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Title: Songs and their Singers
Author: May, Phil [May, Philip William] (1864-1903)
Date of first publication: 1898
Place and date of edition used as base for this ebook: London: Bradbury, Agnew, & Co. Ltd., 1898 (First Edition)
Date first posted: 22 July 2008
Date last updated: 17 June 2014
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Copyright status of the handwritten note by Phil May:

The Internet Archive scans used as the source for this digital edition of Songs and their Singers also included a handwritten note from Phil May to the Irish baritone Harry Plunket Greene (1865-1936), who had written to May following the publication of Songs and their Singers.

The inclusion of this note with the Internet Archive's 2007 online edition of Songs and their Singers constituted its first publication. Under the terms of the Copyright Act, works not published by 25 July 1997 which had been created by authors who had died more than 50 years before that date entered the Canadian public domain on 1 January 2003.

Phil May's note is therefore part of the Canadian public domain, and it is our pleasure to present a reproduction of the note and a transcription for the instruction and enjoyment of our readers.

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From "Punch"

By Phil May

Japanese Proofs

London: Bradbury, Agnew, & Co. Ld.

hand-written note

Hand-written note from author

[Transcription of hand-written note:

Rowsley House
Holland Park R
Kensington W

My Dear Plunket Greene

Thanks for your note. I
have just returned from Sheffield
and found your note. I am very
glad you like "Songs & their
Singers" series. The originals are
my property and I have been keeping
them in hand until the set is
complete. Mr Ernest Brown
of the Fine Art Society, 148 New
Bond St. has all the arrangements
for selling them. I am about
to write him, and tell him I
should like you to have them
at any reasonable price you
could arrange.

I should very much
like to meet you again some
day, if we could arrange it

Your friend
Phil May]


"Beauty's Eyes." "The Heart Bow'd Down."
"We'll all go a Hunting To-day." "Only This!"
"I'd be a Butterfly." "Put me in my Little Bed."
"Drink to me only with thine Eyes." "The gay Tom Tit."
"The Storm Fiend." "Tis hard to give the Hand" etc.
"My Mother bids me Bind my Hair." "To Blossoms!"
"The Warrior Bold." "The Devout Lover."
"There's only one Girl in the World for me!"

Beauty's Eyes

"Beauty's Eyes."

Hunting Today

"We'll all go a Hunting To-day."


"I'd be a Butterfly."

thine Eyes

"Drink to me only with thine Eyes."

Storm Fiend

"The Storm Fiend."

Bind my Hair

"My Mother bids me Bind my Hair."

Warrior Bold

"The Warrior Bold."

Bow'd Down

"The Heart Bow'd Down."

Only This

"Only This!"

Little Bed

"Put me in my Little Bed."

Tom Tit

"The Gay Tom Tit."

Give the Hand

"'Tis Hard to Give the Hand, & c."

To Blossoms

"To Blossoms!"

Devout Lover

"The Devout Lover."

Girl in the World

"There's only one Girl in the World for me!"

[End of Songs and their Singers by Phil May]