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All books, rows 501 through 750 of 4594 total books.

Benét, Stephen VincentThirteen O'Clock: Stories of Several Worlds1937
Benét, Stephen VincentToo Early Spring: from "Tales Before Midnight"1929
Benét, Stephen VincentWestern Star1943
Bengough, J. W. (John Wilson)Bengough's Chalk-Talks. A Series of Platform Addresses on Various Topics1922
Bengough, J. W. (John Wilson)The Grip Cartoons (Vols. I & II)1875
Bennet, Robert AmesThe Desert Girl1928
Bennett, ArnoldAnna of the Five Towns1902
Bennett, ArnoldDenry the Audacious1911
Bennett, ArnoldElsie and the Child: A Tale of Riceyman Steps and Other Stories1924
Bennett, ArnoldImperial Palace1930
Bennett, ArnoldLilian1922
Bennett, ArnoldRiceyman Steps1923
Bennett, ArnoldThe Old Adam: A Story of Adventure [UK:The Regent: A Five Towns Story of Adventure in London]1913
Bennett, ArnoldThe Strange Vanguard1928
Bennett, ArnoldThe Woman Who Stole Everything and Other Stories1927
Bennett, ArnoldThese Twain1915
Bennett, ArnoldThings That Have Interested Me1921
Bennett, ArnoldThings that have Interested Me. Second Series.1923
Benoit, PierreL'Atlantide1919
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)Charlotte Bronte1932
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)David Blaize1916
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)David Blaize and the Blue Door1918
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)More Spook Stories1934
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)Six Common Things1893
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)Spook Stories1928
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)The Blotting Book1907
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)The Climber1908
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)The Judgement Books: A Story1895
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)Up and Down1918
Benson, E. F. (Edward Frederic)Visible and Invisible1923
Benson, Louis F.Hymnody of the Christian Church [The Stone Lectures, 1926, Princeton Theological Seminary]1927
Benson, Mildred A. WirtRuth Fielding and Baby June (Ruth Fielding #27)1931
Benson, Mildred A. WirtRuth Fielding at Cameron Hall (Ruth Fielding #24)1928
Benson, Mildred A. WirtThe Crimson Brier Bush (Kay Tracey Mysteries #8)1937
Benson, Mildred A. WirtThe Hidden Staircase [Revised Edition] (Nancy Drew Mystery #2)1930
Benson, Mildred A. WirtThe Murmuring Portrait (Kay Tracey Mysteries #10)1938
Benson, Mildred A. WirtThe Shadow on the Door (Kay Tracey Mysteries #4)1935
Benson, Mildred A. WirtWhen the Key Turned (Kay Tracey Mysteries #11)1939
Benson, Robert HughThe Coward1912
Benson, StellaI Pose1916
Bent, Arthur ClevelandLife Histories of North American Jays, Crows, and Titmice1946
Bernanos, GeorgesJournal d'un curé de campagne1936
Bernard, ClaudeAn Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine1927
Berners, Lord (Gerald Tyrwhitt-Wilson, 14th Baron Berners)First Childhood1934
Besier, RudolphThe Barretts of Wimpole Street. A Comedy in Five Acts.1930
Bethea, JackBed Rock1924
Bibaud, MichelLa Bibliothèque Canadienne, Tome I, Juin, 1825. Numero 11825
Bibaud, MichelLa Bibliothèque Canadienne, Tome II, Decembre, 1825. Numero 11825
Bibaud, MichelLa Bibliothèque Canadienne, Tome II, Fevrier, 1826. Numero 31826
Bibaud, MichelLa Bibliothèque Canadienne, Tome II, Janvier, 1826. Numero 21826
Bibaud, MichelLa Bibliothèque Canadienne, Tome II, Mai, 1826. Numero 61826
Bibaud, MichelLa Bibliothèque Canadienne, Tome II, Mars, 1826. Numero 41826
Biedermann, WoldemarGoethe und die Fikentscher1878
Biggers, Earl DerrBehind That Curtain (Charlie Chan #3)1928
Biggers, Earl DerrCharlie Chan Carries On (Charlie Chan #5)1930
Biggers, Earl DerrFifty Candles1921
Biggers, Earl DerrKeeper of the Keys (Charlie Chan #6)1932
Biggers, Earl DerrLove Insurance1914
Biggers, Earl DerrThe Black Camel (Charlie Chan #4)1929
Biggers, Earl DerrThe Chinese Parrot (Charlie Chan #2)1927
Biggers, Earl DerrThe House Without a Key (Charlie Chan #1)1925
Bindloss, HaroldAlton of Somasco1905
Bindloss, HaroldBlake's Burden1917
Bindloss, HaroldBrandon of the Engineers [His One Talent]1916
Bindloss, HaroldCarmen's Messenger1917
Bindloss, HaroldHawtrey's Deputy [Masters of the Wheat-Lands]1910
Bindloss, HaroldIn the Misty Seas: A Story of the Sealers of Behring Strait1905
Bindloss, HaroldLarry of Lonesome Lake1929
Bindloss, HaroldMasters of the Wheat-Lands [Hawtrey's Deputy]1910
Bindloss, HaroldPartners of the Out-Trail1919
Bindloss, HaroldPrescott of Saskatchewan [The Wastrel]1913
Bindloss, HaroldRanching for Sylvia [The Trustee]1913
Bindloss, HaroldThe Broken Trail [Sour Grapes]1926
Bindloss, HaroldThe Cattle-Baron's Daughter1906
Bindloss, HaroldThe Dark Road1927
Bindloss, HaroldThe Dust of Conflict1907
Bindloss, HaroldThe Impostor1899
Bindloss, HaroldThe Intriguers1914
Bindloss, HaroldThe Lone Hand1928
Bindloss, HaroldThe Lute Player1926
Bindloss, HaroldThe Protector1911
Bindloss, HaroldThe Wilderness Mine [Stayward's Vindication]1920
Bindloss, HaroldThurston of Orchard Valley1910
Bindloss, HaroldWinston of the Prairie1907
Binns, OttwellThe Three Blue Anchors1934
Bishop, William Avery (Colonel)The Flying Squad1927
Blair, Eric Arthur1984 [Nineteen Eighty-Four]1949
Blair, Eric ArthurA Clergyman’s Daughter1935
Blair, Eric ArthurAnimal Farm1945
Blair, Eric ArthurBurmese Days1934
Blair, Eric ArthurDown and Out in Paris and London1933
Blair, Eric ArthurHomage to Catalonia1938
Blair, Eric ArthurInside the Whale and other Essays1957
Blair, Eric ArthurKeep the Aspidistra Flying1936
Blair, Eric ArthurPolitics and the English Language and other essays1946
Blair, Eric ArthurShooting an Elephant and other essays1968
Blair, Eric ArthurThe Lion and the Unicorn1941
Blair, Eric ArthurThe Road to Wigan Pier1937
Blank, ClairBeverly Gray's Career (Beverly Gray #5)1935
Blank, ClairBeverly Gray's Quest (Beverly Gray #12)1942
Blasco Ibáñez, VicenteLa maja desnuda1906
Blasco Ibáñez, VicenteLa Tentatrice1925
Blasco Ibáñez, VicenteOriente1907
Blixen, KarenAnecdotes of Destiny1958
Blixen, KarenEhrengard1962
Blixen, KarenLast Tales1957
Blixen, KarenOut of Africa1937
Blixen, KarenSeven Gothic Tales1934
Blot, PierreHand-Book of Practical Cookery for Ladies and Professional Cooks1884
Blyton, EnidAdventure of the Strange Ruby1960
Blyton, EnidBilly and Betty at the Seaside1944
Blyton, EnidBoys' and Girls' Circus Book1939
Blyton, EnidCircus Days Again (Mr. Galliano's Circus #3)1942
Blyton, EnidEnid Blyton's Nature Lessons1929
Blyton, EnidFirst Term at Malory Towers (Malory Towers #1)1946
Blyton, EnidFive Fall into Adventure (Famous Five #9)1950
Blyton, EnidFive Get Into Trouble (Famous Five #8)1949
Blyton, EnidFive Go Adventuring Again (Famous Five #2)1943
Blyton, EnidFive Go Off in a Caravan (Famous Five #5)1946
Blyton, EnidFive Go To Smuggler's Top (Famous Five #4)1945
Blyton, EnidFive Have Plenty of Fun (Famous Five #14)1955
Blyton, EnidFive on a Treasure Island (Famous Five #1)1942
Blyton, EnidFive On Kirrin Island Again (Famous Five #6)1947
Blyton, EnidFive Run Away Together (Famous Five #3)1944
Blyton, EnidHello, Mr. Twiddle! (Mr. Twiddle #1)1942
Blyton, EnidHoliday House1955
Blyton, EnidHollow Tree House1945
Blyton, EnidHurrah for the Circus! (Mr. Galliano's Circus #2)1939
Blyton, EnidIn the Fifth at Malory Towers (Malory Towers #5)1950
Blyton, EnidLast Term at Malory Towers (Malory Towers #6)1951
Blyton, EnidMischief at St. Rollo's1943
Blyton, EnidMr. Galliano's Circus (Mr. Galliano's Circus #1)1938
Blyton, EnidRound the Year with Enid Blyton—Autumn Book1934
Blyton, EnidRound the Year with Enid Blyton—Spring Book1934
Blyton, EnidRound the Year with Enid Blyton—Summer Book1934
Blyton, EnidRound the Year with Enid Blyton—Winter Book1934
Blyton, EnidSecond Form at Malory Towers (Malory Towers #2)1947
Blyton, EnidSecret Seven Adventure (Secret Seven #2)1950
Blyton, EnidShadow the Sheepdog1942
Blyton, EnidSix Cousins at Mistletoe Farm (Six Cousins #1)1948
Blyton, EnidSmuggler Ben1943
Blyton, EnidSnowball the Pony1953
Blyton, EnidThe Adventure of the Secret Necklace1954
Blyton, EnidThe Adventures of Scamp1943
Blyton, EnidThe Adventurous Four1941
Blyton, EnidThe Birthday Kitten1958
Blyton, EnidThe Boy Who Wanted a Dog1963
Blyton, EnidThe Caravan Family (Family series #1)1945
Blyton, EnidThe Children of Cherry Tree Farm (Farm #1)1940
Blyton, EnidThe Children of Kidillin1940
Blyton, EnidThe Children of Willow Farm (Farm #2)1942
Blyton, EnidThe Christmas Book1944
Blyton, EnidThe Enchanted Wood (Faraway Tree #1)1939
Blyton, EnidThe Family at Red Roofs1945
Blyton, EnidThe Famous Five Have a Puzzling Time and Other Stories [Famous Five Story Collection] (Famous Five #22)1963
Blyton, EnidThe Four Cousins1962
Blyton, EnidThe Hidey-Hole1964
Blyton, EnidThe Land of Far-Beyond1942
Blyton, EnidThe Mystery of the Burnt Cottage (Five Find-Outers #1)1943
Blyton, EnidThe Mystery of the Disappearing Cat (Five Find-Outers #2)1944
Blyton, EnidThe Mystery of the Secret Room (Five Find-Outers #3)1945
Blyton, EnidThe Mystery of the Spiteful Letters (Five Find-Outers #4)1946
Blyton, EnidThe Naughtiest Girl in the School (Naughtiest Girl #1)1940
Blyton, EnidThe Pole Star Family (Family series #3)1950
Blyton, EnidThe Ragamuffin Mystery (Barney Mysteries #6)1959
Blyton, EnidThe Rat-a-Tat Mystery (Barney Mysteries #5)1956
Blyton, EnidThe Rilloby Fair Mystery (Barney Mysteries #2)1950
Blyton, EnidThe Rockingdown Mystery (Barney Mysteries #1)1949
Blyton, EnidThe Rubadub Mystery (Barney Mysteries #4)1952
Blyton, EnidThe Saucy Jane Family (Family series #2)1953
Blyton, EnidThe Seaside Family (Family series #4)1950
Blyton, EnidThe Secret Island (Secret Series #1)1938
Blyton, EnidThe Secret Mountain (Secret Series #3)1941
Blyton, EnidThe Secret of Cliff Castle1943
Blyton, EnidThe Secret of Killimooin (Secret Series #4)1943
Blyton, EnidThe Secret of Moon Castle (Secret Series #5)1953
Blyton, EnidThe Secret of Spiggy Holes (Secret Series #2)1940
Blyton, EnidThe Secret Seven (Secret Seven #1)1949
Blyton, EnidThird Year at Malory Towers (Malory Towers #3)1948
Blyton, EnidThree Boys and a Circus1940
Blyton, EnidUpper Fourth at Malory Towers (Malory Towers #4)1949
Boas, FranzRace, Language and Culture1940
Boccaccio, Giovannile Décaméron1884
Boex, Joseph Henri HonoréContes I1911
Boex, Joseph Henri HonoréContes II1912
Boex, Joseph Henri HonoréLa Mort de la Terre1912
Borden, Sir Robert LairdCanada at War1915
Boreham, Frank WilliamRubble and Roseleaves and Things of That Kind1923
Borenius, TancredRembrandt Selected Paintings1944
Bosse, Sara (née Eaton)Chinese-Japanese Cook Book1914
Bottome, PhyllisMan and Beast1953
Bottome, PhyllisOld Wine1925
Bottome, PhyllisWindlestraws1929
Boucher-Belleville, Jean-Philippe (Jean-Baptiste)Dictionnaire des barbarismes et des solécismes les plus ordinaires en ce pays, avec le mot propre ou leur signification1855
Bourinot, John (Sir John George)The Anglo-American Magazine: Literature and Art in Canada1900
Boyd, JohnSir George Étienne Cartier, Bart.--His Life and Times1914
Brainerd, Eleanor HoytPegeen1915
Branch, Mary Lydia (Bolles)A Visit to Newfoundland1910
Brandon, John G.A Scream in Soho1940
Brandon, John G.Nighthawks!1929
Brazil, AngelaA Pair of Schoolgirls1912
Brazil, AngelaAn Exciting Term1936
Brazil, AngelaThe Luckiest Girl in the School1919
Bridge, FrederickShakespearean Music in the Plays and Early Operas1923
Bridges, Thomas CharlesThe River Riders: An Exciting Lumberjack Story1925
Bridle, AugustusHansen – A Novel of Canadianization1924
Brightwell, Cecilia LucyMemorials of the Life of Amelia Opie1854
Brinton, Reginald S.Carpets1919
Bromfield, LouisAwake and Rehearse1925
Bromfield, LouisColorado1947
Bromfield, LouisKenny1944
Bromfield, LouisMr. Smith1951
Bromfield, LouisMrs. Parkington1942
Bromfield, LouisNight in Bombay1939
Bromfield, LouisThe Man Who Had Everything1935
Bromfield, LouisThe Work of Robert Nathan1927
Bromfield, LouisThe World We Live In1940
Bromfield, LouisWhat Became of Anna Bolton1943
Brontë, CharlotteShirley1849
Brooke, Leonard LeslieNursery Rhymes I: Songs and Ditties1916
Brooke, Leonard LeslieNursery Rhymes: Rhymes and Lullabies1916
Brooker, BertramThe Robber--A Tale of the Time of the Herods1949
Brooker, BertramThink of the Earth1936
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Baseball Team from Mars (Freddy the Pig #23)1955
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Bean Home News (Freddy the Pig #10)1943
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Dragon (Freddy the Pig #26)1958
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Men From Mars (Freddy the Pig #22)1954
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Popinjay (Freddy the Pig #12)1945
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy and the Space Ship (Freddy the Pig #20)1953
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy Goes to the North Pole (Freddy the Pig #2)1930
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy the Cowboy (Freddy the Pig #17)1950
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy the Detective (Freddy the Pig #3)1932
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy the Magician (Freddy the Pig #14)1947
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy the Pied Piper (Freddy the Pig #13)1946
Brooks, Walter RollinFreddy the Pilot (Freddy the Pig #19)1952
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)A Fire of Driftwood1932
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)Almond, Wild Almond1933
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)Child Royal1937
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)The Flight of the Heron (Jacobite #1)1925
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)The Gleam in the North (Jacobite #2)1927
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)The Yellow Poppy1920
Broster, D. K. (Dorothy Kathleen)“Mr. Rowl”1924
Broughton, RhodaDoctor Cupid1886
Broughton, RhodaThe Man with the Nose1954
Brown, AliceThe Prisoner1916
Browning, RobertStrafford: An Historical Tragedy1837
Bruce, H. C. (Henry Clay)The New Man: Twenty-Nine Years a Slave, Twenty-Nine Years a Free Man1895
Bruce, JeanOSS 117-Voit Rouge1967
Bruce, LennyHow to Talk Dirty and influence people1965
Bruce, Mary GrantA Little Bush Maid (Billabong #1)1910