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All books, rows 3001 through 3250 of 7713 total books.

Footner, HulbertThe Casual Murderer and other stories (Madame Storey #6)1932
Footner, HulbertThe Dark Ships1937
Footner, HulbertThe Death of a Celebrity (Amos Lee Mappin Mystery #2)1938
Footner, HulbertThe Deaves Affair1922
Footner, HulbertThe Doctor Who Held Hands. A Madame Storey Novel (Madame Storey #4)1929
Footner, HulbertThe Folded Paper Mystery [AKA Mystery of the Folded Paper] (Amos Lee Mappin Mystery #1)1930
Footner, HulbertThe Fur Bringers: A Story of the Canadian Northwest1920
Footner, HulbertThe Handsome Young Men1930
Footner, HulbertThe House with the Blue Door (Amos Lee Mappin Mystery #7)1942
Footner, HulbertThe Island of Fear1936
Footner, HulbertThe Kidnapping of Madame Storey and Other Stories (Madame Storey)1936
Footner, HulbertThe Murder of a Bad Man1936
Footner, HulbertThe Nation's Missing Guest (Amos Lee Mappin Mystery #4)1939
Footner, HulbertThe New Made Grave [AKA The Whip-Poor-Will Mystery]1935
Footner, HulbertThe Obeah Murders1937
Footner, HulbertThe Owl Taxi1921
Footner, HulbertThe Ring of Eyes1933
Footner, HulbertThe Sealed Valley1915
Footner, HulbertThe Shanty Sled1925
Footner, HulbertThe Substitute Millionaire1919
Footner, HulbertThe Under Dogs (Madame Storey #2)1925
Footner, HulbertThe Velvet Hand. New Madame Storey Mysteries (Madame Storey #3)1928
Footner, HulbertThe Wild Bird1923
Footner, HulbertThieves' Wit1918
Footner, HulbertTortuous Trails1937
Footner, HulbertTrial by Water1931
Footner, HulbertUnneutral Murder (Amos Lee Mappin Mystery #9)1944
Footner, HulbertWho Killed the Husband? (Amos Lee Mappin Mystery #6)1941
Ford, Ford MadoxA Man Could Stand Up (Parade’s End #3)1926
Ford, Ford MadoxAll Else Is Folly. A Tale of War and Passion.1929
Ford, Ford MadoxHenry James -- A critical study1913
Ford, Ford MadoxJoseph Conrad1924
Ford, Ford MadoxLadies Whose Bright Eyes (first edition)1911
Ford, Ford MadoxLadies Whose Bright Eyes (second edition)1935
Ford, Ford MadoxLast Post (Parade’s End #4)1928
Ford, Ford MadoxNew York is Not America: Being a Mirror to the States1937
Ford, Ford MadoxNo More Parades (Parade’s End #2)1925
Ford, Ford MadoxSome do not... (Parade’s End #1)1924
Ford, Ford MadoxThe Nature of a Crime1924
Ford, Ford MadoxThe Queen Who Flew: A Fairy Tale1894
Ford, Ford MadoxThe Young Lovell: A Romance1913
Forman, Henry JamesThe Pony Express—A Romance1925
Forrester, Izola L.Jean of Greenacres1917
Forster, E. M.Maurice1914
Forster, E. M.Nordic Twilight (Macmillan War Pamphlets #3)1940
Fortescue, Sir Seymour JohnLooking Back1920
Foster, R. F. (Robert Frederick)Foster's Skat Manual1922
Foster, W. BertRuth Fielding Treasure Hunting (Ruth Fielding #19)1923
Fowler, GuyLilac Time1928
Fox, William SherwoodThe Bruce Beckons--The Story of Lake Huron's Great Peninsula1952
France, AnatoleLes dieux ont soif1912
Frank, BrunoCervantes1934
Frank, Harry HartAlas, Babylon1959
Frank, Harry HartAn Affair of State1948
Frank, Harry HartForbidden Area1956
Frank, Harry HartHold Back the Night1951
Frank, Harry HartMr. Adam1946
Frankau, GilbertGerald Cranston's Lady1924
Frankau, GilbertPatricia's Pearl Necklace1923
Frankau, GilbertPeter Jameson: A Modern Romance1920
Frankau, GilbertRoyal Regiment1939
Frankau, GilbertThe Fit-Up1923
Frankau, GilbertThe Love Story of Aliette Brunton1922
Frankau, GilbertThe Moth and the Star1923
Frankau, GilbertThe Sin of Witchcraft1923
Frankau, GilbertThe Understudy1922
Frankau, GilbertThe Way of Silence1923
Frankau, GilbertThese Worldly Goods1922
Frankau, PamelaA Wreath for the Enemy1954
Frankau, PamelaThe Willow Cabin1949
Fraser, AlexanderBrock Centenary (1812-1912)1913
Fraser, AlexanderGearr-sgeoil air Sir Seoras Uilleam Ros1915
Fraser, AlexanderNova Scotia: The Royal Charter of 1621 to Sir William Alexander1922
Fraser, AlexanderThe 48th Highlanders of Toronto1900
Fraser, AlexanderThe Clan Fraser in Canada: Souvenir of the First Annual Gathering, Toronto, May 5th, 18941894
Fraser, AlexanderThe Last Laird of MacNab. An Episode in the Settlement of MacNab Township, Upper Canada.1899
Fraser, AlexanderThe Ontario Archives: Scope of Its Operations1913
Fraser, Donald A.My Nugget-Poke1947
Fraser, J. A. Jr.The Merry Cobbler1891
Fraser, WilliamThe Chiefs of Colquhoun and their Country Vol. I1868
Fréchette, Annie ThomasOn Grandfather's Farm1897
Fréchette, Annie ThomasThe Farm's Little People1897
Free, MontagueAll About African Violets1949
Free, MontagueWar Gardens, A Pocket Guide for Home Vegetable Growers1918
Freeman, Richard AustinA Case of Premeditation (Thorndyke Mystery #2)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinA Certain Dr. Thorndyke1927
Freeman, Richard AustinA Fisher of Men (Thorndyke Mystery #35)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinA Mystery of the Sand-Hills (Thorndyke Mystery #28)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinA Sower of Pestilence (Thorndyke Mystery #26)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinA Wastrel's Romance (Thorndyke Mystery #4)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinAs a Thief in the Night1928
Freeman, Richard AustinDr. Thorndyke His Famous Cases1929
Freeman, Richard AustinDr. Thorndyke Intervenes1933
Freeman, Richard AustinGleanings from the Wreckage (Thorndyke Mystery #21)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinMr. Polton Explains1940
Freeman, Richard AustinMr. Ponting's Alibi (Thorndyke Mystery #17)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinPandora's Box (Thorndyke Mystery #18)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinPercival Bland's Proxy (Thorndyke Mystery #6)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinPhyllis Annesley’s Peril (Thorndyke Mystery #25)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinRex v. Burnaby (Thorndyke Mystery #27)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Aluminium Dagger (Thorndyke Mystery #12)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Anthropologist at Large (Thorndyke Mystery #9)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Apparition of Burling Court (Thorndyke Mystery #29)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Blue Scarab (Thorndyke Mystery #32)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Blue Sequin (Thorndyke Mystery #10)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Case of Oscar Brodski (Thorndyke Mystery #1)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Case of the White Foot-prints (Thorndyke Mystery #31)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Contents of a Mare's Nest (Thorndyke Mystery #14)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Echo of a Mutiny (Thorndyke Mystery #3)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Funeral Pyre (Thorndyke Mystery #37)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Green Check Jacket (Thorndyke Mystery #23)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Magic Casket (Thorndyke Mystery #13)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Missing Mortgagee (Thorndyke Mystery #5)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Moabite Cipher (Thorndyke Mystery #11)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Mysterious Visitor (Thorndyke Mystery #30)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Naturalist at Law (Thorndyke Mystery #16)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe New Jersey Sphinx (Thorndyke Mystery #33)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Old Lag (Thorndyke Mystery #7)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Pathologist to the Rescue (Thorndyke Mystery #20)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Puzzle Lock (Thorndyke Mystery #22)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Seal of Nebuchadnezzar (Thorndyke Mystery #24)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Stalking Horse (Thorndyke Mystery #15)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Stolen Ingots (Thorndyke Mystery #36)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Stranger's Latchkey (Thorndyke Mystery #8)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Touchstone (Thorndyke Mystery #34)1929
Freeman, Richard AustinThe Trail of Behemoth (Thorndyke Mystery #19)1929
French, AllenThe Story of Grettir the Strong1908
French, Joseph LewisThe Book of The Rogue1926
Friel, Arthur OlneyTiger River1923
Friend, Oscar J.Roar of the Rocket1940
Friend, Oscar J.The Kid from Mars1940
Frost, Robert (Robert Lee)A Further Range1936
Frost, Robert (Robert Lee)A Masque of Reason1945
Frost, Robert (Robert Lee)A Witness Tree1942
Frost, Robert (Robert Lee)New Hampshire--A Poem with Notes and Grace Notes1923
Frost, Robert (Robert Lee)North of Boston1914
Frost, Robert (Robert Lee)West-Running Brook1928
Frost, William HenryThe Wagner Story Book; Firelight Tales of The Great Music Dramas1894
Fullerton, Hugh StuartJimmy Kirkland of the Cascade College Team1915
Fulton, ReedThe Powder Dock Mystery1927
Fyleman, Rose AmyFairies and Chimneys1918
Fyleman, Rose AmyFairies and Friends1925
Fyleman, Rose AmyFolk-Tales from Many Lands1939
Fyleman, Rose AmyForty Good-Night Tales1923
Fyleman, Rose AmyThe Rainbow Cat and Other Stories1922
Gág, WandaSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs1938
Gág, WandaSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs [with coloured images]1938
Gailly de Taurines, CharlesLa Nation canadienne. Étude historique sur les populations françaises du nord de l'Amérique.1894
Gall, Alice CrewRingtail1933
Galsworthy, JohnA Sheaf1916
Galsworthy, JohnA Silent Wooing. First Interlude of A Modern Comedy1927
Galsworthy, JohnFlowering Wilderness (End of the Chapter #2)1932
Galsworthy, JohnMaid in Waiting (End of the Chapter #1)1931
Galsworthy, JohnOne More River (End of the Chapter #3)1933
Galsworthy, JohnPassers-by. Second Interlude of A Modern Comedy1927
Galsworthy, JohnSwan Song. Third Book of A Modern Comedy1928
Galsworthy, JohnThe Silver Spoon. Second Book of A Modern Comedy1926
Galsworthy, JohnThe White Monkey1924
Galsworthy, JohnUps and Downs1929
Gardiner, A. PaulThe House of Cariboo and Other Tales from Arcadia1900
Gardiner, Alfred G.Prophets, Priests, & Kings1917
Gardner, Erle StanleyBlackmail with Lead1933
Gardner, Erle StanleyCarved in Sand1933
Gardner, Erle StanleyDrifting Down the Delta1969
Gardner, Erle StanleyGive 'Em the Ax1944
Gardner, Erle StanleyHonest Money1932
Gardner, Erle StanleyNo Quarter1934
Gardner, Erle StanleyPay Dirt1931
Gardner, Erle StanleyStraight Crooks1932
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Invisible Circle1956
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Irate Witness1953
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Case of the Knockout Bullet1956
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Cross-Stitch Killer1933
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Devil's Due1931
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Heavenly Rat1934
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Human Zero1931
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Kid Passes the Sugar1932
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Seven Sinister Sombreros1939
Gardner, Erle StanleyThe Vault of Death [AKA The Man Who Couldn't Forget]1935
Gardner, Erle StanleyWhispering Justice1933
Gardner, Erle StanleyWritten in Sand1930
Garis, Howard R.Buddy and the Indian Chief, or, A Boy Among the Navajos (Buddy #12)1936
Garis, Howard R.Buddy in School (Buddy #2)1929
Garis, Howard R.Professor Jonkin’s Cannibal Plant1905
Garis, Howard R.The Curlytops in a Summer Camp [AKA Animal Joe's Menagerie] (Curlytops Series #11)1927
Garis, Howard R.Tom Swift and His Airline Express, or, From Ocean to Ocean by Daylight (Tom Swift #29)1926
Garis, Howard R.Tom Swift and his Big Dirigible, or, Adventures Over the Forest of Fire (Tom Swift #33)1930
Garis, Howard R.Tom Swift and his Chest of Secrets; Or, Tracing the Stolen Inventions (Tom Swift #28)1925
Garis, Howard R.Tom Swift and his Flying Boat or The Castaways of the Giant Iceberg (Tom Swift #26)1923
Garis, Howard R.Tom Swift and his Giant Magnet (Tom Swift #35)1932
Garis, Howard R.Tom Swift and his Great Oil Gusher or The Treasure of Goby Farm (Tom Swift #27)1924
Garis, Howard R.Tom Swift and his House on Wheels, or, A Trip to the Mountain of Mystery (Tom Swift #32)1930
Garis, Howard R.Tom Swift and his Sky Train, or, Overland through the Clouds (Tom Swift #34)1931
Garis, Howard R.Tom Swift and his Talking Pictures, or, The Greatest Invention on Record (Tom Swift #31)1928
Garis, Howard R.Tom Swift and his Television Detector (Tom Swift #36)1933
Garis, Howard R.Tom Swift Circling the Globe, or, The Daring Cruise of the Air Monarch (Tom Swift #30)1927
Garis, Howard R.Uncle Wiggily and the Littletails1942
Garis, Howard R.Uncle Wiggily Goes Swimming1919
Garis, Howard R.Uncle Wiggily in the Woods1917
Garis, Howard R.Uncle Wiggily's Automobile1939
Garis, LilianThe Bobbsey Twins and Baby May (Bobbsey Twins #17)1924
Garis, LilianThe Bobbsey Twins at Cherry Corners (Bobbsey Twins #20)1927
Garis, LilianThe Bobbsey Twins at Lighthouse Point (Bobbsey Twins #32)1939
Garis, LilianThe Bobbsey Twins Treasure Hunting (Bobbsey Twins #22)1929
Garis, LilianThe Ghost of Melody Lane (Melody Lane Mystery #1)1933
Garis, LilianThe Hermit of Proud Hill (Melody Lane Mystery #9)1940
Garis, LilianThe Tower Secret (Melody Lane Mystery #3)1933
Garlikowska, HelenaMisteryum : opowieść erotyczna1909
Garneau, François-XavierHistoire du Canada depuis sa découverte jusqu'à nos jours, Tome I de IV.1845
Garneau, François-XavierHistoire du Canada depuis sa découverte jusqu'à nos jours, Tome II de IV.1846
Garneau, François-XavierHistory of Canada: from the time of its discovery until the Union year Vol. I1860
Garrioch, Rev. Alfred CampbellA Hatchet Mark in Duplicate1929
Garrioch, Rev. Alfred CampbellFirst Furrows: A History of the Early Settlement of the Red River Country; including that of Portage la Prairie1923
Garrioch, Rev. Alfred CampbellThe Far and Furry North: A Story of Life and Love and Travel in the Days of the Hudson‘s Bay Company1925
Garstin, CrosbieThe Owls' House (The Penhale Trilogy #1)1923
Garstin, CrosbieThe West Wind (The Penhale Trilogy #3)1926
Garvice, CharlesHer Ransom, or Paid For1898
Garvin, Amelia Beers WarnockGrey Knitting1914
Garvin, Amelia Beers WarnockThe Flute and Other Poems1950
Garvin, Amelia Beers WarnockThe Ghost Widow1918
Garvin, Amelia Beers WarnockThis is Ontario1937
Gask, LilianBrave Dogs1926
Gaskell, (Mrs.) ElizabethCurious, If True. Strange Tales.1861
Gaskell, (Mrs.) ElizabethThe Grey Woman and Other Tales1865
Gauthier, Pierre Jules ThéophileLa Croix de Berny1855
Geissmar, BertaTwo Worlds of Music1946
Genêt, Edmond CharlesLes Français libres à leurs frères les Canadiens1793
Gérin-Lajoie, AntoineJean Rivard: Le Défricheur1874
Gessert, M. A.Rudimentary treatise on the art of painting on glass1857
Gibb, Sir George DuncanOdd Showers, An Explanation of the Rain; Insects, Fishes, and Lizards; Soot, Sand, and Ashes; Red Rain and Snow; Meteoric Stones1870
Gibbons, Charles HarrisonA Sourdough Samaritan1924
Gibbons, Charles HarrisonThe Marbled Catskin1928
Gibbs, Arthur HamiltonUndertow1932
Gibbs, George FortThe Road to Bagdad1938
Gibbs, PhilipAcross the Frontiers1939
Gibbs, PhilipBehind the Curtain1948
Gibbs, PhilipBoth Your Houses1949
Gibbs, PhilipCities of Refuge1936
Gibbs, PhilipEuropean Journey1934
Gibbs, PhilipHeirs Apparent1924
Gibbs, PhilipLife's Adventure1957
Gibbs, PhilipOut of the Ruins and other little novels1928
Gibbs, PhilipThe Anxious Days1932
Gibbs, PhilipThe Battle Within1944
Gibbs, PhilipThe Interpreter1943
Gibbs, PhilipThe Middle of the Road1923
Gibbs, PhilipThe Reckless Lady1924
Gibbs, PhilipThe Winding Lane1931
Gibbs, PhilipThine Enemy1950
Gibbs, PhilipThrough the Storm1945