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Title: Phil May's Gutter-Snipes. 50 original sketches in pen and ink.
Author: May, Phil [May, Philip William] (1864-1903)
Date of first publication: 1896
Place and date of edition used as base for this ebook: London: The Leadenhall Press, copyright 1896 (first edition)
Date first posted: 24 January 2008
Date last updated: 17 June 2014
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June 30th. 96.

My Dear Tuer

Here is the last of the Guttersnipe drawings and sorry I am to leave them! Children of the gutter roam about free and are often hungry, but what would one give for such appetites? You and I smoke big Cigars, while they—all too soon poor little chaps—smoke what you and I and others throw away. Sometimes I wonder whether they don't lead the happier lives?

Yours Always

Phil May

[End of Phil May's Gutter-Snipes by Phil May]