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Title: Puss in Boots

Date of first publication: unknown

Author: anonymous

Date first posted: September 21 2012

Date last updated: September 21 2012

Faded Page eBook #20120924

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Printed and Sold by
J. T. WOOD, 278, Strand.

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A miller who had three sons when he was dying he divided what he possessed among them in the following manner, he gave his mill to the eldest, his ass to the second, and his cat to the youngest.

The two elder brothers, were satisfied, but the youngest sadly [Pg 2]complained, my brothers said he may do well in the world but for me when I have eaten my cat, and made a cap of his skin, may die of hunger. The cat who was present overheard what passed, and rising on her hind legs, thus addressed her master, do not afflict yourself, my good master, you have only to get me a pair of boots made, and a bag, and then you will see you have no cause to complain. The cat's master was amazed to hear the cat speak, and began to think that there was some [Pg 3]mystery in the affair, but immediately procured the boots and bag for puss. When he had obtained what he asked for, he equipped himself in his boots and putting the bag-string about his neck, he went forth to a rabbit warren, in which there was plenty of rabbits. He put some bran and parsley into the bag, and stretching himself at full length as if he were dead, awaited the result. The bag was soon filled with rabbits which puss killed, and hastened directly to the palace, and asked to speak to the king. Being introduced to the king, he bowed and said I have brought your Majesty these rabbits as a present from my lord the marquis of Carabas, (this was the title puss bestowed upon her master,) who commanded me to bear them to your Majesty. Tell the marquis replied the king, that I am greatly obliged to him. After this puss continued to carry presents to his Majesty, once at least in every week.


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One day the cat heard that the king was to ride out with his daughter, by the side of a river. Running home he said to his master, if you will follow my advice, your fortune is certainly made. Go and bathe yourself in the river, just in the place where I will show you and leave the rest to me. He did so, and while he was bathing the king passed that way. Puss directly ran to the carriage and bawled help, help, or the marquis of Carabas will[Pg 5] be drowned. The king put his head out of the window of his carriage to see what was the matter, when perceiving the cat who had brought him so many presents he ordered his attendants to go directly to the assistance of the marquis out of the river. The cat ran to the carriage and told his majesty, that when his master was bathing some thieves ran off with his clothes. The king hearing this ordered one of his richest suits his wardrobe contained[Pg 6] to be brought to the marquis. The king insisted on his getting into the carriage, and taking a ride with them, when the king's daughter became violently in love with him. The cat then ran before them to a meadow that was a reaping and told the reapers that if they did not tell the king, who was passing that way, that the meadows belonged to the marquis of Carabas, they should be chopped as small as mince meat. The king did not fail to ask the reapers to whom the meadows belonged? To the marquis of Carabas, said they all at once. He gave a similar charge to all the people he met with, so that the king was greatly astonished at the splendid fortune of my lord the marquis of Carabas.


Puss at length arrived at a stately castle, which belonged to an Ogre, the richest ever known, for all the lands his majesty had admired were his. Puss asked to speak with him.[Pg 7] The Ogre received him civilly as any Ogre could do and desired him to be seated. I have been informed said Puss, that you have the gift of changing yourself to all sort of animals. That is true said the Ogre and he changed himself in to the form of a lion after he had quitted that form. Puss said, I have been further informed that you have the power of taking the form of the smallest animal also, but I confess I think this is impossible. Impossible! you shall see, and at the same instant he changed himself into a mouse, upon which the cat sprang upon him and devoured him in an instant. Meantime the king ordered his attendants to drive up to the gates to take a nearer view of it. The cat hearing the noise of the carriage on the drawbridge, immediately came out, saying, your majesty is welcome to the castle of my lord the marquis of Carabas. The king declared the castle was the most magnificent building he had ever seen in his life, and so much was he charmed with the[Pg 8] riches, and amiable qualities of the marquis, that he gave his daughter in marriage. The cat became a great favourite, and never after ran after rats and mice, except for his amusement.



Title page: Straud, → Strand.
Page 1: yongest → youngest
Page 2: and began → and began to
Page 3: equiped → equipped
Page 5: river the cat ran → river. The cat ran
Page 6: tne → the
Page 7: haye → have
Page 7: magnificient → magnificent

Minor variations in spelling and punctuation have been preserved.

[The end of Puss in Boots by anonymous]