Weeping.--To dream one weeps and grieves is a sure sign of pleasure. 2, 22, 33.

Weighing.--To dream you are engaged in weighing, you will overcome your difficulty. 1, 50, 61.

Wheel.--Is ominous of evil. To dream of a wheelwright denotes sorrow followed by joy. 1, 24, 50.

White Wax.--A sign of grief to all but mariners. 8, 30, 40.

White Lead.--Denotes quarrels. 43, 69, 78.

Whale.--Some danger threatens you. 27, 38, 78.

Wild Beast.--Of any kind, signifies the protection and favor of persons of distinction. 3, 4, 28.

Will.--A very bad sign. 74, 78.

Wig.--Beware of a neglected cold or cough. 11, 31, 57, 63.

Wind.--Fright. 5, 20, 31, 75.

Windows.--To dream that you throw yourself out, shows that you will meet with soem accident, or lose a lawsuit you expected to gain. If you step through a window, soem one will injure you. An open window signifies that you are favored by persons of distinction; a window closed, means embarrassment. 30, 65, 69.

Wine.--To dream of drinking good wine, shows power and fortune; wine and water, bad health; white wine, pleasure trips; if the win be not clear, it signifies wealth; to see it flow, the spilling of blood. To get drunk from good wine, indicates office and fortune. 10, 29, 48.

Wind.--To dream your hear the wind blow denotes sickness. To be caught in a gust of wind denotes fright. To dream of a windmill you will experience some loss. 1, 5, 42.

Widow.--To dream of a widow, signifies a reward; to dream you are a widow portends death or disappointment. To dream of a widower, denotes strife and quarrels. 15, 50, 75.

Wolf.--To dream of seeing a wolf, shows an avaricious and heard-hearted neighbor; to conquer a wolf, signifies that you will overcome some one who has ass the bad qualities of a wolf. 4, 15, 53.

Woods.--To dream of hiding yourself in the woods, shows you are in danger. 4, 43, 58.

Woodyard.--To be in one, happy change of fortune; if you own one, good luck and abundance. 26, 37.

Worms.--You will despise your friends. 6, 8, 44, 60.

Wormwood.--Sorrow followed by joy. 11, 32.

Wound.--To dream of being wounded by a dagger, signifies benevolence; a wound made by an unknown person, denotes much trouble; by a wolf, infidelity in marriage; if the wound heals, you will be the victim of ingratitude. To wound another person, will subject you to unjust suspicion. 6, 21, 32.

Wool.--To dream you are buying wool foretells you will marry your present lover. To dream you sell wool is ominous of sickness. To dream of a wool dealer denotes affluence. 64, 67, 69.

Write.--To dream of writing a letter, foretells good news; a bill, an accusation. 43, 44, 55, 59.

Yacht.--Signifies distress; to the sailor, a stormy voyage. 1, 11, 33, 47.

Yard.--Denotes loss of business. 4, 8, 12.

Yarn.--Is ominous of disgrace. 4, 44, 50.

Yeast.--Foretells sickness and vexation. 2, 4. 68.

Yeoman.--Is the forerunner of evil. 1, 2, 60.

Yew-Tree.--To dream of a yew-tree, the dreamer will arrive at some great honor, and receive a legacy from a relative. 4, 6, 11, 44, 66.

Young.--To fancy yourself young denotes that some unexpected news will reach you. 1, 10, 11, 12.

Youth.--For a woman to dream her youth restored, she will have a loving and true husband. 11, 12, 21, 56.

Young Man.--Augurs but little good to the dreamer. 27, 36, 72.

Zebra.-- 4, 11, 44.

Zodiac.--To dream of the twelve signs of the Zodiac denotes that a man will become popular, and be a great traveller. 17, 71, 75, 69, 70.


1, 9, 11, 42, 68. 3, 45, 55, 60.
1, 10, 40, 44, 69 3, 25, 45, 55.
6, 9, 10, 11, 17, 44, 74. 3, 25, 42, 55.
6, 9, 11, 44, 71. 1, 2, 16, 40, 44.
39, 51, 61, 74. 12, 24, 48, 62, 63.
4, 39, 74, 76. 17, 39, 47, 50.
10, 51, 61, 64, 66. 8, 24, 25, 33, 46.
1, 10, 61, 64, 66. 13, 16, 53, 72, 73.
44, 66, 68, 70, 75. 17, 30, 44, 73.
5, 25, 55, 65. 30, 72, 73, 75.
4, 14, 56, 61. 9, 15, 17, 47.
2, 12, 24, 72, 75. 39, 46, 50, 61.
11, 44, 66, 77. 15, 27, 66, 68.
2, 3, 4, 50. 32, 33, 77, 78.
8, 46, 50, 59. 1, 6, 16, 61.


2 Numbers make 1 0 0
3 " " 3 1 0
4 " " 6 4 1
5 " " 10 10 4
6 " " 15 20 15
7 " " 21 35 35
8 " " 28 56 70
9 " " 36 84 126
10 " " 45 120 210
11 " " 55 165 330
12 " " 66 220 495
13 " " 78 286 715
14 " " 91 364 1001
15 " " 105 455 1365
16 " " 120 560 1820
17 " " 136 680 2380
18 " " 153 816 3060
19 " " 171 969 3876
20 " " 190 1140 4845
21 " " 210 1330 5985
22 " " 231 1540 7315
23 " " 253 1771 8855
24 " " 276 2024 10626
25 " " 300 2300 12650
26 " " 325 2600 14950


Lay them with their faces on the table and shuffle them; then draw one and see the number, which has its meaning as follows:

Double-six. Receiving a handsome sum of money.
Six-five. Going to a place of public amusement.
Six-four. Lawsuits and trouble, which can only be avoided by great care.
Six-three. A ride in a carriage.
Six-two. A present of clothing.
Six-one. You will soon perform a friendly action.
Six-blank. Guard against scandal, or you will suffer by your inattention.
Double-five. A new abode to your advantage.
Five-four. A fortunate speculation in business.
Five-three. A visit from a superior.
Five-two. A pleasant excursion on the water.
Five-one. A love intrigue.
Five-blank. A funeral, but not of a relation.
Double-four. Drinking liquor at a distance.
Four-three. A false alarm at your house.
Four-two. Beware of thieves and swindlers. Ladies, take notice of this; it means more than it says.
Four-one. Expect trouble from creditors.
Four-blank. You will receive a letter from an angry friend.
Double-three. A sudden wedding, at which you will be vexed, and by which you will lose a friend.
Three-two. Buy no lottery tickets, nor enter into any game of chance, or you will assuredly lose.
Three-one. A great discovery is at hand.
Three-blank. An illegitimate child.
Double-two. You will have a jealous partner.
Two-one. You will soon find something to your advantage in the street or road.
Two-blank. You will lose money or some article of value.
Double-one. The loss of a friend, whom you will very much miss.
One-blank. You are being closely watched by one whom you little expect.
Double-blank. The worst presage in all the set; you will meet trouble from a quarter for which you are quite unprepared.

It is useless for persons to draw more than three dominoes at one time of trial, or in one and the same week, as they will only deceive themselves. Shuffle the dominoes each time of choosing.


Take three dice, shake them well in the box with your left hand, and then cast them out on a board or table, on which you have previously drawn a circle with chalk.

Three. A pleasing surprise
Four. A disagreeable one.
Five. A stranger who will prove a friend.
Six. Loss of property.
Seven. Undeserved scandal.
Eight. Merited reproach.
Nine. A wedding.
Ten. A christening.
Eleven. A death that concerns you.
Twelve. A letter speedily.
Thirteen. Tears and sighs.
Fourteen. Beware that you are not drawn into some trouble or plot by a secret enemy.
Fifteen. Immediate prosperity and happiness.
Sixteen. A pleasant journey.
Seventeen. You will either be on the water, or have dealings with those belonging to it, to your advantage.
Eighteen. A great profit, rise in life, or some most desirable good will happen almost immediately.
To show the same number twice at one trial, portends news from abroad, be the number what it may. If the dice roll over the circle, the number thrown goes for nothing, but the occurrence shows sharp words; and if they fall to the floor, it is blows. In throwing out the dice, if one remains on the top of the other, it is an omen of which I would have thee take care.



I shall now say something of palmistry, which is a judgement of the conditions, inclinations, and fortunes of men and women, from the various lines an characters which nature has imprinted in the hand, which are almost as various as the hands that have them. And to render what I shall say more plain, I will in the first place present the scheme or figures of the hand, and explain the various lines therein.

1. Line of Life. 4. Girdle of Venus.
2. Table Line. 5. Line of Death.
3. Natural Line. 6. Mount of Venus.

By this the reader will see that one of these lines, and which indeed is reckoned the principal, is called the line of life; this line encloses the thumb, separating it from the hollow of the hand. The next line to it is called the natural line, takes its beginning from the rising of the forefinger, near the line of life, and reaches to the table line, and generally makes a triangle. The table line, commonly called the line of fortune, begins under the little finger, and ends near the middle finger. The girdle of Venus, which is another line so called, begins near the joint of the little finger, and ends between the forefinger and the middle finger. The line of death is that which plainly appears ina counter line to that of life, and is by some called the sister line, ending usually at the other end; for when the line of life is ending, death comes, and it can go no farther. There are also lines in the fleshy parts, as in the ball of the thumb, which is called the mount of Venus, under each of the fingers, are called mounts, which are each one governed by a several panel; and the hollow of the hand is called the plain of Mars.

I now proceed to give judgement of these several lines. And in the first place take notice, that in palmistry the left hand is chiefly to be regarded; because therein the lines are most visible,and have the strictest communication with the heart and brains. Now, having premised these, in the next place observe the line of life, and if it be fair, extended to its full length, and not broken with an intermixture of cross lines, it shows long life and health; and it is the same if a double line of life appears, as there sometimes does. When the stars appear in this line it is a significator of great losses and calamities; if on it there appear the figure of two O's, or a Y, it threatens the person with blindness. If it wraps itself about the table line, then does it promise wealth and honor to be attained by precedence and industry; if the line be cut or jagged at the upper end, it denotes much sickness. If this line be cut by any line coming from the mount of Venus, it declares the person to be unfortunate in love, and business also, and threatens him with sudden death. A cross between the line of life and the table line, shows the person to be very liberal and charitable, and of a noble spirit. Let us now see the signification of the table line.

The table line, when broad, and of a lovely color, shows a healthy constitution and a quiet and contented mind, and courageous spirit. But if it has crosses towards the little finger, it threatens the party with much affliction by sickness. If the line be doubled, or divided in three parts, in any of the extremities, it shows the party to be of a generous temper, and of a good fortune to support it; but if this line be forked at the end, it threatens the person shall suffer by jealousies, fears, and doubts, and with the loss of riches got by deceit. If three points such as these...are found in it, they denote the person prudent and liberal, a lover of learning and of good temper. If it spreads itself to the fore and middle fingers, and ends blunt, it denotes preferment. Let us now see what is signified by the middle finger.

The line has in it sometimes (for there is scarce one hand in which it varies not) divers significant characters. Many small lines between this and the table line threatens the party with sickness, and also gives him hopes of recovery. A half cross branching into this line, declares the person shall have honor, riches, and good success in all his undertakings. A half moon denotes cold and watery distempers, but a sun or star upon this line promises prosperity and riches. This line doubled in a woman, shows she will have several husbands, but without any children by them.

The line of venus, if it happens to be cut or divided near the forefinger, threatens ruin to the party, and that it shall befall him by means of a lascivious woman and bad company. Two crosses upon this line, one being on the forefinger, and the other bending towards the little finger, shows the party to be weak and inclined to modesty and virtue; and indeed, it generally denotes modesty in women; and therefore, those who desire such wives, usually choose them by this standard.

The liver line, if it be straight and crossed by other lines, shows the person to be of a sound judgement, and a piercing understanding; but, if it be winding, crooked, and bending outward, it shows deceit and flattery, and that the person is not to be trusted. If it makes a triangle, or a quadrangle, it shows a person to be of a noble descent and ambitious.

The plain of Mars being in the hollow of the hand, or if the line passes through it, which renders it very plain, is fortunate; this plain being hollowed, and the lines crooked, and distorted, threaten the party to fail by his ill condition. When the lines begin at the wrist, long within the plain, reaching the brown of the hand, they show the person to be one given to quarrelling, often in broils and of a hot and fiery spirit, by which he shall suffer much damage. If deep, large crosses in the middle of the plain, it shows the party shall obtain honor by martial exploits; but if it be a woman, then she shall have several husbands, and easy labor with her children.

The line of death is fatal, when any crosses or broken lines appear in it; for they threaten the person with sickness and short life. A clouded moon appearing there, threatens a child-bed woman with death. A bloody spot in the line, denotes a violent death. A star like a comet, threatens ruin by war and death by pestilence; but if a bright sun appear therein, it promises long life and prosperity.

As for the lines in the wrist, being fair they denote good fortune, but if crossed and broken, the contrary.

Thus much with respect to the several lines in the hand. Now as to the judgement to be made from the hand itself: If the hand be soft and long, and ??? withal, it denotes a person of a good understanding, a lover of peace, and honest, discreet, serviceable, a good neighbor, and a lover of learning. He whose hands are very thick and very short, is thereby signified to be faithful, strong, and laborious, and one that cannot long retain his anger. He whose hands are full of hairs, and those hairs thick and ??? ones, and his fingers withal be cracked, he is thereby noted to be luxurious, vain, false, of a sad understanding and disposition, and more foolish than wise. He whose hands and fingers do bend upwards, is commonly a man liberal, serviceable, a keeper of secrecy, and apt to be poor) for he is seldom fortunate), to do any man courtesy. He whose hand is stiff and will not bend at the upper joint, near his finger, is always a wretched, miserable person, covetous, obstinate, incredulous, and one that will believe nothing that contradicts his own private interest. And thus much shall suffice to be said of judgement made by plamistry.


Broad nails show the person to be bashful, fearful, but of gentle nature. When there is a certain white mark at the extremity of them, it shows that the person has more honesty that subtlety, and that his worldly substance will be impaired through negligence. White nails and long, denote much sickness and infirmity, especially fevers, an indication of strength and deceit by women. If upon the white anything appears at the extremity that is pale, it denotes short life by sudden death, and the person to be given to melancholy. When there appears a certain mixed redness, of divers colors, at the beginning of the nails, it shows the person to be choleric and quarrelsome. When the extremity is black, it is a sign of husbandry. Narrow nails denote the person to be inclined to mischief, and to do injury to his neighbor. Long nails show the person to be good-natured, but mistrustful, and loves reconciliation rather than differences. Oblique nails signify deceit, and want of courage. Lite and round nails denote obstinate anger and hatred. If they be crooked at the extremity, they show pride and fierceness. Round nails show a choleric person, yet soon reconciled, honest, and a lover of secret schemes. Fleshy nails denote the person to be mild in his temper, idle, and lazy. Pale and black nails show the person to be very decitful to his neighbor, and subject to many diseases. Red and marked nails signify a choleric and martial nature, given to cruelty; and, as many little marks as there are, they speak of so many evil desires.

Several Characters or Semblances of Letters, and Lines in the Hand, as they tend to signify Riches, Honor, Long Life, Marriage, Short Life, Poverty, Loss, and Number of Wives, Children, Sickness, untimely Death, and many other things, according to the art of Palmistry, etc.

There are in this case divers letters, lines appearing in the hand, by which the wise in all ages have given judgement in the following premises.

If the letter A be found on the Mount of Jupiter, or at the root of the middle finger, promises growing fortune, and perhaps considerable preferments by the favor of princes and great men.

If B be found on the Mount of the Sun, which is at the root of the finger, it signifies length of days, prosperity, and much to be beloved, as also a virtuous person.

If C, with a star over it, appears on the Mount of Venus, it gives the person early and happy life.

If the letter L be on the Mount of Saturn, which is at the root of the middle finger, and cut with cross lines, it denotes the party to be under much affliction, to be given to melancholy, and short-lived.

The letter K on the Mount of Mercury, which is at the root of the little finger, denotes the party to rise to preferment by ingenuity and marriage.

The letter D on the Mount of the Moon, denotes the party kind, good-natured, and much beloved.

The letter G in the Plain of Mars, near the Line of Life, speaks the party to be of a violent temper, given to anger, and threatens him or her with sudden untimely death; however, to a woman it promises a husband that grows great in military affairs; and thus much for characters of this kind.



These little marks on the skin, although they appear to be the effect of chance or accident, and might easily pass with the unthinking for things of no moment, are nevertheless of the utmost consequence, since from their color, situation, size, and figure, may be accurately gathered the temper of, and the events that will happen to, the person bearing them. As our philosopher, who was a most excellent anatomist, made these signs form a very particular branch of his studies, the result of his great labors and long experience will, we doubt not, be found very agreeable to our readers, and we shall accordingly proceed to give them a faithful translation of his observations. To enable them to turn more easily to the definitions, we have arranged them under heads, in the same manner as we have before observed in the expounding of dreams.

On the Wrist or between that and the Finger ends.-- Shows the person to be of an ingenious and industrious turn, faithful in his engagements, amorous and constant in his affections, rather of a saving disposition, with a great degree of sobriety and regularity in his dealings. It foreshadows a comfortable acquisition of fortune, with a good partner, and beautiful children; but some disagreeable circumstance will happen about the age of thirty, which will continue four or five years. In a man, it denotes being twice married; in a woman, only once, but that she will survive her husband.

Between the Elbow and the Wrist.--Shows a placid and cheerful disposition, industry, and a love of reading, particularly books of science; it foretells much prosperity and happiness toward the middle of life, but after having undergone many hardships, if not imprisonment, it also denotes that your eldest son will rise to honors in the State, and marry a woman, not of his own country, who will bring him much riches.

Near either Elbow.--Shows a restless and unsteady disposition, with a great desire of travelling, much discontented in the married state, and of an idle turn; it indicates no very great prosperity, rather of a sinking than a rising condition, with many unpleasant adventures, much to your discredit; marriage with a person who will make you unhappy, and children who will be disobedient and cause you much trouble.

On the Right or Left Arm.--Shows a courageous disposition, great fortitude, resolution, industry, and conjugal fidelity; it foretells that the person will fight many battles, and be successful in all; that you will be prosperous in your undertakings, obtain a decent competency, and live very happy; it denotes that a man will be a widower at forty, but in a woman it shows that she will be survived by her husband.

On the Left Shoulder.--Shows a person of a quarrelsome and unruly disposition, always inclined to dispute for trifles, rather indolent, but much inclined to the pleasures of love, and faithful to the conjugal vows. It denotes a life not much varied either with pleasures or misfortunes; they indicate many children, and moderate success in business, but dangers by sea.

On the Right Shoulder.--Shows a person of a prudent and discreet temper, one possessed of much wisdom, given to great secrecy, very industrious, but not very amorous, yet faithful to conjugal ties; it indicates great prosperity and advancement in life, a good partner, and many friends, with great profit from a journey to a distant country about the age of thirty-five.

On any part from the Shoulders to the Loins.-- Shows an even and mild temper given, to sloth and rather cowardly, very amorous, but unfaithful; it denotes decay in health and wealth, with troubles and difficulties in the decline of life, and much vexation from children.

On the Loins.--Shows industry and honesty, and amorous disposition, with great vigor, courage, and fidelity; it foretells success in business and in love, many children, acquirement of riches and honors, with much travelling; it also indicates a great loss by lending of money, and quarelling among friends, who will attempt to deceive you.

On either Hip.--Shows a contented disposition, given to industry, amorous, and faithful in engagements, of an abstemious turn; it foretells moderate success in life, with many children,who will undergo many hardships with great fortitude, and arrive at ease and affluence by dint of their industry and ingenuity.

On the Right Thigh.--Shows the person to be of an agreeable temper, inclined to be amorous, and very courageous; it also denotes success in life, accumulation of riches by marriage, and many fine children, chiefly girls.

On the Left Thigh.-- Shows a good and benevolent disposition, a great turn for industry, and little inclined to the pleasures of love; it indicates many sorrows in life, great poverty, unfaithful friemds, and imprisonment by false swearing.

On the Left Knee.--Shows a hasty and passionate disposition, extravagant and inconsiderate turn, with no great inclination to industry and honesty, much given to the pleasures of Venus, but possessed of much benevolence; it indicates good success in undertakings, particularly in contracts, a rich marriage and an only child.

On the Right Knee.--Shows an amiable temper, honest disposition, and a turn for amorous pleasures and industry; it foretells great success in love, and the choice of a conjugal partner, with few sorrows, may friends, and dutiful children.

On either Leg.--Shows a person to be of a thoughtless, indolent disposition, of an amorous turn, and much given to extravagance and dissipation; it denotes many difficulties through life, but that you will surmount them all; it shows that imprisonment will happen to you at an early age, but that in general you will be more fortunate than otherwise; you will marry an agreeable person, who will survive you, by whom you will have four children, two of which will die young.

On either Ankle.--Shows an effeminate disposition, given to foppery in dress, and cowardice in a man; but in a woman it denotes courage, wit, and activity; they foretell success in life, with an agreeable partner, accumulation of honors and riches, and much pleasure in the affairs of love.

On either Foot.--Shows a melancholy and inactive disposition, little inclined to the pleasures of love, given to reading, and a seentary life; they foretell sickness and unexpected misfortunes, with many sorrows and much trouble, an unhappy choice of a partner for life, with disobedient and unfortunate children.

On the Right side of the Forehead or Right Temple. --Shows an active and industrious disposition, much given to the sports of love; it denotes that the person will be very successful in life, marry an agreeable partner, and arrive at unexpected riches and honors, and have a son who will become a great man.

On the Right Eyebrow.--Shows a sprightly, active disposition, a great turn for gallantry, much courage, and great perseverance; it denotes wealth, and success in love, war, and business; that you will marry an agreeable mate, live happy, have children, and die at an advanced old age at a distance from home.

On the Left Eyebrow, Temple, or side of the Forehead.-- Shows an indolent, peevish temper, a turn for debauchery and liquor, littel inclined to amorous sports, and very cowardly; it foretells poverty, imprisonment, and disappointments in all your undertakings, with undutiful children, and a bad-tempered partner.

On the outside Corner of either Eye.--Shows a sober, honest, and steady disposition, much inclined to the pleasures of love; it foretells a violent death, after a life considerably varied by pleasures and misfortunes; in general, it foreshadows that poverty will keep at a distance.

On either Cheek.--Shows an industrious, benevolent, and sober disposition, given to be grave and solemn, little inclined to amorous sports, but of a steady courage and unshaken fortitude; it denotes a moderate success in life, neither becoming rich nor falling into poverty; it also foretells an agreeable and industrious partner, with two children, who will do better than the parents.

On the Chin.--Shows an amiable and tranquil disposition, industrious, and much inclined to travelling and the joys of Venus; it denotes that the person will be highly successful in life, accumulating a large and splendid fortune, with many respectable and worthy friends, an agreeable conjugal partner, and fine children; but it also denotes losses by sea and in foreign countries.

On either Lip.--Shows a delicate appetite, a sober disposition, and much given to the pleasures of love; of an industrious and benevolent turn; it denotes that the person will be successful in undertakings, particularly in love affairs; that you will rise above your present condition, and be greatly respected and esteemed; that you will endeavor to obtain some situation, in which you will at first prove unsuccessful, but afterward prevail.

On the Nose.--Shows a hasty and passionate disposition, much given to amorous pleasure, faithful to engagements, candid, open, and sincere in friendship, courageous and honest, but very petulant, and rather give to drink; it denotes great success throughout life and in love affairs, that you will become rich, marry well, have fine children, and be much esteemed by your neighbors and acquaintances; that you will travel much, particularly by water.

On the Throat.--Shows a friendly and generous dispositon, of a sober turn, given to industry, extremely amorous, and very much inclined to indulge in the joys of Venus; it denotes riches by marriage, and great success afterward in your undertakings, with fine children, who will go to a far distant country, where they will marry, grow rich, and return to their native land.

On the side of the Neck.--Shows a meek and sober disposition, moderately inclined to the pleasures of love, but firm and steady in friendship, rather given to industry; it denotes much sickness, and that you will be in great danger of suffocation, but that you rise to unexpected honors and dignity, receive large legacies, and grow very rich; but also that your children will fall into poverty and disgrace.

On the Right Breast.--Shows an intemperate and indolent disposition, rather given to drink, strongly attached to the joys of love; it denotes much misfortune in life, with a sudden reverse from riches to poverty; many unpleasant and disagreeable accidents, with a sober and industrious partner; many children, mostly girls, who will all marry well, and be a great comfort to your old age; it warns you to beware of pretended friends, who will harm you much.

On the Left Breast.--Shows an industrious and sober disposition, amorous, and much given to walking; it denotes great success in life and in love, that you will accumulate riches, and have many children, mostly boys, who will make their fortunes by sea.

On the Bosom.--Shows a quarrelsome and unhappy temper, given to low debauchery, and exceedingly amorous, indolent and unsteady; it denotes a life neither very prosperous nor very miserable, but passed without many friends or much esteem.

Under the Left Breast, over the Heart.--Shows a rambling and unsettled disposition, given to drinking and littel careful of your actions, very amorous, and much given to indulge indiscriminately in the pleasures of love, in a man, In a woman, it indicates sincerity in love, industry, and a strict regard for character; in life it denotes a varied mixture of good and bad fortune, the former rather prevailing; it denotes imprisonment for debt, but not of long duration; to a woman it denotes easy labors, and children who will become rich, live happy and respected, and marry well.

On the Right Side, near any part of the Ribs.-- Shows an indolent, cowardly disposition, given to excessive drinking, of an inferior capacity, and much inclined to the pleasures of love; it denotes an easy life, rather of poverty than riches, little respected, a partner of an uneven and disagreeable temper, with undutiful children, who will fall into many difficulties.

On the Belly.--Shows an indolent and slothful disposition, give to gluttony, very selfish, addicted to the pleasures of love and drink, negligent of dress, and cowardly; it denotes small success in life, many crosses, some imprisonment, and travelling, with losses by sea; but it foretells that you will marry an agreeable partner, of a sweet temper, have children who will beindustrious and become very respectable in life.

--On the Privy Members or Parts.--Shows a generous, open, and honest disposition, extremely disposed to gallantry and the joys of Venus; given to sobriety, and of undaunted courage; it denotes great success in the latter part of life, but many and severe misfortunes in the former, which will be borne with fortitude; it also foretlls a happy marriage and fine children, who will be happy, thrive well, and grow rich and respectable; in a man it shows that he will have natural children, who will cut a great figure in life, but he will experience much plague and vexation from their mother.


We shall remark to our readers, that it is of much importance to be particular in ascertaining the exact situation of the mole, its form, whether it be round, angular, or oblong; also its size and color, because these variations add or diminish the degree of those qualities and events which our author's explanation has atached to each; for example, if the mole be perfectly round, then it denotes much good fortune if of an angular form, a mixture of good and bad fortune; if oblong, then a moderate portion of good, a kind of happy medium; the deeper the color, the more powerful will be either the good or bad fortune indicated; the lighter the color, either will be in a less degree, as our author has uniformly spoken of a mediate color neither dark nor light; if it be very hairy, it denotes many misfortunes, but not so if only a few long hairs grow upon it, then it shows prosperity in your undertakings; again, the larger the mole is, the more serious will be either the prosperity or adversity predicted; and the smaller it is, the less of either will fall to your share; our author has taken the middling size.

Persons who wish to avail themselves fully of our author's information, should not suffer an overstrained bashfulness to prevent their obtaining accurate information with respect to the situation, size, form, and color; especially as in women, a mole is frequently so situated, in those recesses which modesty conceals from view, as not to admit of being discovered but by another; and yet to have a mole so placed is the most fortunate for them.


1. A child born within twenty-four hours after the new moon, will be fortunate and live to a good old age. Whatever is dreamt on that day will be fortunate and pleasing to the dreamer.

2. The second day is very lucky for discovering things lost, or hidden treasure; the child born on this day shall thrive.

3. The child born on the third day will be fortunate through persons in power, and whatever is dreamed will prove true.

4. The fourth day is bad; persons falling sick on this day rarely survive.

5. The fifth day is favorable to begin a good work, and the dreams will be tolerably successful; the child born on this day will be vain and deceitful.

6. The sixth day the dreams will not immediately come to pass, and the child born will not live long.

7. On the seventh day do not tell your dreams, for much depends on concealing them; if sickness befalls you on this day, you will soon recover; the child born will live long, but have many troubles.

8. On the eighth day the dreams will come to pass; whatever business a person undertakes on this day will prosper.

9. The ninth day differs very little from the former; the child born on this day will arrive at great riches and honor.

10. The tenth day is likely to be fatal; those who fall sick will rarely recover; but the child born on this day will live long and be a great traveller.

11. The child that is born on the eleventh day will be much devoted to religion, of an engaging form and manners.

12. On the twelfth day the dreams are rather fortunate, and the child born shall live long.

13. On the thirteenth day the dreams will prove true in a very short time.

14. If you ask a favor of any one on the fourteenth day, it will be granted.

15. The sickness that befalls a person on the fifteenth day is likely to prove mortal.

16. The child that is born on the sixteenth day will be of very ill-manners and unfortunate; it is nevertheless a good day for the buying and selling all kinds of merchandise.

17. The child born on the seventeenth day will be very foolis; it is a very unfortunate day to transact any kind of business, or contract marriage.

18. The child born on the eighteenth day will be valiant, but will suffer considerable hardships; if a female, she will be chaste and industrious, and live respected to a great age.

19. The nineteenth day is dangerous; the child born will be very ill-disposed and malicious.

20. On the twentieth day the dreams are true, but the child born will be dishonest.

21. The child born on the twenty-first day will grow up healthy and strong, but be of a very selfish, ungenteel turn of mind.

22. The child born on the twenty-second day will be fortunate; he or she will be of a cheerful countenance, religious, and much beloved.

23. The child that is born on the twenty-third day will be of an ungovernable temper, will forsake his friends, and choose to wander about in a foreign country, and will be very unhappy through life.

24. The child born on the twenty-fourth day will achieve many heroic actions, and will be much admired for his extraordinary abilities.

25. The child born on the twenty-fifth day will be very wicked; he will meet with many dangers, and is likely to come to an ill end.

26. On the twenty-sixth day the dreams are certain; the child then born will be rich, and much esteemed.

27. The twenty-seventh day is very favorable for dreams, and the child then born will be of a sweet and amiable disposition.

28. The child born on the twenty-eighth day will be the delight of his parents, but will not live to any great age.

29. Children born on the twenty-ninth day will experience many hardships, though in the end they may turn out happily. It is good to marry on this day; and business begun on this day will be prosperous.

30. The child born on the thirtieth day will be forunate and happy, and well skilled in the arts and sciences.


Sunday, the child shall be of long life, and obtain riches.

Monday, weak, and of an effeminate temper, which seldom brings a man to honor.

Tuesday, worse; though he may, with extraordinary vigilance, conquer the inordinate desire to which he will be subject, still he will be in danger of dying by violence, if he uses not great precaution.

Wednesday, he shall be given to the study of learning, and shall profit thereby.

Thursday, he shall arrive to great honor and dignity.

Friday, he shall be of a strong constitution, yet, perhaps, lecherous.

Saturday is another bad day; notwithstanding, the child may come to good, though it be seldom; but most children born on this day are of a heavy, dull, and dogged disposition.


As many of those events about to happen may be easily gathered from the cards, we have here affixed the definition which each card in the pack bears separately; by the combining them the reader must judge for himself, observing the following directions in laying them out. First, the person whose fortune is to be told, if a man, must choose one of the four kings to represnt himself--if a woman, she must select one of the queens the chosen card will stand for the husband or wife, mistress or lover of the party whose fortune is to be told, and the knave of the suit for the most intimate person of their family; you must then shuffle and cut the cards well, and let the person whose fortune is to be ascertained, cut them three times, showing the bottom card; this must be repeated three times; then shuffle them again, let them be cut once, and display them in rows on a table, taking care always to have an odd number in each row, nine is the right number, and to place your cards exactly under each other; after this consult the situation in which the person stands by the definition we have here annexed to each card, and after having repeated it three times, form your conclusion, remember that everyone is within your circle as far as you can count thirteen any way from the card that represents the person, his wife, of her husband, and thier intimate friend; and also that the thirteenth card every way is of the greatest consequence; either the whole pack, or only the picked cards may be used.

Another mode with the picked cards is to shuffle and cut them, take three cards from the top--if there be two of a suit, take out the highest card; if three, take all; when you have gone through the pack, shuffle and cut the remainder, and do as before, and repeat the same a third time, then take a general view of all the cards drawn, and next couple them, a top and bottom card, then shuffle and cut them into three heaps, laying one apart in the first round to form a fourth heap; the first heap at the left hand relates to yourself entirely, the next to your family, and the third is the confirmation of the former two; you must proceed a second and third time, adding each time one to the single card, then three single cards gives the connection of the operation; observe you must add the card which represents the person whose fortune is consulted to the three, if it be not there already.

--The Ace of Clubs.--Promises great wealth, much prosperity in life, and tranquillity of mind.

--The King of Clubs.--Announces a man who is humane, upright, affectionate, and faithful in all his engagements; he will be very happy himself, and make every one with whom he has connection so, if he can.

The Queen of Clubs.--Shows a tender, mild, and rather amorous disposition; one that will probably yield her maiden person to a generous lover before the matrimonial knot be tied; but that they will be happy, love each other, and be married.

The Knave of Clubs.--Shows a generous, sincere, and zealous friend, who will exert himself warmly for your interest and welfare.

The Ten of Clubs.--Denotes great riches to come speedily from an unexpected quarter; but it also threatens that you will at the same time lose some very dear friend.

The Nine of Clubs.--Shows that you will displease some of your friends, by too steady an adherence to your own way of thinking, nor will your success in the undertaking reconcile them to you, or procure you your won approbation.

The Eight of Clubs.--Shows the person to be covetous, and extremely fond of money; that he will obtain it, but that it will rather prove a torment than a comfort to him, as he will not make proper use of it.

The Seven of Clubs.--Promises the most brilliant fortune, and the most exquisite bliss that this world can afford; but beware of the opposite sex, from them alone you can experience misfortune.

The Six of Clubs.--Shows you will engage in a very lucrative partnership, and that your children will behave well.

The Five of Clubs.--Declares that you will be shortly married to a person who will mend your circumstances.

The Four of Clubs.--Shows incontinence for the sake of money, and frequent change of object.

The Trey of Clubs.--Shows that you will be three times married, and each time to a wealthy person.

The Deuce of Clubs.--Shows that there will be some unfortunate opposition to your favorite inclination, which will disturb you.

The Ace of Diamonds.--Shows a person who is fond of rural sports, a great builder, and a gardener; one who delights in planting and laying out groves, woods, shrubberies, and other such amusements; but that his enterprises of this nature will have success or disappointment according to the cards that are near it; it likewise signifies a letter.

The King of Diamonds.--Shows a man of fiery temper, preserving his anger long, seeking for opportunities of revenge, and obstinate in his resolutions.

The Queen of Diamonds.--Signifies that the woman will not be a steady and industrious housekeeper; that she will be fond of company, be a coquette, and not over-virtuous.

The Knave of Diamonds.--However nearly related, he will look more to his own interest than yours; he will be tenacious of his own opinion, and will fly off if contradicted.

The Ten of Diamonds.--Promises a country husband or a wife with great wealth and many children; the card next to it will tell the number of children; it also signifies a purse of gold.

The Nine of Diamonds.--Declares that the person will be of a roving disposition, never contented with his lot, and forever meeting with vexations and disappointments, and risks a shameful end.

The Eight of Diamonds.--shows that the person, in his youth, will be an enemy to marriage, and thus run the risk of dying unmarried; but that if he does marry, it will be late in life, and then it will be with some person whose disposition is so ill-assorted to theirs, that it will be the cause of misfortunes.

The Seven of Diamonds.--Shows that you will spend your happiest days in the country, where, if you remain, your happiness will come to town; you will be tormented by the infidelity of your conjugal partner, and the squandering of your substance.

The Six of Diamonds.--Shows an early marriage and premature widowhood; but that the second marriage will probably make you worse off.

The Five of Diamonds.--Shows you a well-assorted marriage with a mate who will punctually perform the hymenial duties, and that you will have good children, who will keep you from grief.

The Four of Diamonds.--Shows the incontinence of the person you will be married to, and very great vexation to yourself, through the whole course of your life.

The Trey of Diamonds.--Shows that you will be engaged in quarrels, lawsuits, and domestic diagreements; your partner for life will be of a vixen and abusive temper, fail in the performance of the nuptial duties, and make you unhappy.

The Deuce of Diamonds.--Shows that your heart will be engaged in love, at an early period; that your parents will not approve your choice; and that if you marry without their consent, they will hardly forgive you.

The Ace of Hearts.--Signifies merry-making, feasting and good humor; if the ace be attended by spades, it foretells quarrelling in your cups, and ill-temper to your family while you are in a state of intoxication; if by hearts, it shows cordiality and affection between the parties; if by diamonds, your feast will be from home, perhaps in the country; if by clubs, the occasion of the meeting will be upon some bargain or agreement; if your ace of hearts is in the neighbourhood of face cards of both sexes with clubs near it, it will be about a match-making; if all the face cards are kings or knaves, or both, it will concern the buying or selling of some personal property; if all queens, it will regard conciliation between parties, and if queens and knaves, it will be about the reconciliation and reunion of a married couple.

The King of Hearts.--Shows a man of a fair complexion, of an easy and good natured disposition, but inclined to be hasty and passionate, and rash in his undertakings.

The Queen of Hearts.--Shows a woman of a very fair complexion, or of great beauty, her temper rather fiery, verging on the termagant, one who will not make an obedient wife, nor one who will be very happy in her own reflections.

The Knave of Hearts.--Is a person of no particular sex, but always the dearest friend, or nearest relation of the consulting party, ever active and intruding, equally jealous of doing harm or good as the whim of the moment strikes, passionate and hard to be reconciled, but always zealous and warm in the cause of the consulting party, though probably not according to their fancy, as they will be as industrious to prevent their schemes as to forward them, if they do not accord with his own disposition.

The Ten of Hearts.--Shows good nature and many children; it is a corrective to the bad tidings of the cards, but may stand next to it; and if its neighboring cards are of good import, it ascertains and confirms their value.

The Nine of Hearts.--Promises wealth, grandeur, and high esteem; if cards that are unfavorable stand near it, you must look for disappointment and a reverse; if favorable cards follow these last at a small distance, expect to retrieve your losses, whether of peace or goods.

The Eight of Hearts.--Points out a strong inclination to get intoxicated; this, if accompanied with unfavorable cards, will be attended with loss of property, decay of health, and falling off of friends; if by favorable cards, it indicates reformation and recovery from the bad consequences of the former.

The Seven of Hearts.--Shows the person to be of a fickle and unfaithful disposition, addicted to vice and incontinence, and subject to the mean art of recrimination, to excuse themselves, although without foundation.

The Six of Hearts.--Shows a generous, open, and credulous disposition, easily imposed upon, and ever the dupe of flatterers, but the good-natured friends of the distressed.

If this card comes before your king or queen, you will be the dupe; if after, you will have the better.

The Five of Hearts.--Shows a wavering, unsteady disposition never attached to one object, and free from any violent passion or attachment.

The Four of Hearts.--Shows that the person will not be married until very late in life, and that this will probably proceed from too great a delicacy in making a choice.

The Trey of Hearts.--Shows that your own imprudence will greatly contribute to your experiencing the ill-will of others.

The Deuce of Hearts.--Shows that extraordinary success and good fortune will attend the person, though if unfavorable cards attend this will be a long time delayed.

The Ace of Spades.--Totally relates to the affairs of love, without specifying whether lawful or unlawful.

The King of Spades.--Shows a man who is ambitious, and certainly successful at court, or with some great man who will have it in his power to advance him; but let him beware of reverse.

The Queen of Spades.--Shows a person who will be corrupted by the great of both sexes; if she is handsome, great attempts will be made on her virtue.

The Knave of Spades.--Shows a person who, although they have your welfare at heart, will be too indolent to pursue it with zeal, unless you take frequent opportunities of rousing their attention.

The Ten of Spades.--Is a card of bad import, it will in a great measure counteract the good effect of the other cards; but unless it be seconded by other unfortunate cards, its influence may be gotten over.

The Nine of Spades.--Is the worst card in the whole pack; it portends dangerous sickness, a total loss of fortune, cruel calamity, and endless dissension in your family.

The Eight of Spades.--Shows that you will experience strong opposition from your friends, whom you imagine to be such; if this card comes close to you, abandon your enterprise and adopt another plan.

The Seven of Spades.--Shows the loss of a most valuable friend, whose death will plunge you into very great distress.

The Six of Spades.--Announces a mediocrity of fortune, and very great uncertainty in your undertakings.

The Five of Spades.--Will give very little interruption to your success; it promises you good luck in the choice of a companion for life, that you will meet with one very fond of you, and immoderately attached to the joys of hymen, but shows your temper to be rather sullen.

The Four of Spades.--Shows speedy sickness and that your friends will injure your fortune.

The Trey of Spades.--Shows that you will be unfortunate in marriage, that your partner will be incontinent, and that you will be made happy.

The Deuce of Spades.--Always signifies a coffin, but whom it is for must depend entirely on the other cards that are near.


Directions to Pour out the Coffee-grounds.--Pour the grounds of coffee in a white cup, shake them well about in it, so that their particles may cover the whole surface of the cup; then reverse it into the saucer, that all the superfluous parts may be drained, and the figures required for fortune-telling may be formed. The person that acts the fortune-teller must always bend his thoughts upon him or her that wishes to have their fortune told, and upon their rank and profession, in order to give plausibility to their predictions. It is not to be expected, upon taking up the cup, that the figures will be accurately represented as they are in the pack, and it is quite sufficient if they bear some resemblance to any of the thirty-two emblems; and the more fertile the fancy shall be of the person that inspects the cup, the more he will discover in it. In other respects, every one who takes pleasure in this amusement, must himself be a judge, under what circumstances he is to make changes in point of time, speaking just as it suits, in the present, the past, or the future; in the same manner their ingenuity ought to direct them when to speak, more or less pointedly and determinately, with regard to sex.

The Leaf of Clover.--Is, as well here as in common life, a lucky sign. Its different position in the cup alone makes the difference; because, if it is on the top, it shows that the good fortune is not far distant; but it is subject to delay, if it is in the middle or at the bottom. Should clouds surround it, it shows that many disagreeables will attend the good fortune; in the clear, it prognosticates serene and undisturbed happiness, as bright as the party wishes.

The Serpent.--Always the emblem of falsehood and enmity, is likewise here a general sign of an enemy. On the top, or in the middle of the cup, it promises to the consulting party the triumph which he desires over his enemy; but he will not obtain it so easy if the serpent be in the thick or cloudy part. By the letter which frequently appears near the emblem, the enemy may be easily guessed, it makes the initial of his name.

The Letter.--By letters we communicate to our friends either pleasanr or unpleasant news, and such is the case here; if this emblem is in the clear part, it denotes the speedy arrival of welcome news; surrounded with dots, it announces the arrival of a considerable remittance in money; but hemmed in by clouds, it is quite the contrary and forebodes some melancholy or bad tidings, or some other sinister accident. If it be in the clear, and accompanied by a heart, lovers may expect a letter, which secures to the party the possession of the beloved object; but in the thick it denotes a refusal.

The Coffin.--The emblem of death, prognosticates the same thing here, or at least a long and telling illness, if it be in the thick or turbid. In the clear it denotes long life. In the thick, at the top it signifies a considerable estate left to the party by some rich relation; in the same manner at the bottom, it shows that the deceased is not so nearly related to the consulting party.

The Star.--Denotes happiness if in the clear, and at the top of the cup; clouded, or in the thick, it signifies long life, though exposed to various troubles. If dots are about it, it foretells great fortune, wealth, high respectability, etc. Several stars denotes so many good and happy children; but surrounded with dashes, shows that your children will cause you grief and vexation in your old age, and that you ought to prevent it by giving them a good education in time.

The Dog.--Being at all times the emblem of fidelity or envy, has also a twofold meaning here. At the top, in the clear, it signifies true and faithful friends, but if his image be surrounded with clouds and dashes, it shows that those whom you take for your friends are not to be depended on; but if the dog be at the bottom of the cup, you have to dread the effects of extreme envy or jealousy.

The Lily.--If this emblem be at the top, or in the middle of the cup, it signifies that the consulting party either has or will have a virtuous spouse; if it be at the bottom it denotes quite the reverse. In the clear, the lily further betokens long and happy life; if clouded or in the thick, it portends trouble and vexation, especially on the part of one's relations.

The Cross.--Be it one or more, it generally predicts adversities. Its position varies, and so do the circumstances. If it be at the top, and in the clear, it shows that the misfortunes of the party will soon be at an end, or that he will easily get over them; but if it appears in the middle or at the bottom in the thick, the party must expect many severe trials; if it appears with dots, either in the clear or the thick, it promises a speedy change of one's sorrow.

The Clouds.--If they be more light than dark, you may expect a good result from your hopes; but if they are black, you may give it up. Surrounded with dots, they imply success in trade, and in all your undertakings; but the brighter they are, the greater will be your happiness.

The Sun.--An emblem of the greatest luck and happiness, if in the clear; but in the thick it bodes a great deal of sadness; surrounded by dots or dashes denotes that an alteration will easily take place.

The Moon.--If it appears in the clear, it denotes high honors; in the dark or the thick part, it implies sadness, which will, however, pass without great prejudice. But if it be at the bottom of the cup, the consulting party will be very fortunate both by water and land.

Mountains.--If it represents only the mountain, it indicates the favor of people of high rank; but several of them, especially in the thick, are signs of powerful enemies; in the clear, they signify the contrary, or friends in high life, who are endeavoring to promote the consulting party.

The Tree.--One tree only, be it in the clear or thick part, points out lasting good health; several trees denote that your wishes will be accomplished. If they are encompassed with dashes, it is a token that your fortune is in its blossom, and will require some time to bring it to maturity. If they are accompanied by dots, it is a sign that you will make your fortune in the country where you reside.

The Child.--In the clear part, it bespeaks innocent intercourse between the consulter and another person; in the thick part, excesses in love matters, attended with great expenses; at the bottom of the cup, it denotes the consequences of libidinous amours.

The Pedestrian.--Denotes, in general, a merchant, good business, pleasant news, and the recovery of lost things. It also signifies that the consulting party will soon enlist, or get some engagement.

The Rider.--Denotes good news from abroad in money matters, a good situation in a foreign country, or good prospects. He that doubts his fortune is promised a lasting by this emblem.

The Woman.--Signifies much joy in general. If in the clear, this emblem has a more favorable significance than in the thick; there it shows very great happiness; here a great deal of jealousy. If dots surround the image, it explains the lady's fertility, or her wealth. The different positions in the cup show at the top and in the middle that you will be in love with a virgin; but at the bottom it marks that she is a widow.

The Mouse.--As this animal lives by stealth, it is also an emblem of theft or robbery; if it be in the clear, it shows that you will get again what you lost in a wonderful manner; but if it appears in the thick, you may renounce this hope.

The Roads, or serpentine lines, indicate ways; if they are covered with clouds and in the thick, they are marks of past or future reverses; but if in the clear and serene, are a token of some fortunate change; encompassed with many points or dots, they signify gain of money, likewise long life.

The Ring signifies marriage. If the ring is in the clear, it portends happiness; surrounded with clouds denotes that the party must use precaution lest they be deceived. It is most inauspicious if the ring appear at the bottom of the cup, as it forebodes separation.

The Anchor implies success in business, if at the bottom; at the top in the clear, love and constancy; in thick or cloudy parts, love, but inconstant.

The Cross, be there one or more, predicts adversity. At the top, in the clear, it denotes the party's misfortunes to be near an end.

The Heart.--If in the clear, it signifies future pleasure; if surrounded with dots, it promises recovery of money; if two are together, it shows the party is about marrying.

The Rod.--shows difference with relations about legacies; in the thick, illness.

Flowers.--If the party be married, he may expect good children, who will be a blessing to him in his old age.

Mountains.--If only one, it indicates the favor of people of high rank; if clouded, powerful foes.

Fish.--imply lucky events by water, if in the clear; if in the thick, the consulter will fish in troubled water.


For knowing Future Events.--Any person fasting on midsummer eve, and sitting in the church porch, will, at midnight, see the spirits of the persons of that parish, who will die that year, come and knock at the church door in the order and succession in which they will die. One of these watchers, there being several in company, fell into a profound sleep, so that he could not be waked; whilst in this state his ghost was seen by the rest of his companions knocking at the church door. Any unmarried woman fasting on midsummer eve, and at midnight laying a clean cloth, with bread, cheese, and ale, and sitting down as if going to eat, the street door being left open, the person whom she is afterward to marry will come into the room, and drink to her by bowing; and afterward filling the glass will leave it on the table, and making another bow, retire. On St. Agnes's night, the 21st of January, take a row of pins, and pull out every one, one after another, saying a paternoster, on sticking a pin in your sleeve, and you will dream of him you shall marry. Another method to see a future spouse in a dream; the party inquiring must lie in a different country from that in which he commonly resides, and on going to bed, must knit the left garter about the right-legged stocking, letting the other garter and stocking alone; and as you rehearse the following verses, at every comma knit a knot:

    This knot I knit,

    To know the thing I know not yet,

    That I may see

    The man that my husband be,

    How he goes and what he wears,

    And what he does all days and years.

Accordingly, in a dream he will appear with the insignia of his trade or profession. Another performed by charming the moon, thus! At the first appearance of the new moon, immediately after the new year's day, go out in the evening and stand over the spears of a gate or stile, and looking at the moon, repeat the following lines:

    All hail to thee, moon! all hail to thee

    I prithee, good moon, reveal to me

    This night who my husband must be!

The party will then dream of their future husband. A slice of the bride-cake, thrice drawn through the wedding-ring, and laid under the head of an unmarried woman, will make them dream of their future husband. The same is practiced in the north with a piece of the groaning cheese.

To discover a Thief by the Sieve and Shears.--Stick the points of the shears in the wood of the sieve, and let two persons support it, balanced upright, with their two fingers; then read a certain chapter in the Bible, and afterward ask St. Peter and St. Paul if A. or B. is the thief, naming all the persons you suspect. On naming the real thief, the sieve will suddenly turn round about.

To know whether a Woman shall have the Man she Wishes.--Get two lemon peels and wear them all day, one in each pocket, and at night rub the four posts of the bedstead with them; if she is to succeed, the person will appear in her sleep, and present her with a couple of lemons; if not, there is no hope.

To know what fortune your future Husband shall have. --Take a walnut, a hazel-nut, and a nutmeg, grate them together, and mix them with butter and sugar, and make them up into small pills, of which exactly nine must be taken on going to bed, and according to her dreams so will be the state of the person she will marry. If a gentleman, of riches; if a clergman, of white linen; if a lawyer, of darkness; if a tradesman, of odd noises and tumults; if a soldier or sailor, of thunder and lightning; if a servant, of rain.

To see a Future Husband.--On midsummer eve, just after sunset, three, five, or seven young women are to go into a garden, in which there is no person, and to each to gather a sprig of red sage, and then going into a room by themselves, set a stool in the middle of the room, and on it a clean basin full of rose-water, in which the sprigs of sage are to be put, and tying a line across the room, and on one arm of the stool, each woman is to hang on it a clean shift turned the wrong side outward; then all are to sit down in a row, on the opposite side of the stool, as far distant as the room will admit, not speaking a single word the whole time whatever they may see, and in a few minutes after twelve, each one's future husband will take her sprig out of the rose-water, and sprinkle her shift with it.

The Dumb Cake.--In order to make the dumb cake with perfection, it is necessary to strictly observe the following instructions; let any number of young women take a handful of wheaten flour, and from the moment the hand touches the flour, not a word is to be spoken by any one of them during the rest of the process, and place it on a sheet of white paper; then sprinkle it over with as much salt as can be held between the finger and the thumb; then one of the damsels must bestow as much of her own batter as will make it into dough; which being done, each of the company must roll it up and spread it out three times, and the last must then spread it thin and broad; and each person must, at some distance from each other, make the first letters of her christian and surname with a large, new pin, toward the end of the cake (if more christian names than one, the first letter of each must be made); the cake must then be set before the fire, and each person must sit down in a chair, as far distant from the fire as the room will admit, not speaking a word all this while. This must be done soon after eleven at night; and between that and twelve, each person must turn the cake once, and in a few minutes after the clock strikes twelve, the husband of her who is the first to be married, will appear to lay his hand on that part of the cake which is marked with her name.


1. For a woman to have the first and last letters of her christian name the same with the man's surname, that makes love to her, denotes a great union and a generous love.

2. For a man to have the first and last letters of his christian name the same with the woman's surname, denotes the same.

3. To think on a party on a sudden awaking, without any medititation, on a Friday morning, that before had a place in the affection of man or woman, is a demonstration of love or extraordinary friendship.

4. If a ring falls accidentally off a man's finger, that is under no obligation of marriage, and runs directly to the feet of a maid or widow, it denotes that he is not only in love with the widow, but that a sudden marriage will ensue.

5. The singing of a robin-redbreast at your window, in the time of courtship, on a Wednesday, is a sign that you shall have the party desired.

6. If walking abroad with your sweetheart you perceive a pair of pigeons circle you round, it is a sign of marriage and happiness to ensue, with much content.

7. If a hare cross you on a Saturday morning, it promises happy days, riches, and pleasure.


1. If the party be of a ruddy complexion, high and full nosed, his eyebrows bending archwise, his eyes standing full, of a black and lively color, it denotes him good-natured, ingenious, and born to good fortune, and the like in a woman, if born under the planet Jupiter.

2. If the party be phlegmatic, lean, and of a dusky complexion, given much to musing and melancholy, beware of such a one, of what sex soever.

3. An indifferent wide mouth, and full cheeks, smooth forehead, little ears, dark brown hair, and a chin proportionate to the face, is very promising.

4. An extraordinarily long chin, with the under-lip larger than the upper, signifies a cross-grained person, fit for little business, yet given to folly.

5. A well-set broad chin in a man, his face being round, and not too great, and a dimple or dent in a woman's cheek or chin, denotes they will come together and live happily.



A 1 2 3 4 5 6
B 1 2 3 4 5 6
C 1 2 3 4 5 6
D 1 2 3 4 5 6
E 1 2 3 4 5 6

What number you throw, go to that, or else what number or letter you prick upon, they being covered with a piece of paper, through which you must prick.

As to what kind of a Husband a Widow or Maid shall have.

1. A handsome youth be sure you'll have,

   Brown hair'd, high nos'd; he'll keep thee brave.


2. A man unto thy lot will fall,

   Straight, but neither short nor tall.


3. An honest tradesman is thy lot;

   When he proffers, slight him not.


4. Fair, ruddy, bushy-haired, is thy love,

   He'll keep thee well, and call thee still his dove.


5. A widower, though rich, thou'lt marry,

   You for a husband won't long tarry


6. Proper and gay will be the man,

   That will thee wed, my pretty Nan.

Whether a Maid shall have him she Loves.

1. Be not too coy, he is your own,

   But through delay he may be gone.


2. He of your wishes does not know,

   He'd soon comly if it were so.


3. Come, set thy heart at rest, I say,

   He will but plunder, and away.


4. Fear not, thy neighbour is the man,

   And he will have thee if he can.


5. Show him more kindness, he will speak,

   His heart with silence else will break.


6. Sight thou no more; he does relent,

   And his inconstancy repent.

How many Husbands you may expect, sis.

1. Come, in the town thou first shall wed,

   Stranger next shall grace thy bed.


2. With one well lov'd, thy life shall be,

   And happy days, in marriage free.


3. The stars three husbands do presage,

   And thou shalt die in good old age.


4. Wed betimes, or else I fear,

   Thou wilt not much for wedlock care.


5. Too much pride will make thee tarry,

   Yet, after all that, thou shalt marry.


6. Accept the ring thy love doth give,

   For long in wedlock he'll not live.

Whether it is best to Marry or not.

1. Don't fear, thy husband will be kind,

   And it is one shall please thy mind.


2. If he be of complexion fair,

   For thee that man I do prepare.


3. Come, never fear, it will be well,

   Or say, I can no fortune tell.


4. Pray lose no time, for if you do,

   Age will come on, and you will rue.


5. If this match slips, you may long stay,

   Then take kind Will without delay.


6. Cupid commands thee now to do't,

   Then, prithee, make no more dispute.

Queries about Fortunate Days.

1. Each Monday in the year indifferent are

   Yet the event thereof bids you beware.


2. On Tuesday cruel Mars doth reign;

   Beware of strife, lest blows you gain.


3. On Wednesday witty projects make,

   For Mercury the rule doth take.


4. Mild Jove rules Thursday, do not fear,

   'Tis prosperous throughout the year.


5. Fair Venus Friday does approve,

   And on that day does prosper love.


6. Saturn next does rule, beware,

   And takes in hand no great affair.


   Lastly, Sol rules, whose golden aspect shows

   He all things mildly does to good dispose.


The Three Keys.--Purchase three small keys, each at a different place, and going to bed, tie them together with your garter, and place them in your left-hand glove, along with a small flat dough cake, on which you have pricked the first letters of your sweetheart's name; put them in your bosom when you retire to rest; if you are to have that young man you will dream of him, but not else. This charm is the most effectual on the first or third of a new moon.

The Magic Ring.--Borrow a wedding-ring, concealing the purpose for which you borrow it; but no widow's or pretended marriage ring will do, it spoils the charm; wear it for three hours at least before you retire to rest, and then suspend it by a hair of your head over your pillow; write within a circle resembling a ring, the sentence from the matrimonial service, beginning with, with this ring I thee wed, and round the circle write your name at full length, and the figures that stand for your age, place it under your pillow, and your dream will fully explain who you are to marry; and what kind of a fate you will have with them. If your dream is too confused to remember it, or you do not dream at all, it is a certain sign you will never be married.

To know if a Woman with Child will have a Girl or a Boy.--Write the proper names of the father and the mother, and the month she conceived with child; count the letters in these words, and divide the amount by seven; and then if the remainder be even, it will be a girl, if uneven, it will be a boy.

To know if a Child new-born shall live or not.-- Write the proper names of the father and the mother, and of the day the child was born; count the letters in these words, and to the amount add twenty-five, and then divide by seven; if the remainder be even, the child shall die, but if it be uneven, the child shall live.

To know how soon a Person will be married.--Get a green pea-pod, in which are exactly nine peas; hang it over the door, and then take notice of the next person who comes in, who is not of the family, nor of the same sex with yourself, and if this proves an unmarried individual, you will certainly be married within that year.



Below will be found a list of books, all of which are absolutely necessary for ready reference--handy for the home, the office, the factory--anywhere.


Hurst's Webster's, Boards, 35c.

Hurst's Webster's, Cloth, 50c.

Hurst's Webster's, 16 mo. Imitation Leather, Gold Stamped, Red Edges, 75c.

Peabody's Webster's, Boards, 35c.

Excelsior Webster (Vest Pocket Ed.), Cloth, 35c.

Excelsior Webster (Vest Pocket Ed.), Stained Edges and Round Corners, 50c.

Excelsior Webster (Vest Pocket Ed.), Imitation Leather, 50c.

Excelsior Webster, Cloth, Ink Stamped, 16 mo., 50c.

Excelsior Webster, Imitation Leather, Gold Stamped, 16 mo., 75c.


Etiquette for All Occasions, $1.50.

Brown's Business Correspondence, $1.00.

Payne's Business Letter Writer, 75c.

Payne's Social Letter Writer, 75c.

Law at a Glance, $1.00.

The Expert Calculator, Cloth, 50c; Imitation Leather, 75c.

Hoyle's Games, Cloth, $1.25; Paper, 75c.

Cushing's Manual, Cloth, 75c; Paper, 50c.

Cushing Boiled Down, Cloth, 50c.

Perfect Ready Reckoner Lumber and Log Book, Cloth, 35c.

Perfect Ready Reckoner Lumber and Log Book, Imitation Leather, Gold Stamped, 50c.

White's Modern Dictionary, Cloth, $1.00.

Beale's English-Spanish, Spanish-English, Cloth, $1.50


Transcriber's Note:

Spelling and choice of vocabulary were maintained as in the original.

[The end of Madame Juno's Dream Book by Thomas Joseph Carey]